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LA2DAY Catches Cheerleader-Turned-Actress Brooke Newton in LA

By Darrah Le Montre

Actress Brooke Newton is on the up-and-up. The Florida native (and one-time NFL cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) proves that while blondes may have more fun, this one should not be underestimated. In little over two years in L.A., she’s snagged roles alongside Antonio Banderas and Meg Ryan, along with guest spots on shows like CSI and Fox’s new sure-to-be hit Glee. But what makes Newton all the more intriguing is that this leggy blonde has a heart of gold and a fist of steel.

Congratulations on CSI! (Editor’s note: The recent episode of CSI, where Brooke played Sabrina, a girl swayed by her boyfriend to rob houses while pregnant, was the most watched episode in the show’s history.)

Brooke: Thank you!

You’ve worked with some fabulous people! And so early. Did you have a connection with anyone in particular – an A-lister – where you felt like they taught you something?

Brooke: I believe working with Antonio and Meg Ryan, because they were both my favorite actors before going into it. And their energy on set was just phenomenal. I think the #1 thing they taught me was to not take it too serious. To go on set and bring the energy on set, because when you bring the energy everybody’s happy. That’s what I noticed with Antonio. The energy he brought to the set. And the moment he left, it dropped. It was interesting to watch. Because he’s always dancing and singing. I remember one point on My Mom’s New Boyfriend, we were all doing our scene…and all the sudden we all hear music and Antonio was playing the guitar, the director came and started playing the piano, everybody was playing music, and Meg Ryan was dancing.


You were a Cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two years. What was that experience like?

Brooke: Interesting. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. We had 3-4 rehearsals a week. And we had 320-some appearances a year that were split up between all the girls, so it was pretty much a full-time job. It was a great experience. We went to Mexico City and Germany, so we traveled a lot. And performing game day was the best. Playoffs – we went to playoff’s my last year. Everybody was into it. Everybody had flags. It was great.

Were you a cheerleader in high school?

Brooke: I cheered one year in high school. And then I danced the rest of high school.

Do you still get fan letters from your cheerleader days?

Brooke: Yes some of the fans. Because we had a mailing list where some of the fans could write in, so online on Facebook and MySpace.

You began modeling at what age?

Brooke: I’ve been modeling as long as I’ve been acting. I started in theatre then I started doing commercials and then I went into TV and film. Although there isn’t much TV on the East Coast.

When you told your parents that you wanted to move to L.A., what was their response?

Brooke: They were very supportive to get me in the industry, but once it was time for me to move to L.A., they were like ‘no you can do it here!’


Do you think there are a lot of juicy good roles for women that you’ve come across?

Brooke: Not really. It seems for every role for a woman, there are four for men. If you normally see, there’s like one woman role and she’s the lead and they’re going to go after a name actress. This industry is run by men. It’s been like that for a long time.

How do you feel that maybe you could change it? Do you want to direct or write your own material?

Brooke: I’m writing three scripts right now. I’m trying to write more roles for women…I’m writing a comedy, a dry, dark comedy. That kinda hits home. It’s about my family. I’m writing an action…and you know the action films is pretty much a man’s world, so to excel in that…would be interesting. And I’m writing a time period piece that takes place in the Amazon. So it’s an adventure.

Tell me about your character on CSI?

Brooke: Sabrina! Ooh – she’s not so good. Well…she has all good intentions. She ends up falling in love with Henry Thomas – from E.T. – he was great to work with. He’s kind of the bad guy. She’s a good girl from a wealthy family. She’s a straight-A student. She ends up getting pregnant. They decide that her father would disown her… so he has a plan…where they can go and rob three houses that were abandoned and… get away to L.A. But they do this and something goes wrong on the last house, the guy’s home….and he actually attacks me. And I’m pregnant. My motherly instinct, I kill the guy with a hammer.

What are your goals as an actress?

Brooke: I would like to do a film that will go to Sundance or a film festival, a lead role. Something a little more raw. Some time period films. I would like to direct someday. Film is eventually where I want to be. But I know TV is the way to get there.

She’s philanthropic (she plans to start a charity to protect rainforests in Brazil), but don’t let that giving side fool you, she’s still tough. She has a Red Belt in Taekwando, so not only can she knock you out with looks, she can do it ten other ways too.

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