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Vote for the Big League Cheerleader of the Year – NOT.

In Australia, the big sport is rugby. Their National Rugby League (NRL) is, I think the Down Under equivalent to the NFL. (Interesting factoid: Although it is Australia’s league, there is one team from New Zealand. Kind of like the Raptors are included in the NBA. Another interesting factoid: all of the teams are clustered along the Eastern perimeter of the country. They aren’t spread out over the whole of Australia. No clue why that is.)

There are 16 clubs in the league, and all but one have a cheer team. The one that doesn’t is the South Sydney Rabbitohs. They used to have cheerleaders, called the “Bunnies” (of course), but Russell Crowe put the kibosh on that when he got involved with the club’s leadership. Yes, that Russell Crowe. Not that we care about him.

Every year, each of the fifteen remaining teams nominates two cheerleaders for the “Big League Cheerleader of the Year.” Big League is, I gather, a major sport magazine. In the first round, voters decide which of the two reps from each team will compete against the other teams. Once they’ve narrowed it down to one cheerleader from each team, then they vote to select THE winnner. I think they do 2×2 matchups. The one who wins the whole shebang is named Cheerleader of the Year. I don’t know what all that entails. Maybe just bragging rights. But still, those are some pretty rad bragging rights. You can tell everyone that YOU are #1 out of the whole entire league.

We should try that here. Presenting the UltimateCheerleaders.com NFL Cheerleader of the Year…year…year…year (< --that's the impressive-sounding echo.) Come on, who wouldn’t want that title?

Sidebar: Big ups for The Pom Pom Paparazzi. This is a shout out that’s been on my to-do list for ages. The site is administered by a Hayley, a current member of the Manly Sea Eagles Sea Birds. She provides a birds-eye view (bad pun intended) of the world professional cheerleading in the National Rugby League. DO check it out. TODAY. [click here]

But back to the subject at hand. The NRL season is winding down (Finals start in August), and so it is also time to wrap up this year’s cheerleader vote. Unfortunately, you and I are furriners, so we don’t get to vote. Regardless, this is a good time to take a look at this year’s NRL cheerleader squads. Shall we?

We shall.

  1. Brisbane Broncos Cheer Squad – Mariah

  2. Canberra Raiders (Raiderettes) – Shaunee

  3. Canterbury Bulldogs (Belles) – Darcie

  4. Cronulla Sharks (Mermaids) – Joanna

  5. Gold Coast Titans (Sirens) – Leah

  6. Manly Sea Eagles Cheerleaders (Sea Birds) – Belle

  7. Melbourne Storm (Stormers) – Eloise

  8. Newcastle Knights (Maidens) – Crystal

  9. New Zealand Warriors Cheerleaders – Megan

  10. North Queensland Cowboys Cheer Squad – Prue

  11. Parramatta Eels Cheerleaders – Leah

  12. Penrith Panthers – Amy

  13. St George Illawarra Dragons (The Flames) – Tahlia

  14. Sydney Roosters Cheerleaders – Madeleine

  15. Wests Tigers – Sam

Congrats to all the ladies in the running, and best of luck to you all.

2 comments to Vote for the Big League Cheerleader of the Year – NOT.

  • MN

    No body shots!! How do they expect us to vote??????

  • redv

    The winner has been announced here in Australia and Steph from the Dragons took out the photos. You might want to visit pom pom paparazzi or big league for a photo as you missed getting a photo of her with the top 16.