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File this under: Waterfowl

At the end of the current NBA season, the New Orleans Hornets are changing their name
to the New Orleans Pelicans.

No really. THE PELICANS.

The first time I read this information, I thought for sure this was some kind of joke. Pelicans? Aren’t team mascots supposed to be fierce, strong, and warrior-like? Pelicans???? Don’t they deliver babies to expectant mommies and daddies all around the world?

Oh wait, that’s the stork.

You know what pelicans are known for? Having big mouths. And stealing other people’s fish. But the team’s owner says pelicans symbolize the resiliency, determination, and enduring spirit of the people in the community.

Um. Ok. But they are also fish thieves.

(Well now, I guess if you’re at the business end of a pelican, that could be a little frightening…)

The team is also changing their colors from Creole Blue, Dark Purple, Mardi Gras Gold, and White (a combination I personally enjoy) to blue, gold, and red. Here’s the new logo:

He’s pretty fierce, I suppose. As far as pelicans go. He certainly looks like he wants to peck your eyes out and eat them with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

More importantly, what about the Honeybees? What are they going to be called? The Pelican Dancers? The Pelican Girls? The Pelicanettes?

Please God, don’t let them be called the Pelicanettes.

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