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Sea Gals show off their new look

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Sea Gals had new “white” uniforms for the upcoming NFL season. They modified the blue uniforms last year, and the white ones this year. But the other day, I found out I was wrong. It goes much deeper than that. This year, they revamped the whole kit and caboodle – the tops, the skirts, the shorts, and the pants. “Action Green,” we hardly knew ye.

Not that anyone is holding their breath waiting for my opinion, but I like it. Very much.

But don’t think I didn’t notice that you shrunk the skirts as well as those itty bitty shorts.

(And there are no words to express how profoundly grateful I am that th ectoplasm colored boots disappeared even faster than the football team’s lime green jerseys. Thank you, Seattle! )

[Video] [Photos]

For those who’ve forgotten last year’s uniforms:

VFC Fight Vixens Dance Team

The Vixens are the dance team of for the VFC Fight of the AMNRL. The Vixens are under the direction of Heather Grasso. A few weeks ago, I visited the Vixens at a game in Northern Delaware.

[Vixens Dance Team Gallery]

[Vixens Dance Team]

Long Island Lizards Dance Team

Earlier this month I traveled to Hofstra University to visit The Long Island Lizards Dance Team, performers for the Major League Lacrosse franchise.

The team is led by coaches Megan and Lisa.

Megan is in her 4th year team and the first as coach.

Lisa is studying Psychology and CW Post University

Jaime is the team’s Captain.

Jess shows how to cool off when it’s 95 degrees and 95% humidity.

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NYC Going Pro Expo is August 12

The NYC Going Pro Expo on Sunday, August 12 will bring together the industries of dance, cheer, modeling, pageantry, broadcasting, stage and more! General Admission provides come-and-go access to vendors and presentations including Director’s Corner; Impressing the Artist: Landing A Gig in the Music Industry; Fitness and Nutrition 101; The It Factor: A Guide to Pageantry and Broadcasting; and Dance Technique. Attendees may also enroll in choreography sessions with performers and directors of the NFL, NBA, NHL, stage, cinema and more. Group discounts are available! Register online at http://gopronyc2012.eventbrite.com!

AJ is The Dream Team Soulmate

Philadelphia Soulmate Amanda Jean (‘AJ’) will be representing her squad on the Arena Bowl XXV Dream Team in two weeks in New Orleans.

Before cheering professionally AJ was a member of the Junior Soulmates. She made the Soulmates the first year she was eligible, but that just happened to be the year the AFL folded.

With no Arena Football in town, she spent a season dancing for the MISL Philadelphia Kixx.

When the Soul returned in 2011, she made the team.

This past November she overcame a serious injury to not only make the team again, but earn the title and responsibility of Captain.

Get Read for Denver Nuggets Dancers Auditions

Nuggets Dancers Audition Requirements:

Participants must:

be at least 18 years of age or 17 years of age with a parent or guardian present to sign a waiver on the participant’s behalf
hold a high school diploma or equivalent education
wear a cropped top, fitted shorts or dance skirt, and shoes with non-marking soles
submit non-returnable headshot (at least 5×7; does not need to be professional but must be clear and contain only the audition participant)
submit a dance resume including any previous dance teams, classes or workshops, current employment and training, educational background, and 3 references
complete and submit the 2012 DND Audition Registration Form and the 2012 Liability Waiver & Release.
professional looking hair and makeup are encouraged
live in the Denver area and have reliable transportation to and from all Nuggets home games and practices

2012 Audition Schedule*

Friday, August 3: Preliminary Auditions
Registration: 5:30-6:30pm
Semi-Finalists Announced: 10:30pm
Saturday, August 4:Semi-Finalists Interviews & Photo Shoot
Individual Interview/Photo Shoot Times: 10am – 4pm (assigned at the conclusion of the Preliminary Auditions)
Sunday, August 5: Choreography Showcase / Semi-Finals
Registration: 12pm
Finalists Announced: 3:30pm
Training Camp: August 7-16, 2012
Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-10:30pm

* Audition schedule subject to change.
Chelsea Denver Nuggets Dancer – Ellwood

Preliminary Auditions:
All participants are required to submit a headshot and resume and wear a half top and fitted shorts or skirt at the preliminary audition. The preliminary round will consist of multiple sets of choreography; including jazz, pom, and hip hop styles. Dancers will audition in small groups in front of a panel of judges before each around of cuts are made. Dancers making it through the preliminary auditions will be asked to return the next day for an individual interview and photo shoot in a DND uniform, and, on Sunday, for the Choreography Showcase / Semi-finals.

Individual Interviews & Photo Shoot:
Semi-finalists will be asked to attend an individual interview with a panel of judges on the second day of the audition process. Dancers are encouraged to wear business attire with professional hair and make-up to their 10-minute interview, which will be held at the Pepsi Center (location subject to change). Dancers are responsible for their own parking and should arrive 10 minutes prior to their interview time for check-in.

Immediately following the interview, each semi-finalist will have the opportunity to pose for photos in a Nuggets Dancers uniform with team photographer Garrett Ellwood. Uniform and boots will be provided at the photo shoot, but dancers are responsible for all personal articles including pantyhose.

Choreography Showcase & Semi-Finals:
On the third day of auditions, each dancer will each present their own 45-60 second piece of choreography in front of each other and a panel of judges. The music and style of choreography is left to the dancer’s discretion. Any costumes or props used in the choreography must have non-marking pads to protect the floor. The semi-final dance audition will consist of each dancer performing the material learned on the first day of auditions. The dancers who will be asked to attend training camp will be announced at the end of the day.

Training Camp:
Training camp will be held August 7-16, 2012 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-10:30pm. Details of the training camp will be made available after the finalists are announced on Day 3 of the auditions. All dates of the training camp are mandatory.

Prep Classes: Attire left to dancer’s discretion (half tops and fitted bottoms are recommended). All dancers must wear non-marking soles.
Prelims: Cropped dance top / sports bra and fitted shorts or skirt. You will not be allowed to audition in jeans or dance pants. Dance sneakers or jazz shoes are recommended, but not required.
Semi-Finalist Interviews: Professional business attire.
Choreography Showcase: Any dance wear or costume appropriate for the choreography presented.
Semi-Finals: Same guidelines as prelims.
Training Camp: Black dance shorts and black sports bra. Dance sneakers or jazz shoes are recommended, but not required.

[Nuggets Dancers Auditions]

Texans Cheerleaders Debut Swimsuit Calendar

Reader Scott was at Texans Training camp last Saturday when the Texans Cheerleaders debuted their new swimsuit calendar.

[Houston Texans Cheerleaders]

[Texans Cheerleaders Gallery]

The 2012 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in Oxnard, California

The Dallas Cowboys have come home to California for training camp…Oxnard, California to be precise.  With sunny 70 degree weather and a crisp ocean breeze, one can imagine why the Dallas Cowboys flew half way across the country to train for the upcoming season in the Golden State.  And as fortune would have it, they brought along the “often imitated, never equaled” Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for Opening Day.

In years past, the opening of training camp was during the weekend and the DCC performed all weekend long in Oxnard, but this year training camp opened on a Monday and that meant fans only had one, brief opportunity to see the DCC perform in all their splendor.  But as I have said in the past, if you get a chance to see the DCC, you should because they are an amazing site to behold.  They are truly an icon of professional cheerleading and wonderful to see in person.

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Photo of the Day: July 31

2011 Pro Bowl DCC Brittany

Should I stay or should I go? Step right up and cast your vote!

I am having a little dilemma, and can’t resolve it by flipping a coin, so I’m turning to you, friends, to help me decide what to do.

Here’s the deal: the San Diego Chargers Fan Fest in on Saturday.

Should I go?

First, a little background:
The last time I went to Fan Fest, it was a complete disaster. Some dude had told me I could get in early, but when got there, the stadium was locked up tight as a drum. Every single entrance was locked up tight until about 10 minutes before the event started. All I could do was wait…and wait…and wait… And circle the stadium over and over, trying to find an unlocked entrance. When they finally opened the door to the media office (2 hours later), and I asked for my credential, the guy behind the desk looked at me like I had two heads. And then I heard the music and realized the Charger Girls were already performing. I hightailed it inside, but missed half of it. And I was on the wrong side of the field, hence the side view of the action.

Exhibit A: Not the angle I was hoping for.

I was just about to give up and go home, when I remembered that I had Lacy’s cell phone number. I called her, feeling horrible for interrupting her when she was obviously busy, but I hoped at least part of this trip could be salvaged. I had no bars on my phone, and it kept cutting out, but after some back and forth, Lacy smuggled me down to the VIP tent. And then I felt even worse, because I didn’t know if she would get in trouble if I got busted. And that year I only knew a couple of girls on the team, so I kind of felt like a dumbass (pardon my French) just standing around, awkward as hell. I don’t know about you guys, but I am an introvert, and it was hard, hard, hard for me to get my courage up and start talking to people. (It’s still hard to this day.) I did get some good shots though. Eventually.

Exhibit B: There, but for the grace of Lacy, go I.

The previous year, my trip to Fan Fest was a even worse. One bummer after another. I left home at 5 am, which was a very bad idea. I fell asleep behind the wheel on the way, almost killing myself (and possibly others) on the Golden State Freeway. Once inside the stadium, I lost my footing and took a spill in the stands, ripped up my knee, and sprained an ankle. On top of that, the Chargers organization wouldn’t let anyone over 18 down to the plaza level, unless they were with a kid, so I couldn’t get close enough for decent photos. To add insult to injury, I went to the wrong side of the stadium (yes, again) and came away with tons of photos of the Charger Girls – from the back.

Exhibit C: Believe it or not, I did look at a stadium map the night before.
Perhaps I should have found one with the HOME and AWAY sides clearly marked.

And when the Charger Girls walked around the field, signing autographs, I yelled my head off, (which was absolutely mortifying) but nobody ever heard me and looked up. So I wound up shooting from above, resulting in nothing but cleavage shots. (Which may be fine with some of you, but not what I was going for, at all.)

Exhibit D: I repeat – NOT the angle I was hoping for.

I was sufficiently scarred by both experiences that I haven’t been back to Fan Fest in 3 years.

I’m not telling you this in order to gain your sympathy. I’m setting the stage, so you can understand the thought process going into this decision.

On the “Pro” side, I know many more of the girls on the team now. Most of them, I’ve never seen perform. I go to auditions every year, but I never get to see the finished product. Besides, this is probably my one shot for the year to see the Charger Girls do their thing. Plus I kind of feel like I need to redeem myself. Get back on the horse, so to speak. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe I’ll get some great shots and be SO glad I went.

On the “Con” side, obviously the Chargers Fan Fest and I do NOT get along. The first two times were a lesson. Going there a third time would surely invite disaster. There’s no way I would bother Lisa and Lacy with a request for credential. (Besides, I don’t think they have control over that kind of thing.) I fully expect the same situation where only kids are allowed down to the bottom level. Once again – a bunch of blurry distance shots. Do I really want to get up at the crack of whatever on a Saturday, and drive 260 miles (round trip) to catch a 90 second performance? The trip there goes fast. The trip back is 3-4 hours of congested freeway. 3 to 4 hours to sit in my car and stew about whatever went wrong.

If I go to Fan Fest and disaster strikes yet again, I might just lay down in the middle of the concourse and cry. And don’t think I wouldn’t. I’ve done it before (minus the laying down part.)

So I’m struggling to make a decision. Help me out, people. Should I stay or should I go?
Feel free to leave comments on this post if you have a strong opinion either way.

Should Sasha go to the Chargers Fan Fest this year?
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Scenes from Power Dancer Auditions

The Houston Chronicle has posted a gallery of photos from the Rockets dance auditions. Click here to check it out!

Video: Power Dancer Auditions

KHOU posted this video of the Houston Rockets dance team open call over the weekend. Even though it looks like the video was shot by someone who rappelled down from the roof and poked his camera through the curtains of a second story window, it does capture the vibe of the audition experience. Anyone who has auditioned for a team can relate to that intensely uncomfortable moment when you finish dancing, the music goes off, and the room is dead silent. And you’re standing there paralyzed because you can’t figure out if the judges want you to stay where you are, or get out of the way for the next group. AWKWARD.

Video: some gratuitous bragging on the ChivaGirls

Over the weekend, two rookie members of the ChivaGirls were chosen for the 2012-13 Laker Girls. It got me thinking how proud I am of this team, how talented all the girls are, and how great it is that they’ve allowed me to be part of their family. So I thought I’d share a couple of videos of the ChivaGirls in action.

The first routine was choreographed by Tim Stevenson. Not only did Tim choreograph it, but he did the music mix, and personalized it for the team. This routine was created for one specific halftime performance, but it was such a hit, the team has tailored it to their pre-game stage performances. The second routine is also a hip hop number, and believe me when I say this routine doesn’t suck either. (I don’t know who choreographed it, so that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about that.)

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Side note: Congratulations Melissa and Andi! Chivas USA’s loss is the Lakers’ gain.

2012 P-R-O Convention All Star: Washington Wizard Girl Joanna

The Washington Wizard Girls have been a squad that has impressed me ever since I started covering the P-R-O convention.  They have cute girls and sexy uniforms, which is to say they are a squad that is eye-catching.  This year, the Wizard Girls got new uniforms from The Line Up and I must say the girls looked quite attractive in them.  And one Wizard Girl that made a lasting impression was Joanna, who looked amazing in her new Wizard Girl uniform.  See why she is a 2012 P-R-O Convention All Star.

What makes a good dance team a great one?  Attention to details.  Sweating the small stuff.  And here we see Dance Team Manager Derric Whitfield attending to the little details that make all the difference in our photos.

There’s not much down time between sessions at P-R-O, so I didn’t get to photograph as many as the Wizard Girls as I would have liked.  And this is truly a shame because they have so many gorgeous girls to photograph.  But I did get to snap a team photo and wanted to share that with our readers.

Well, that’s all for now.  There were many amazing cheerleaders in attendance at P-R-O and I only got to feature a handful of them.  There was so much dance instruction and so little time in between sessions that it was a challenge to be able to snag a few girls to pose for photographs.  Perhaps next year, I will be able to feature a few more and highlight their talents.

I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of the 2012 P-R-O Convention, the premier professional cheerleading and dance convention.  See you next year, where we will be certain to feature more P-R-O Convention All Star cheerleaders.

Grad student Nicole fills in the margins by dancing for the Boston Cannons Dance Team

Line captain Nicole is in her second year with the Boston Cannons Dance Team

Like New England itself, which is filled with an extensive list of important academic institutions, and lacrosse, which is emerging as high energy pro sport that emphasizes fan experience, the Boston Cannons Dance Team embodies each of these concepts themselves. In their tenth season supporting Boston’s pro team in Major League Lacrosse, the Cannons Dance Team features young women from a wide variety of colleges with a broad range of majors. But the BCDT share a common conviction to enthusiastically add dance to the sidelines entertainment at Harvard Stadium, and love every minute of it!

For example, take Nicole, in her second season with the Boston Cannons Dance Team, and her first as a line captain. Now a graduate student, Nicole double-majored during undergrad in both Anthropology and English. In addition, Nicole a totally devoted to dance, both as a performer and instructor. Nicole shared with UltimateCheerleaders why she feels like she has her dream job already, what dance adds to her life, her favorite books, and why she is bound to prefer traditional books over e-books.

Nicole began dance at a very young age, along with gymnastics, and Nicole’s mom was a big influence on putting fitness first in Nicole’s life. Her mom herself was long-time gymnast and is now an award-winning bodybuilder. Also, Nicole’s mom importantly did not allow Nicole to quit dance during her rebellious teenage years. About her mom, Nicole says, “She’s always worked her butt off, so I know no other way, really.” Asked what she thinks is the biggest misconception about women like her mom in bodybuilding, Nicole responds, “I think the biggest misconception about women in any sport is that they’re somehow inferior. My mom could bench nearly double her bodyweight. That’s obviously an extreme example. But female dancers are athletes too, and will probably never get enough recognition for it.”

From her early dance days loving to make music with her feet in tap, to contemporary and original choreography as a Dance minor in college, to entertaining on the sidelines with upbeat jazz and smile-filled cheer routines, dance and Nicole have been inter-twined throughout her life. But over the last couple of years, Nicole has really focused on making dance a centerpiece of her life, including increasing the role of dance instructor. Nicole loves how dance adds so much to her life, describing, “Making (dance) my LIFE opened up so many more opportunities almost immediately. Everything happened at the same time. I started teaching dance again. That gave way to additional dance teaching jobs. Once I auditioned and made one dance team, that gave way to another professional dance job, et cetera. It feels great to only spend my time (and get paid!) doing what I believe in and enjoy most. Think Russell in Almost Famous, ‘From here on out, I’m only interested in what is REAL! Real people. Real feelings. That’s it! That’s all I’m interested in from here on out!’”

And part of Nicole’s reality is her academic pursuits. “I’m currently working toward my MA in English at UMass-Boston,” Nicole explains. “As an undergrad, I double-majored in English and (cultural) Anthropology. I had taken just a few Anthro classes as electives, but found it interesting enough to pursue all the way. I’m personally interested in modern American fiction and women writers but have decided to turn my focus to the teaching of composition. It’s more rewarding, like teaching dance.”

So what is on Nicole’s “Top Five Book” list? “My top five are,” Nicole says, “The Age of Innocence and The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, Song of Solomon and A Mercy by Toni Morrison, and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.” And Nicole’s preference, e-books or printed books? “Even though I’ve never tried an e-book,” Nicole explains, “DEFINITELY printed books! I mark up the margins and underline phrases while I read, so e-books would ruin the whole experience for me.”

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