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Big Bird Unmasked!

Jena, a 4th year Titans Cheerleader courageously stepped forward and owned up to wearing the Big Bird costume. Only it isn’t Big Bird, it’s a duck. (And if you think about it, of course. Everyone knows you can’t be Big Bird without striped orange and pink tights. Duh.)

The costume was Jena’s idea, and her teammate Jalanda brought it to life. * (We’ve mentioned Jalanda before. She created the swimsuits for the team calendar cover this year. Even without that, Jalonda is already a rock star for the totally rad Elvis costume she wore last year. Believe me, you saw it. Her photo was everywhere.)

* Several people have contacted me to remind me about a similar costume worn by Athena from the New England Patriots Cheerleaders last year [check it out]. I have inadvertently stirred up a little bit of controversy because Athena’s costume last year was created by teammate Stephanie S’s mom, and those girls in New England are fiercely loyal. (Stephanie’s mom has made a variety of costumes for the NEPC, including the adorable Cookie Monster costume Stephanie wore this year.)

It comes down to this: I should have worded this article a little better. I should have written that Jena described what she wanted, and Jalanda made it for her. Period. None of the Titans Cheerleaders had ever worn a duck costume to a game, and they thought it was a cute idea. I should have left it at that. (But if you’ve been around here for a while, you might have noticed my tendency to go on and on about things. Sort of like I’m doing right now.) Jena did not, I repeat, did not tell me that the costume was an extra special super duper original idea that no one has ever had before. Neither Jena nor Jalanda took credit for the original design. There was no intent to “steal” the idea and pass it off as their own. Basically this is all my fault. (I hate when that happens.) So, my apologies to both sides.

I’d like to say I’ll never do it again, but unfortunately, I have knack for this kind of screw up. It’s a personal flaw. Kind of like kleptomania.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

But back to Jena, she did the footwear herself, sacrificing a pair of her beloved cowboy boots for the cause. A can of spray paint, a handful of sparkles, a few hours of her time, and voila: Duck feet! This costume definitely gets two snaps up.

Side note: I would also like to point out that Jena was the only one wearing a visor as part of her costume. Whether she did that on purpose or realized it after the fact, she was the only cheerleader who wasn’t squinting into the Sun that afternoon. Bonus!

You can’t just slap on some feathers and head out the door. This kind of thing takes preparation.

Jena with Brintley (dressed as Sweet Pea from the movie Sucker Punch)

Jena and Stephanie B are roomies.
Jena is very tall. Or Stephanie is very small (but mighty) Or both. I haven’t figured out which.

Or D: None of the above. Jena is kinda tall. Stephanie is kinda short. Tandra is somewhere in the middle. Yar Matey!

Jena dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween in 2010 and 2011. This year, she passed the costume on to Heather, one of this year’s rookies. Sharing is caring!

Jalanda is Johnny Cash this year. It took her a week to paint the flames on those boots. Meanwhile, I still haven’t figured out how she makes her hair do that. There has got to be something under there. Styrofoam? Paper mache? Some kind of scaffolding?

Jena’s line. Just so you know, the Jack o’ Lantern (Stephanie A) is the one in charge.

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