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Simma Wear Mini Dance Series & 2 Day Workshop Coming to Los Angeles

The Simma Wear Mini Dance Series & 2 Day Workshops brings not only our talented roster of former pro teachers, but top choreographers to you from the pro dance industry to multiple cities across the US. This program is a smaller version of our training program in dates but with the same amount of hours […]

L.A. Clippers Spirit Pre-Audition Workshops

Audition Tips: How To Survive Audition Cuts

Editor’s note: It’s audition season and for many, being cut is a part of the long process in becoming a professional cheerleader. The folks over at sent us some tips to share in the event the unfortunate happens. How To Survive Audition Cuts So, you have just spent anywhere from 3-12 months preparing for […]

St. Louis Ambush Brigade Audition Workshops Announced!

The Ambush Brigade Professional Dance Team The Ambush Brigade perform innovative, high energy, choreographed dance routines to a wide variety of music during breaks in action at all St. Louis Ambush home games.  We also make promotional and community service appearances at local and regional events throughout the year. 2019-2020 AUDITION PREP WORKSHOPS (Workshops will […]

Charger Girls Pre-Audition Workshops

Pre-auditions workshops are designed to prepare interested applicants for the auditions process and introduce potential candidates to the style of choreography performed by the Charger Girls. The choreography taught and material presented at each workshop will vary. Material presented will include application tips, suggested style guide, interview prep and more. Attendees will have the opportunity […]

New Orleans Saintsations Audition Workshops

AUDITION WORKSHOPS Audition workshops are designed to prepare you for our audition process. You will learn actual choreography from last season, practice basic technique and receive valuable audition tips. We will educate you on the entire audition process and you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions on what it takes to become […]

2019 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Audition Workshop

Two Nights/One Great Way to Prepare For The Auditions This two-night workshop is designed specifically to prepare prospective contestants for the audition process. Among the many advantages to attending the workshop is having the opportunity to learn the audition dance routine ahead of time & the ALL-NEW fitness portion of the competition which will be […]

2019 Ben-Gals Cheerleader Audition Prep Classes

How To Prepare For Auditions. Special prep classes are available to help the candidate improve dance/skill sets, and to enhance the audition experience. The classes are optional. However, additional training prior to tryouts is recommended through our classes, or private training on your own. You will work with our choreographers, coaches, and captains during our […]

Real Deal Workshop – Jacksonville

Calling all aspiring professional cheerleaders and dancers in Florida and Georgia, the Real Deal Workshop is coming to Jacksonville on Sunday, March  24.  Click here for more information or to register. And don’t forget, the Houston Real Deal Workshop is on Sunday, March 10.  Click here to register for the Houston Real Deal Workshop.

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Audition Prep Classes

2019 Audition Prep Classes These are the “official” audition prep classes for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders auditions. The class or classes will provide you with an overview of the program along with a brief question/answer session and teach dance combinations similar to those performed during the game. We offer several class options. New choreography is […]