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P-R-O: Goodbye


I skedaddled out of the hotel on Sunday to catch my flight, so I missed the chance to say good-bye to most of the convention attendees.

Thanks to everyone: the organizers, instructors, sponsors, cheerleaders and dancers for a wonderful weekend.

Lots of photos coming over the next couple of weeks (that’s right, weeks!).


1 comment to P-R-O: Goodbye

  • T Jenkins

    It was absolutely an honor to teach at this year’s PRO Convention. Each year it just keeps getting better. You ladies are amazing. You rocked every routine that was given to you. It was great to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Have a great season and if you are ever in Dallas. Please come see us at a MLS FC Dallas Game.


    Tamara Jenkins, Director MLS FC Dallas Dancers, 2009 PRO Instructor