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Nets Dancers Blog (Jaclyn) — Language Barriers and Local Media

From NJNets.com:

Nets Dancer Jaclyn — own “Jac of All Nets” — is in Shanghai working on the NBA Cheerleading Reality Show “Dance Passion.” Three blogs into her stay, she’s working through the language barrier as she teaches contestants how to adapt to the NBA’s more athletic style of dance.

Ni hao!

Shanghai just keeps getting better 🙂 Last night I got to work with the contestants of the reality show “Dance Passion” and teach them a short dance and then give them some feedback. The ladies auditioning are very sweet, and even though there’s a language barrier we seem to be getting along just fine. They are working very hard to learn the NBA style of dancing, which is much more athletic then they are used to. I have assured them that it takes time and dedication, and they seem eager to learn.


Today I went back to training camp to watch and give some constructive criticism to the dancers, as well as hair and makeup tips. I also did some interviews with local media and CCTV. Overall, it was a great day!


Looking forward to some Chinese food for dinner with my friends from NBA China and a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow they are taking me to a “watertown” in Shanghai, which I’m told is like Venice, where all the buildings are built over the water. I’ll be sure to take lots of pics!

<3 Jac

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