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Broncos Cheerleaders suffer a season of injuries

AnneMarie Harper
January 29, 2013

DENVER – For many of the Broncos Cheerleaders, this season has been especially hard. As a whole, the squad has had more injuries than any other season and many of those injuries have been serious.

Toni Gabrielli, who has been on the squad for two seasons, had one of the most painful.

“We were doing our touchdown dance and everyone was so excited. Someone came in from the side and knocked me down. That knocked my knee out of place. My patella actually went out. I was laying on the field and everyone was celebrating, so I pushed it back in and they carted me off,” said Gabrielli.

An x-ray revealed no further damage. The 26-year-old just missed a couple of practices as she healed.

Still, this season hasn’t been easy. Toni, along with several other squad members, suffers from what’s called “over-use injuries.” Basically, more than 20 years of dancing has really taken its toll on her body.

Toni G

Dr. Jonathan Bravman, a sports medicine doctor with University of Colorado Hospital, says “over-use injuries” are very common in cheerleading. They include your basic sprains and strains and even more severe injuries, like stress fractures.

Dr. Bravman says athletes of all ages can suffer from “over-use injuries.”

“Younger athletes, especially those who specialize in a certain sport, are really upping the amount of time and exposure they are playing, both in practice and in competition,” he said.

Making matters worse, Dr. Bravman says is the fact that these athletes continue to practice and compete. He tells 9News that doesn’t allow their bodies to heal and oftentimes, makes the initial injury even worse.

Dr. Bravman says another common injury among cheerleaders is concussions. He says they can be just as severe as what a player on the field might experience.

ProTour Productions Super Bowl Trips

There’s never an off-season for our good friend Sandy Charboneau and her ProTour Productions. She sent us the autograph cards for her upcoming Super Bowl Tours.


Bonus Flashback Photo: Sandy at the P-R-O Convention with all the Cheerleaders she has taken on tour.

[ProTour Productions on Facebook]

Coming Soon! 2014 Pro Audition Wear

This is the time fo year when the biggest names in pro audition wear will be debut their new styles for 2014. Both Dallaswear Uniforms and The Line Up have posted sneak peeks of their new garments. Dallaswear will reveal the full set of new styles on Saturday. TLU hasn’t provided a date yet, but it’s coming very soon. Click here to visit The Line Up store, and click here to visit Dallaswear Uniforms.

Click here for preview photos on THe Line Up’s facebook page.

Click here for more from Dallaswear Uniforms on Facebook.

Pom-poms, Ready! Meet the U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Who is About to Make Her Super Bowl Debut as a Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader

The Daily Mail

When the Super Bowl starts up on Sunday evening, the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback won’t be the only high-ranking team member to hit the field – in fact, there will be a first lieutenant among them.

Alicia is a member of the Seahawks’ cheerleading squad who also works as a full-time production manager for the Air Force.

The San Diego, California native joined the team as a rookie this season after dancing on the cheerleading squad at the U.S. Air Force Academy, her alma matter.

Alicia has been on active military duty for the last seven years.

After graduating from the Air Force Academy in 2010, Alicia was stationed in Seattle to help manage the production of military air crafts.

Last fall her mother suggested that she continue her cheerleading career as an adult while also serving in the military.

In fact, she comes from a military family – her older brother is an army green beret. She has said that she always wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a soldier.

After some research, the buxom blonde decided to try out for a role on the Seattle Seahawks’ ‘Sea Gals’ squad. But she had to seek approval from the military before even applying for a spot on the team, as the auditions’ final round is aired live on local television.

She told Seattle TV show Evening Magazine that she had to ‘write a talking paper about how it would be beneficial to the Air Force for me to be a Sea Gal. They decided it would be a great idea.’

In April, she auditioned for a spot on the squad alongside 250 other hopefuls.

After multiple elimination rounds, it was decided that Alicia would be one of 34 girls on the team.

‘It was awesome, very surreal,’ she told blog On Her Game of how it felt when she learned that she had been accepted.

In her Sea Gal online bio, she says that her best life experience came ‘the day I joined the Military. I was 18 years old at the time, and the Air Force shaped me into the person I am today. Some days have been hard, but every day has been worth it.’

She made her Sea Gal debut on August 17 at Seattle’s CentryLink Field.

She told Evening Magazine: ‘We do have to stay in line while we are cheerleading and do a lot of the same things as the person next to you – much like you do in the military. They do complement each other.’

This year was a good one for Alicia to to join the Sea Gal squad. On Sunday the Seattle Sea Hawks will face off against the Denver Broncos in the 48th Super Bowl.

The young dancer could not be more excited. She wrote to fans on her Facebook page: ‘I still cannot believe that next week we will be in New York! I am so proud of our Seahawks team and all of the amazing Sea Gals! And thank you to our awesome fans for helping us get there! Go Hawks!’

[Alicia at Seahawks.com]

San Jose SaberKitten Auditions

Last Saturday the Fry’s Electronics Gym in Palo Alto was filled with scores of beautiful, young dancers auditioning for the 2014 San Jose SaberKittens, the dance team for the Arena Football League champion San Jose SaberCats.

Lauren Binkoski was the SaberKittens choreographer the past 2 seasons.  She was impressed by the with the competition: “The girls look really energetic, very polished, their hair and makeup looks better than the years before. They’re really really energetic and everybodies got a really big smile on their face and we’re just really happy to have them here.”

Annabelle is a current Golden State Warriors Girl and a former SaberKitten. She was back on Saturday to help teach the choreography. She was thrilled with the turnout: “This year at the 2014 SaberKitten auditions there’s a huge group of beautiful and talented women and the competition is super fierce. I think that this team is gonna bring a lot entertainment to the fans and I think this whole organization is gonna love them.”

Veteran Tisha: “This is my 2nd year returning back, the very first year I auditioned what I learned from that is if you want something you have to go out and get it and you cant be afraid you have to be confident..and try to outshine everyone but also make friends along the way cause that will make memories and contribute to your experience and memories for a lifetime.”

When asked why she was trying out again SaberKitten veteran Sheila said, “I just really enjoyed the past 2 years..I made a lot of great friends and I really love the organization and I love the fans and I love dancing and performing.”

Kimberly Pena is the current SaberKitten Choreographer. She was a SaberKitten back in 2006-07 and that’s where her  professional dance career started. “Ever since then I’ve been able to dance for other teams. This is a huge stepping stone for the girls to get into the professional cheer world and learn everything about it and improve themselves and become better and reach their goals and inspire younger dancers to do the same.”

The SaberKittens will make their season debut Sunday, March 23rd when the SaberCats host the Philadelphia Soul at the SAP Center.

[SaberKitten Audition Gallery]

[San Jose SaberKittens]

Photo of the Day – January 29

From Saturday Night at Baltimore Arena – Emily of the Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders

Mother/Daughter Super Bowl Sequel

In 1978, the Denver Broncos took on the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XII at the Louisiana Superdome. During that game, the Denver Broncos Pony Express cheered their hearts out. Among their ranks was a little blonde called George.

36 years later, George’s daughter Brittany will be on the sidelines, cheering the Broncos on to victory. Brittany’s outfit isn’t as sparkle-tastic as her mom’s, and there’s no cowboy hat, but then again, George didn’t have leather chaps. And maybe Brittany’s experience will one-up her mom’s with a victory for the Broncos.

Like mother, like daughter. You gotta love this. I am so happy to add Brittany and George to our “Keeping it in the Family” page. These mother/daughter duos are few and far between!

Click here to see who else has dance in the family. (And as always, if you know of anyone we should add to this page, let us know!)

LA Kings Ice Crew Profile – Taylor

Kings Vision was on hand for the 13-14 Ice Crew calendar photo shoot! Check out this profile featuring Ms. October 2013, Taylor!

[LA Kings Ice Crew]

Houston Dynamo Girls Hold Tryouts for 2014 Season

Photo of the Day – January 28

From Saturday morning at the Sideline Prep Workshop – Megan of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

2012-13 Boston Bruins Ice Girls

The Bruins website has been updated with profiles for this year’s group of Ice Girls. Click here to check it out!

Redskins Cheerleaders Perform In Chinese New Year

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders (WRC) will perform in the 19th annual Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade in Hong Kong on Friday, Jan. 31, the first day of the Chinese New Year.

The Night Parade is one of the most popular events of the world-famous Chinese New Year celebration, kicking off Hong Kong’s weekend-long festivities by bringing an extravagant procession of embellished floats and international performers to the city’s Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.

More than 20 cheerleaders will perform a brand new routine exclusive to the Night Parade alongside an extensive roster of critically-acclaimed performing artists.

The Washington Redskins, through the WRC, are the only American professional sports team to be represented in the Night Parade.

The Night Parade will be broadcast internationally from 8-9:30 p.m., reaching millions of local and international audiences alike as Hong Kong welcomes the “Year of the Horse” – the seventh sign in the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing new beginnings for 2014.

“For years, Hong Kong has been the leading destination for authentic, thrilling Chinese New Year festivities,” said Bill Flora, U.S. Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. “The entire world will be watching as the city welcomes thousands of international visitors with the pageantry, sophistication and authentic culture that only Asia’s World City can deliver.”

[Washington Redskins Cheerleaders]

Searching for Swedish-American Pro Cheerleaders

The Producers of the Swedish version of “American Idol” and “Minute To Win It” are coming to the U.S. to find fun, outgoing Americans with Swedish ancestry to participate in their television series “Allt för Sverige.”


Meter Television is searching for Americans with Swedish ancestry for the nominated reality TV-show, “Allt för Sverige”. After the major success of Allt för Sverige- Great Swedish Adventure (The US title of the show) season 1, 2 and 3 we are now casting for season 4.

Americans will travel to Sweden and participate in an exciting television series. Chosen participants will compete in extreme cultural challenges to discover their rich and fascinating roots while trying to win the grand prize; MEETING THEIR SWEDISH RELATIVES.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to discover a new land and culture and have a chance to win a spectacular prize.
“Allt för Sverige” will be shot and broadcast in Sweden and potentially other countries as well. This is an incredible “once in a lifetime” opportunity for someone to discover their ancestry and experience their rich and fascinating Swedish cultural heritage.

Candidates should be between 20-70 years old. Please apply by February 10th 2014.

Apply here: www.greatswedishadventure.com

The 2014 Boston Cannons Dance Team Auditions are coming!

Ashley Pavone, the Director/Choreographer of the excellent Boston Cannons Dance Team of Major League Lacrosse, lets us know that auditions are just a few weeks off!

And you may have noticed, Ashley has a new last name since last season! Ashley was married on October 19th; wonderful news!

Click here for pdf:

BCDT Auditions Flyer

Loyola Student Cheers Saints on From the Sidelines

By Diana Mirfiq
The Loyola Maroon

Lauren Jones, marketing junior, traded her Loyola dance team pompoms to become a member of the New Orleans Saints’ Saintsation cheerleading team.

Before she was a member of Loyola’s dance team her freshman and sophomore years, Jones considered herself a ballerina. At Loyola, she adjusted to more contemporary dance forms such as hip hop and jazz.

Although she was able to transition smoothly into new dance genres while at Loyola, her Saintsation journey didn’t happen overnight.

Jones first tried out for the Saintsations in spring 2012. She made it to the final round, but was cut shortly after, causing her to become determined to make the team the following year. Jones began working even harder to fulfill her dream and overcome rejection, because she said nothing worth having comes easy. Her mindset switched to focusing on factors she could control.

“I knew I could control my dancing, fitness, health, and body. I was like, let me make sure I’m eating right, in the gym as much as I can, but also balancing my studies and look where I am now,” Jones said.

Dana Dolliole, Saintsation veteran, met Jones when she first tried out for the Saintsations. Although Jones didn’t make the cut, Dolliole still kept in touch, motivating her to never give up on her dream.

“I would tell her to do her best, never take anything to heart, and give it her all,” Dolliole said.

Jones said she went into “dancing boot camp” mode by working with a trainer, exercising five to six days of the week, and changing up her eating habits.

Her improvements didn’t go unnoticed. Jones made the 2013 team and was finally able to fulfill her dream of becoming a Saintsation.

Dolliole said she was happy to see Jones auditioning and joining the Saintsations the following year.

Each year, Saintsation veterans randomly draw names to become rookie’s “big sisters” on the team. Dolliole said it was fate when she picked Jones’ name.

“She’s great on the team, and she’s always going above and beyond,” Dolliole said. “This whole time, I’ve been very proud and happy for her. I really do feel like a big sister.”

Jones continues to work out five to six times a week. She said she enjoys cardio and runs to stay fit, but also sprinkles in squats and intensive abdomen workouts. Jones balances her workouts by eating three big meals and two small meals each day, and her on-the-go snacks include granola, fruit, apples, and bananas.

“You want good things to go into your body so it can function correctly,” Jones said.

She said staying healthy has become a part of her lifestyle.

“I don’t look at food as ‘this is healthy so it’s not going to taste good.’ I look at it like ‘is this going to benefit me later?’” Jones said.

Jones had to give up her ballet minor and her spot on Loyola’s Golden Eyes dance team once she joined the Saintsations, but she attributes her success to Loyola’s dance team.

“I probably wouldn’t be a Saintsation if I wasn’t on Loyola’s dance team,” Jones said.

Jones believes becoming a Saintsation incorporates everything she loves about dance.

“I’ve always been a Saints fan, a dancer and dreamed of performing in front of thousands of people. I just felt like it was the perfect balance putting them together,” Jones said.

Alisia Senegal, biology senior and former Loyola dance team captain, had the opportunity to co-captain with Jones last year. She said they were always in sync, and Jones knew what she was thinking before she even said it.

“Lauren was my right-hand man. She helped by making up new dances, cutting the music for all of our performances, and running practices when I had organic test reviews,” Senegal said.

Senegal said their friendship grew into a sisterly bond. Senegal said it’s always “fun” to dance together, which is why the duo performed a dance for the Black Student Union’s annual talent show for two consecutive years.

“Dancing for both of us was like an outlet and most importantly we love doing it,” Senegal said.

Senegal said they also met on weekends to work on choreography, and even remembers the weekend when they tried to master Beyoncé’s video dances. Their practices paid off last winter when the Loyola dance team was fortunate enough to be a part of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half time performance, Senegal said.

Juggling school and being a Saintsation hasn’t been an easy task, but Jones said time management is key. She says the Saintsations only practice on Tuesdays and Thursday for about two and a half hours.

“If you think about it, I’m at Loyola more than I am at practice,” Jones said.

Jones said her favorite player is Drew Brees. Even though Jones is from Atlanta, home of the Saints’ rival team, the Atlanta Falcons, she said it doesn’t hinder her love for the Saints.

“My family is originally from New Orleans so I’ve always been a Saints fan,” Jones said. “I love my Saints.”

Jones said that becoming a Saintsation has been a dream come true.

“Being a Saintsation is something I wanted to do for a very long time. Now that the season is almost over, it still doesn’t feel real,” Jones said.

[Lauren at NewOrleansSaints.com]