The Real Deal Workshop – Houston Texas

Real Deal Workshop

Wanting to become a PRO? Then check out the Real Deal Seminars.  Get the inside tips from Cheerleader Directors on auditioning, tryout etiquette, and costume selection.  Also learn combinations from the NFL, NBA, AFL, and NHL. 

Get the Real Deal!

The Best Professional Tryout Clinic in the Nation

You want to tryout for… Professional Cheerleader and Dance Teams, Casting Calls, Music Videos, Trade Shows and TV. Find out what it takes to get your foot in the door and get noticed!

New Inside Tips… WHEN to stand in the front line, What NOT to say, What color should you wear and many more sneaky tips:) Plus learn the coolest dance routines and talk to the Team Directors.

Real Deal Workshop, Houston, TX

Humble Civic Center
8233 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 77338

Registration: 11am
Real Deal Workshop: 12 noon-5:30pm

Date: Feb 26, 2017

Early Bird $79
Regular: $99

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Sideline Prep Offering Classes For Aspiring Professional Cheerleaders

Audition season is coming up soon and Sideline Prep, the PRO dance/cheer consulting company, is offering classes and workshops for the aspiring professional cheerleader.

Sideline Photo Shoot with Drew Xeron

Our 1st Sideline Photo Shoot is Sunday, February 19th!! YAY!!


If you want quality photos taken by the ONLY Photographer in the area that works with both of our local NFL and NBA teams… PLUS a team of Sideline Prep Coaches – all current and former professional cheerleaders, on your side helping you every step of the way at your auditions — Then join us for Sideline Photo Shoot!!

Top Rated? Of course… Let me count the ways…

1- Drew Xeron is our Celebrity Photographer and always has been. He is the photographer for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, the Ambassadors AND the Washington Wizard Girls! He is also the Swimsuit Calendar Photographer for the Washington Wizard Girls. So he knows EXACTLY what the Coaches are looking for in a picture!!

2 – Ashley Alan is our Makeup Artist. She is a former Redskins Cheerleader and Captain and is one of the makeup artists for the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassadors team pictures! Another indicator that she knows what pro teams are looking for!! … plus Makeup Application is included for our photo shoot!

3 – I, along with other Current and Former Professional Cheerleaders, will attend the photo shoot and be available to help you with posing and attire. We will make sure you look your absolute BEST!

We can’t wait to help you look your absolute best!!

Here is the link to sign up now….

To check out one of our photo shoots click HERE.


2017 Sideline Prep Pro & Semi Pro
Audition Prep Workshop
Learn from the Pros to Become a Pro!!
The ONLY Workshop in the area where you will learn directly from current Pro Cheer & Dance Directors & Coaches!

This Dance Workshop is OPEN to ALL Dancers…

Potential, Current, Former Pro & Semi Pro Dancers and Cheerleaders or ANYONE that Wants to Dance to have FUN!!


NFL – Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Director, Stephanie Jojokian
NFL – Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Corner Coach & Choreographer, Leslie Anderson
NBA – Washington Wizard Girls Dance Team Manager, Derric Whitfield
MISL – Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders, Liz G
AFL – Washington Valorettes Dance Team Manager, Derric Whitfield
PIFL – Richmond Raiders Dance Team Coach, Kelly Allenand…. a few surprises!!

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Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

Prep Classes & Auditions
The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders have announced their prep class and audition dates.
Prep Class is on Saturday, February 18th,
Auditions are the weekend of March 4th!
Even if you are not planning to audition for the BRC, it’s a GREAT idea to still attend their prep classes. Plus they will be at the Pro Cheer Audition Prep Workshop this year… so join us to dance with them on January 28th too!

 Click HERE for More Information!

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Baltimore Shuckers Dance Team Auditions

The Baltimore Shuckers Dance Team are having their auditions on Saturday, February 11th!
Location: Sportfit Bowie
Time: 3:30pm to 6:30pm
Click HERE for more information.

Washington Valorettes Dance Team Auditions

The Washington Valorettes Dance Team Auditions are scheduled for February!!  Details are coming soon.

PLUS… Derric Whitfield will attend the Pro Cheer Audition Prep Workshop on January 28th to teach a Valorette dance routine!!

P.S…. Two of Our Sideline Prep Lovelies are in the above picture!! YAY!!

Baltimore Lightning Cheerleaders

Prep Classes & Auditions
Baltimore Lightning, a new professional outdoor football team in Baltimore, is part of the World Football Federation Pro Developmental League.
These auditions have been postponed…. but not yet cancelled.

Click HERE for to get the updated audition dates!

Sideline Technique Dance Series
Get Back to Basics or Go Advanced with your Technical Skills…
Learn from Former NFL & NBA Dancers!!

Need help with your dance technique?

Want to practice and perfect your turns, leaps, and kicks?

Sideline Prep is here to help! We are offering our VERY FIRST small group technique workshop series just for our Lovelies to help them polish their skills and technique for upcoming auditions. This hands-on workshop is perfect our Lovelies who need that extra practice and guidance when it comes to nailing their “Wow Factor” move and/or technical skills that will set them apart in a positive way at auditions.

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Rocking the Heels Classes are back!
Heels Classes are Mondays at The Movement Studios in Springfield, VA
Class Dates: January 23rd
Rehearsals: January 29th & February 3rd
Performance Date: Saturday, February 3rd
Click HERE for more information and to Register

Denver Outlaws Dancers Auditions and Audition Workshops are around the corner

Audition Flyer jpeg

Megan Savage-Reser, Director of the Denver Outlaws Dancers of Major League Lacrosse lets us know that their Auditions and Audition Workshops are coming up!

Information is available at such as AUDITION WORKSHOP INFORMATION at this link and 2016 OUTLAWS DANCER AUDITIONS at this link, or email



Z Pro Prep in Atlanta and Charlotte



Sideline Prep Audition Workshop is January 30th

Sideline Prep is back with their DMV Cheer & Dance Workshop

Learn dance routines, technique and tips from Coaches & Pro Cheerleaders

Get the inside scoop from Coaches about the pro dance teams in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

Gain knowledge and insight to be prepared for upcoming prep classes and auditions




Location: (Same as last year)
Oxon Hill Village Recreation Center – Gymnasium
2260 Alice Avenue, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

[Registration Info]

Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Pre-Audition Workshops Next Month!

Save the date!

The playoffs are on and the Clippers are on fire. Don’t you wish you were part of it? Well, maybe you can be next season. Auditions for the amazing, glamorous, talented Clippers Spirit dance team are coming up in July. The team is hosting two pre-audition workshops to help you put your best foot forward. This is your chance to talk to the director of the team and current members, learn about their dance style and choreography, learn a dance or two, and get some invaluable advice on how to prepare yourself for auditions.

Click here for details!

2015 LACS save the date2

Attention SoCal Dancers: Pro Dance Bootcamp Coming in June!

Planning to audition for Clippers or Lakers this summer? Do you just want to immerse yourself in a day of pro-level dance training? This is your opportunity! Sign up for this new bootcamp, hosted by the awesome Kristin Egusa Hallowaty, veteran and pro in the pro sports entertainment industry.

This is a do not miss opportunity. Click here for registration.

Pro Dance Bootcamp 2015

Last chance for Sidewinders prep classes!

Phoenix ladies, please note that auditions have be pushed back until after the Super Bowl!

2014 sidewinders prep class_2

Arizona Rattlers Audition Prep Class This Month!

2014 Clippers Spirit Pre-Audition Workshops

Clippers Spirit Director Audrea Harris (center) with veterans (from left) Tatum, Brittany, Karissa, and Candace.

Auditions for the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dance team are scheduled for July 19! [Audition details]. Last weekend, the team offered two pre-audition workshops for ladies aspiring to join the Clippers Spirit. The sessions took place at Boogiezone Utopia, which is also where the team rehearses during the season.

For the hopeful candidates, it was an opportunity to meet a few members of the team, gain exposure to their performance style, and learn some of their choreography. They were also able to ask questions about the audition process itself, learn how to prepare themselves for tryouts, and how to maximize their chances to make the team.


It’s fun to watch prep class and see who turns up. These workshops aren’t only for women trying to make a pro team for the first time. This year’s group included veterans from a few other pro teams, as well as a couple alumni of other Clippers entertainment teams. (The dancers aren’t the only group that performs at the games. The Clippers also have the Fan Patrol, Junior Jam, Crowd Crew, Dunk Team, Drumline and one or two others I can’t recall off the top of my head. There’s a lot going on at these games!)

I think experienced dancers who attend a team’s pre-audition workshop are being really smart about it. I used to think these classes were just for total rookies with no experience whatsoever. But the women with pro experience on their resumes know you can’t underestimate the value of meeting the team’s director ahead of time, so she knows your face and has an idea of what you can do. When you think about the fact that you will be competing against 200-300 women at the audition, a little face time beforehand can only help your cause. Even if you’ve been on twelve other teams. Every little bit helps.

It’s also interesting to see who leaves. A couple of women ducked out of the first session before it really got going. It just reminds me that this whole process – workshops, dance audition, interview, etc, is a two-way street. The dancers have to impress the judges to get chosen. But this exercise is also for the dancers to determine if this is something they really want to do and are able to do. I’m not surprised when one or two women realize at the beginning of the session that they don’t have the dance ability for this kind of thing. The dance team makes it look so easy and fun. When you’re sitting in the stands, it’s easy to imagine yourself down there on the court. But then you get to the workshop and reality sets in.

But I think for those who make it through the class and have a good time doing it, the experience just makes them want it even more. I’m always interested to see which members of the class actually show up at the audition. There are a few I definitely hope to see there!

Class began with Karissa demonstrating the first move. Start with your left foot in passé and then raise it up…and up…and up…

Juuuuust kidding. You should’ve seen their faces. That little trick really freaked everyone out in the morning session. They did it again in the afternoon session and when the class realized it was just a joke, the relief was palpable.

After scaring the hell out of everyone, they jumped right into the choreography. The first piece they learned was a portion of last season’s dance to “Let’s Get Loud.”

After learning the dance, the ladies watched each other perform in small groups (With the veterans marking it alongside).

Then Audrea spoke a little bit about the difference between dancing and really performing and selling it. She put her veterans on the spot and had them perform for the group to illustrate her point.

Afterward, the dancers performed in small groups again, and this time they were encouraged to really put some “wow” into it. This time the veterans got to watch, and the second time around, made a real difference!

Then the group moved on to hip hop. Everyone put on their baggies, changed their shoes, and learned part of the combination for “Bubble Butt.” (Gotta love that. Booty so smooth, can’t believe it’s not butta!) They followed the same format, first learning the routine…

…and performing it in small groups…

…then watching the veterans do it…

…and then performing it again. The ladies in the afternoon session in particular were really feeling the hip hop. It was obvious they were having a lot of fun. This year’s prep class was full of talent. I don’t think it was entirely my imagination, but the women this year seemed to pick up choreography incredibly fast.

After all the dancing was over, everyone gathered around for Q&A.

Questions ranged from the rehearsal schedule (Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings), to how many veterans are retiring this year (7 or 8 out of 17), to what to expect during the interview (questions to get to know you and how you expect to fit the busy schedule into your life), to what to wear for auditions (trunks are better than boy shorts unless your legs are 9 feet long, swimsuit tops are only a good idea if you are smaller on top, wear pantyhose, not shiny dance tights), to how to do your makeup (eyelashes and red lipstick. LipSTICK. Not gloss.) Audrea also gave her annual “save your money” speech. She is a firm believer in spending wisely when it comes to audition prep. If you have the money to spend, go hog wild. But if you don’t – and most people don’t – put your money where it matters most. Dance classes. A great color and cut. More dance classes. You don’t need a pricey outfit or expensive makeup. Your shine comes from your talent and ability.

When all was said and done, the dancers walked away with a fun experience and a lot to think about. One of the functions of prep class is to debunk the myth that any of this is “easy” and impress upon everyone that this is fun, but it is still a J.O.B. And a major time commitment. So now these women have a few weeks to think about whether they have the ambition, time, and talent to devote to the team.

I can’t wait to see see who decides to really go for it at auditions next month!

Sideline Prep DMV Workshop

Last weekend Sideline Prep held its DMV Workshop…

and as you can see the turnout was tremendous.

Sideline Prep co-founder GeNienne with coaches Suzanne, Jeanette and Kristie.

GeNienne with the day’s instructors: Jamilla (Redskins), Derric (Wizards), Kelly (Richmond Raiders) and Liz (Baltimore Blast)

Washington Wizard Girls

Bay Area Shuckers Dance Team

Richmond Lady Raiders

Metropolitan Lady All-Stars

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Chesapeake Bayhawks Hawkettes

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassadors

Beltway Bombers Dance Team

Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders

[Make Up By Chaz]

[Island Glow Spray Tanning]

[It Works]

[J Keene Designs]


[Sideline Prep Workshop Gallery]


2014 Sideline Prep Pro Cheerleader Audition Prep Workshop Coming January 25-26


Jamilla Keene

Jamilla Keene is currently in her first season as the Assistant Director for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. She recently retired after her 10th seasons with eight of them as a line captain. As a Redskins Cheerleader, Jamilla has traveled the world performing for our military, as well she has danced with artists such as Wale, MC Hammer, Billy Cyrus, Chuck Brown, La Chic, and for the Radio One 25th Anniversary with likes of stars such as Beyonce, P.Diddy & Aretha Franklin in attendance. She had the honor of representing the “First Ladies of Football” at the 2005 NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu, HI and received numerous WRC awards during her 10 year tenure as a dedicated team member and Captain. Jamilla also is a current company member of Capitol Movement, Inc., a nonprofit dance organization based in Washington DC. Prior to her professional cheerleading career, Jamilla cheered on the nationally ranked George Mason University Coed squad for five years, and then coached the George Mason University All-girl squad for four years. Jamilla is also a former Universal Cheerleaders Association instructor of seven years, and also worked for All-American Cheer and Dance.

Derric Whitfield

Derric is the Dance Team Manager and choreographer for the NBA Washington Wizard Girls. He is in his third season with the team and has truly transformed the style, look, and attitude of the Wizard Girls. Prior to accepting the position with the Wizards, Derric coached the Houston Rockets Little Dippers and Space City Seniors for six seasons, as part of the Houston Rockets organization. Derric also coached the Houston Energy Code Red Dancers, the AFL2 Texas Copperheads dance team and the WNBA Houston Comets Team NRG. He is also an instructor at the P-R-O Convention held every year in Atlanta.

Liz Guaraldo

Elizabeth Guaraldo has been the Coach for the Major Indoor Soccer League’s (MISL) Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders for six years. The Blast Cheerleaders have released numerous swimsuit calendars, performed at the AST Dew Tour and traveled to Bermuda to participate in the Island Soccer League (ISL) All Star game. She is also the Coach for the North America Lacrosse League’s (NALL) Baltimore Bombers Cheerleaders. In addition, Liz coached the dance team for the Baltimore Mariners. Prior to taking on the role of being a Coach, Liz was a 2005-2006 Washington Redskins Cheerleader. She went to college at UMBC where she was on their dance team as both a member and a captain.

Kelly Allen

Kelly is the Coach for the Professional Indoor Football League’s (PIFL) Richmond Raiders Dance Team. Kelly recently hung up her pom poms where she was a Washington Redskins Cheerleaders for 7 years and a Wizard Girls Dancer for 3 years, holding the title of Captain for both teams. She choreographed for the Washington Wizard Junior Dancers and made several trips to the Middle East, Europe, the Balkans, Central America, and Greenland to entertain and boost the morale of our troops. Kelly is currently a member of the Capitol Movement Dance Company. In her “spare” time Kelly is also a singer with Kaleidoscope, a 10-piece band based in Maryland, and has done all types of performances ranging from NFL Football games to the Inaugural Balls for Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama.

[Workshop Registration]


Going Pro Expo – Philadelphia

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Upcoming Audition Workshop in South Florida Next Month

Former Director/Choreographer of the Miami Heat Dancers (2001-2011) Janine Thompson-Brown recently started a program to train dancers and cheerleaders for professional & semi-pro dance/cheer team auditions. The first workshop is scheduled next month in Miami, and she’s planning on having future workshops in various cities.


Going Pro Entertainment – Atlanta Workshop

[Registration Information]