Coming To A Beach Near You – The AVP Dancers

Owing to the success of the 2004 Athens Olympics beach volleyball cheerleaders, the AVP has added a professional dance team to their beach volleyball tour.  Featuring a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, a former San Diego Charger Girl and a former Laker Girl, the AVP Dancers will premiere at the 2009 AVP Crocs Slam Bud Light Manhattan Beach Open this week.


AVP Dancer Kortney
AVP Dancer Nancy
AVP Dancer Makenzi

Coincidentially, I have had the good fortune to photograph three of the AVP Dancers over the course of my photographic travels.

Kortney as a Charger Girl
Kortney as a Charger Girl

Makenzi as a DCC
Makenzi as a DCC

Nancy as a Laker Girl
Nancy as a Laker Girl

So, if you are in Southern California this weekend, head on over to Manhattan Beach and check out the AVP Dancers.

2 Replies to “Coming To A Beach Near You – The AVP Dancers”

  1. Such great archival photos! Thanks so much, David, for posting those! I wish we had past photographs for all of the AVP Dancers.

  2. Hey Whitney, thanks for the kind comments. I only have photos of those three AVP dancers, mainly because the performed in Southern California over the past few years. All of the AVP Dancers are beautiful and I hope to catch them in action next year at the Manhattan Beach Open.

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