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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders spreading smiles

Katherine Johnson

LITTLE ROCK, AR – They’re not cheering in the Superbowl but they’re happy to host. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders spent Friday afternoon spreading big smiles to fans at Little Rock’s new Walmart on Shackleford.

Ben Harrod is only in elementary school, but he plans to be a professional football player. He has all the right skills already.

“I’m a pretty fast runner and I like to throw a ball,” said Harrod.

But, after meeting the cheerleaders, he Harrod plans to go straight to the big leagues.

“Probably play for the Cowboys, first,” said the 8-year-old.

He’s one of hundreds who met the cheerleaders in Little Rock, today, a moment literally shaking die-hard fans to the core.

“My hand is shaking,” said Larry Lambert after his meet-and-greet. “My hand doesn’t shake at all! I ride a motorcycle. I never shake! But seeing the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – it’s… What can I say? I got a memory!”

“We have to stand in a long line, but it’s better than being at a register!” said another fan after waiting about an hour for the autographs.

Walmart estimates at least 300 people showed up to meet the cheerleaders.


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