Interview with former Dolphins Cheerleader Ashley White


SP-IR-IT We’ve got SPIRIT!
By Falconschick
Chicks In the Huddle

Addition by subtraction…that’s what coaches call it when they add to their arsenal (either roster wise or staff-wise) by recruiting from their enemies. *strokes non-existent beard* Hmm so if it works for coaches…can it work for fans as well? Here I have former star member of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders from the 2008 season, Ashley White. Ashley is a former University of Miami Hurricanes Cheerleader, and former anchor for WPLG (Miami’s ABC affiliate). However, Ashley is a Georgia native (and has returned to Atlanta), so you can already guess where I’m headed with this right? Thats right, Falcons Chick is about to woo Ashley into trading in the teal and orange for red and black…or die trying.ash

Falcons Chick: So Ashley, what exactly is the duty of an NFL cheerleader, I mean aside from the sideline dances?

Ash: The duty of an NFL cheerleader goes beyond simply dancing for their team on the sidelines. We’re the players number one fans! Aside from being required to attend every practice and game, we’re required to do a minimum number of appearances, talk to news media, teach junior training camps and let’s not forget we each are either employed full time or attend school full time.

Falcons Chick: Did you already know a lot about football before you started cheering for MDC or were u cheering and learning as you went along?

Ash: No, I knew almost everything there was to know about football. Growing up in Georgia football is a must-love sport. My father and brothers watched college ball every Saturday and NFL games every Sunday. You really didn’t have a choice but to learn and love the game of football. As I got older I grew to appreciate it more, especially since I cheered for the University of Miami and then in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins!

Falcons Chick: Now that you’re back here in Atlanta, who exactly will you be cheering for on September 13th (The Falcons season opener against the Miami Dolphins at 1pm in Atlanta)?

Ash: My hometown team has always been the Atlanta Falcons but I have grown to love the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins still hold the first and only Perfect Season! Not only was I an MDC (Miami Dolphins Cheerleader) but watching them play every Sunday for the past couple of years I fell in love with the organization. I’m so much more than a fan… I am looking forward to wearing my orange and teal proud!!! My friends may give me a hard time but I’m still gonna shine in my MDC apparel!

Falcons Chick: *going for it* So when can we expect to see you hang up that MDC uniform and pull on a Falcons one, or is that against some kind of unwritten NFL cheer code?

Ash: It’s definitely not against any unwritten code…I have cheered with girls who came from and left for other NFL teams. But, I couldn’t cheer for any other NFL team. I think I would always compare the two squads, not even intentionally. I will always be a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. The epitome of NFL cheerleading is the Miami Dolphins, forever and always!

Falcons Chick: Who is your favorite Atlanta Falcon?

Ash: My favorite Atlanta Falcon Player …Matt Ryan! The greatest rookie quarterback in NFL history!!! I think he brings so much to the table and being back in Atlanta I’m anxious to see him lead the Falcons to even more wins! Plus, he’s such a cutie!!

Falcons Chick: Who really needs sun and sand, and the ocean…aren’t you happy to be back in Atlanta?

Ash: Absolutely!! I’m glad to finally be home after living five years in the Magic City! I miss a lot about Miami. Mainly, my fellow MDC’s. We spend nine months out of the year together during each season, about four days a week and anywhere between 9-15 hours a week. In addition to being together a lot for practices and appearances, we all hang out together outside of Dolphins! We become family. And for me, they’re my Miami family! I really miss them but being back home tops that!

Falcons Chick: What is your feeling on the Pink Jersey? (You know…the jersey NFL apparel geniuses have deemed ‘for women’?)

Ash: To be honest, I hate the pink jersey’s. When someone sports pink it doesn’t let anyone know who you’re actually rooting for unless you get close enough to see the white writing and logo. Why not wear your teams actual colors? When I look up into the stands from the sidelines I want your jersey to scream orange and teal (*ahem* or Red and Black) … not that your favorite color is pink!

Falcons Chick: When (not if) the Falcons go to the Super-Bowl, which is held in Miami next year, can I expect to see you in Red and Black?

Ash: Only if my beloved Miami Dolphins aren’t playing against them will I wear Red and Black! The Dolphins were the AFC East division winners this past season after coming back from finishing as the NFL’s worst team in 2007 so I have high hopes for the Dolphins and of course would love to see them play in Miami at the Superbowl! (We’ll see about this *evil laugh*)

Thanks to Ashley for the interview, I definitely look forward to the game September 13th, May the girl with the cutest shoes’ team win.