Bucs Cheerleader Spotlight

Our spotlight this week goes to cheerleader Holly Sellers for inspiring the fans to yell “DEFENSE” as the Bucs held on to defeat the birds from Atlanta.

Holly, a recent graduate from USF, is a elementary education teacher in Tampa Bay. Her radio is usually blasting with country music (HeeHaw). Her swimsuit photos have landed her on the cheerleader calendar cover a few times.

Fifth year Holly, a line captain, takes her role model status seriously and actively works with her group in a community initiative for “A Kids Place” located in Brandon, FL.

[Holly’s Spotlight Gallery]

3 Replies to “Bucs Cheerleader Spotlight”

  1. these ladies are absolutely drop dead gorgeous,but i probaby would say that about all nfl cheerleading squads.looking forward to seeeing them next monday.on monday night football.

  2. Are Jackson’s game day photos going to be posted? I think there have been a couple of Tampa games that haven’t been posted yet.

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