Congratulations Katie Layman, Miss Colorado 2009

katie-layman-miss-colorado-2009. Katie was a Broncos Cheerleader for two years (read her Broncos profile here. She beat out 30 contestants to take the crown, which was passed on by Miss Colorado 2008, Jamie Dukehart-Conti,who was also a Broncos Cheerleader. Katie will represent Colorado in the Miss America Pageant in January.

3 comments to Congratulations Katie Layman, Miss Colorado 2009

  • Nanette Jones

    I just saw the article on the Aurora Public Schools website…Congrats!! It’s Mrs. Jones your first grade teacher! It’s funny that I just recently was telling the story of when I saw you in the hallway at Vassar, called your name, you turned to look and you kept walking, I tried to warn you in enough time, but by the time you turned you ran into the wall near the music room. Do you remember? Ouch that hurt! Anyway, you have grown into such a beautiful young woman and so successful. I hope you have even more happiness.
    Come by and visit I am at Quest in Aurora. Again congratulations…
    P.S. How is your brother Scott? And your lovely mom?

  • Michele Fauset


    I’m Carol Martinek’s Daughter. I’m am going to be cheering for you either there or here in CO. I’m trying to get a flight there.

    But if not there GOOD LUCK KAITE.

  • Mary Grace

    Hi Katie.Im a 10 year old girl named mary just came to my school in longmont colorado.and i believe you are cusins with Becky R.i rather not say her full last name but im sure if you ever read this,you will know who im talking about.Also,my dream is to be miss colorado too.and if becky asked for your signature from a girl named mary,thats me.she said she might see you on thanks giving.Soo thankyou for reading this.congrats by the mary grace