Hanging with the Nets Dancers

(It’s been almost two weeks since I took these photos. I’m always playing catch-up)

I was originally going up for the Lakers-Nets game on December 18th. But then two feet of snow fell and my car was blocked in by even higher piles of snow. I was better off anyway. Kimberlee Garris, NETS Entertainment Manager, told me that after the game it took her 2 hours just to go from the Izod Center to Manhattan.

So, I went with a backup plan and visited on December 30th when the Nets hosted their cross-Hudson the New York Knicks.

By terms of the credential, I can only go out on the court to shoot the entertainers, so I spent most of the time under the stands, where the Dancers and Stunters were preparing.




I arrived about 5pm as the Nets Dancers and Team Hype began rehearsals.

But many of the Nets Dancers had already put in a long day. They had been at the Izod Center since 8am teaching hundreds of girls at the Nets Dance Clinic.

Nets Dancer Captain Jessica choreographed the routine. DVDs were sent to local dance studios, where the girls practiced their moves. At the clinic they worked on their formations and positioning. And then had the opportunity to perform for the fans just before the game started.

Entertainers circle up before going on to perform.

Just one of the many uniforms the Nets Dancers changed into and out of during the night.

This is Kayte, a member of the Nets stunt team: Team Hype. She cheered at the University of Delaware for three years. Now she’s studying for the CPA exam. She also is partner in Stunners Entertainment, a performance cheerleading company.

Nets Entertainment Manager Kimberlee Garris with Nets Dance Coach Trixia (pronounced Tricia). Trixia danced for the Knicks and the Nets. She earned her PharmD from Rutgers (a six-year program) and now works in the pharmaceutical industry.

Getting ready for the burrito toss. Those aren’t really burritos. They are t-shirts with free burrito coupons.

The Dunking Divas! (and another uniform change!) At halftime members of the Nets Dancers and Team Hype performed all sorts of wild dunks for the fans. Some of the Dunkers will travel to Dallas and perform at the NBA All-Star Game next month.



The guys of Team Hype.



Nets Dancers Captain Laura encourage the crowd in the 4th quarter.

It’s been a bit of struggle for the basketball team this season, so the Dancers haven’t had many chances to come out for a post-game celebratory dance. But on this night fortune smiled and the Nets defeated the Knicks.

And to top off an wonderful evening, the Nets Dancers sent me home with their hot off the presses 2009-10 poster!

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