Save the Date: Dance Workshop in Vegas

Write this down: July 23-24th.
Circle it in magic marker and and put a smiley face next to it

You’re going to Vegas, baby!

Get ready for Pro Action Dance [click for website]. I’m talking Mina and Marina Ortega, John Peters, Shandon Koleberg, Andy Vaca and Tony Gonzales. And that’s just a few of the kick-ass choreographers who will break it down for you that weekend:


This summer we are proud to announce the creation of Pro Action Dance, started to train professional sports dancers at the highest level. Our focus is you and your team — we will guarantee that our choreographers will teach material that will take you right to the sidelines or court. No fluff, no lectures, just routines you and your fans will love.

Our first Pro Action Dance Intensive will be held July 23-24 in Las Vegas, NV. While the location has not yet been finalized, we wanted to get you the date so you can save it on your calendar.

The curriculum will include ready to perform material from all genres: jazz, hip hop, novelty, and prop routines will all be offered. Sideline routines appropriate for any type of music will also be available. Each day will also include warm up and technique class.

Our choreographers will be familiar faces who have created material for pro teams throughout the world including NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLS, CFL, and many other professional organizations. Routines will be taught to be game-ready, including professionally cut music and formation charting. DVDs of the routines will be available on the last day (complimentary with minimum team enrollment).

For enrollment information or questions please contact Pro Action at We look forward to getting your team into the ACTION at Pro Action Dance!

It’s a weekend in Lost Wages. Bring your teammates, bring your girlfriends, or heck, come by yourself and make friends when you get there. You’ll dance all day Friday and all day Saturday. How you spend the rest of the weekend is up to you. Get a massage, try your hand with Lady Luck, or take in a show. (I do not recommend the Celine Dion/Cirque du Soleil thing, however. Kathy Griffin says that show makes no sense and I believe her.)

Houston’s Real Deal Workshop


Wanting to become a PRO? Then check out the Real Deal Seminars. Get the inside tips from Cheerleader Directors on auditioning, tryout etiquette, and costume selection.

Talk to the Team Directors, Featured Instructors and Guest Speakers

Scheduled To Appear:

Alto Gary
Houston Texans Cheerleaders Coach/Choreographer, Former WCW Nitrogirls, NBA Atlanta Hawks Choreographer

Derric Whitfield
Houston Energy Dance Team Director

Marilu Harman
Houston Dynamo Girls, Former Houston Rockets Power Dancers Director

Cynthia Trinidad-Director
Director, San Antonio Roses Cheerleaders, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Kirstin Randall
Co-Captain-AHL Houston Aeros Aero Dynamics

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Price: $99.00
At Door $120.00

Go here to register.

[Real Deal Workshop]

Audition Prep Classes Held by Professional Cheerleaders Alumni for the 3rd Year

pcaThe Professional Cheerleaders Alumni, comprised of former Professional NFL Cheerleaders, are launching the Third Annual Audition Prep Class to prepare ladies (17 & over) interested in auditioning for professional or semi-professional cheerleading or dance teams. Many pro teams in Jacksonville begin holding auditions as early as February for the 2010 season, and these NFL Alumni are offering their experience and advice to help make the cut.

Training classes are held twice a week from January through March at Bailey’s Powerhouse Gym on San Jose in Jacksonville. Bailey’s has partnered with Professional Cheerleaders Alumni (PCA) again as their official gym, offering the use of their state-of-the-art facilities for classes. PCA, in turn, is offering this class free to Bailey’s members.

The Audition Prep Classes will include techniques needed for auditions such as turns, kicks, and basic dance steps. Darlene Clancy, Director of the Audition Prep Classes says “Our classes offer an inside edge that only alumni of professional teams can give. We have an exciting program lined up, including hair and make-up consultants to show the ladies how to apply and select colors which will compliment their skin tones. A trainer from Bailey’s will discuss the importance of exercise and nutrition. During each class our alumni members will offer feedback, answer questions, and teach choreography.”

The President of Professional Cheerleaders Alumni, Kristin Doakes, says “In the past two years over 100 participants have taken our Audition Prep Classes. It has become a mentoring program for me and our alumni members who volunteer, giving participants one-on-one advice about auditions, what to expect, and how to make a positive first impression. It’s an honored opportunity to watch them transform and grow, especially their confidence. Past participants have said that even if they didn’t make the team they are auditioning for, they have grown from the experience we teach in classes.”

For more information, or to register for the Audition Prep Class, go to

Indianapolis Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop

indycoltsHave you dreamed of Going Pro? Professional dancers and cheerleaders perform for thousands, act as community role models, represent professional sports leagues, travel to entertain the military, and more!

Learn what pro cheer and dance is all about and get inside, honest tips from the pros! The Pro Cheer All Stars are top alumni from NBA and NFL cheerleaders and dancers, and they invite YOU to join them during this special event!

This three-hour workshop will showcase alumni cheerleaders from local teams. Learn choreography, makeup and hair tips, fitness and nutrition planning! Practice communication skills and learn the top mistakes in applications and photographs. Receive discounts from local sponsors! Enter to win a free custom audition outfit by Zonas Designs, a makeup palette by BE Cosmetics, as well as local contests.

Just announced! REGISTER NOW!
Event: Indianapolis Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop
Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009
Time: 1:00-4:00pm
Location: Dance Legacy, 8091 Crawfordsville Rd, Indianapolis IN
Roster: Choreography and Tips from NFL and Pro Bowl Cheerleader Kristie Minton, Salon sponsorship and more.

[Going Pro Entertainment]