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Updated 2009-10 NBA Dance Team Auditions

Atlanta Hawks A-Town Dancers (Sunday, June 7th)
Boston Celtics Dancers (Saturday, June 27th)
Charlotte LadyCats (TBA)
Chicago Luvabulls (Saturday, August 1st)
Cleveland Cavalier Girls (Saturday, July 18th)
Dallas Mavericks Dancers (TBA)
Denver Nuggets Dancers (Saturday, July 18th)
Detroit Automotion (Tuesday, July 21st)
Golden State Warrior Girls (Saturday, July 18th)
Houston Rockets Power Dancers (Saturday, July 11th)
Indiana Pacemates (Monday, July 13th)
Los Angeles Clippers Spririt (Saturday, July 25th)
(LA) Laker Girls (Saturday, July 18th)
Memphis Grizz Girls (TBA – Early August)
Miami Heat Dancers (TBA)
Milwaukee Energee! (TBA)
Minnesota Timberwolves Dance Team (TBA – July)
(NY) Knicks City Dancers (Sunday, June 28th)
New Jersey Nets Dancers (Saturday, June 20th)
New Orleans Honeybees (Saturday, July 11th)
Oklahoma City Thunder Girls (TBA)
Orlando Magic Dancers (TBA)
Philadelphia Sixers Dancers (Saturday, June 27th)
Phoenix Suns Dancers (Saturday, August 15th)
Portland BlazerDancers (TBA)
Sacramento Kings Dance Team (TBA)
San Antonio Silver Dancers (Saturday, August 1st)
Toronto Raptors Dance Pak (TBA)
Utah Jazz Dancers (Saturday, August 1st)
Washington Wizard Girls (Saturday, May 30th, That’s Tomorrow!)

You should definitely visit the website of the team(s) you are interested in.

It seems that almost everyone is offering some sort of prep class this year. I can’t speak to any individual team’s prep class, but I will say I’ve been to a lot of auditions in the 5 years, I’ve been doing this blog. And it’s pretty easy to see who’s prepared and who’s not. So consider taking a prep class. Auditions have never been more competitive, so you’ll want to give yourself every possible advantage.

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