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Vintage Laker Girl Uniforms on ebay

If you’re a die hard Laker Girl fan, this is your chance to own a piece of Laker Girl history. There’s a guy on eBay selling two vintage 1979 Laker Girl costumes. (They look to be two different sizes. One of the girls must’ve been a real shrimp.)

Bidding starts at $10,000 for the set of two, and the auction ends Wednesday 4/28. That’s right, I said ten THOUSAND dollars. Maybe that’s pocket change to you. If it is, this could be a real steal. (I might add however, that if you really do have that kind of money lying around, we’re always open to donations here at UC. Travel and camera equipment ain’t cheap, wink wink)

Click here to go to the auction page.
Click here to see the same listing on craigslist.

Obligatory disclaimer: I don’t know the guy selling these outfits, so I can’t vouch for him or the authenticity of the costumes. Bid at your own risk. (If I were bidding, I’d probably ask the guy why the Sergio Valente patch appears in the color photo but not in the black and white. He says has documentation, so I’m sure there’s an explanation…)

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  • I don’t know who wrote this but I created the laker girls for Dr. Jerry Buss in Magic Johnson’s rookie year. Dr.Buss was a judge on a prime time show I produced annually for CBS and Coca Cola entitled The National Collegiate Cheerleading Championships.The ratings were enormous. As a result, Dr Buss asked me to create an all american type act for the Lakers. That’s how the Laker Girls were born. Mayor Bradley awarded Dr Buss and me the keys to LA in honor of this achievement. These costumes are the originals…They are the real deal! Contact me If you need more info. BRAD MARKS