What it really takes to become an NFL cheerleader: Most Beautiful squad’s coach gives Texans tips

By Jayme Lamm
Culturemap Houston

The big day is almost here. Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts start Saturday.

You’ve detoxed, spray tanned, touched up those roots, whitened your smile and practiced your highest kicks — but there are still a few more things you can do to up your chances of making the beloved Texans’ cheerleader roster. It won’t be easy. The Texans were named the Most Beautiful Cheerleaders in the NFL after all.

Although registration is closed, odds are, you know one hot lady who needs some last minute tips.

I had the chance to chat with Alto Gary, the only cheer coach in the 10-year history of the Texans franchise, about last minute tips for cheerleader hopefuls. Coach Alto has a tough task ahead of her — choosing approximately 32 women out of the expected 1,000-plus who will strut their way into the Methodist Training Center for tryouts. Although she’ll have some help thanks in part to a few social media contests, Alto has the final say in who makes the squad.

It’s always taken a lot to be a Texans cheerleader, but if you yearn to be part of the squad that reps the back-to-back AFC South Champs — or just want to know what hurdles must be leaped — follow Alto’s expert cheerleader tips.

Don’t fret on wardrobe.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an outfit for tryouts — you can buy a triangle top from Target or wherever. You can rhinestone it yourself if you want a little bling or leave it plain as long as it looks good on you. Also choose a good color for yourself. Add some black hotpants and you are set.”

Why not?

“There are many different positions we are looking for at tryouts. Not only cheerleaders, but we also look for the Grid Iron Gang (spirit promo group) and sometimes even select media game day hostesses. You have nothing to lose by coming — there’s something for everyone.”

Leave the wardrobe malfunctions to Janet Jackson.

“Always make sure you stay in your outfit. Make sure you tie your knot on your top very tight and safety pins are your best friend! Support is always good. You can wear a convertible bra underneath your outfit. (You can find them at Victoria’s Secret, Target, Walmart, JCPenney . . .)”

Not all blondes are the same.

“What tryout number you get is important. When you get in line to get your number on the day of tryouts, make sure you’re not behind a person who looks like you. If she is a blonde and you are a blonde, try to find someone else to get behind who doesn’t look anything like you so you won’t be compared to the other blonde. That will get harder to do in the further rounds, but at least it will buy you some time.”

Beware of muffin top.

“Do not wear pantyhose that have the panty control top line. Make sure your pantyhose are sheer to waist.”

Good rule of thumb for life in general.

“Always be nice — you never know who’s looking at you. A few people have been cut before they even walk in the door.”

And if you need a last minute charge to get you going for Saturday’s tryouts, check out this video courtesy of the Houston Texans cheerleaders. Good luck to all and tweet your tryout photos to @CultureMap if you want the chance to be featured in a future story.