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2014 Colts Cheerleader Auditions

Lots of photos on the Colts website!

But before you go check those out, we need to check on Crystal Anne. Some of you may recall that Crystal Anne and one of her teammates both got a buzzcut in the middle of halftime at a game during the 2012-13 NFL season. Since then, every time I read something about the Colts, I have to check on Crystal’s follicular situation. Below are her audition photos from 2012, 2013, and now 2014. I’d say she’s just shy of the halfway point. That girl is as cute as a button, with any hair. But I’ll bet you money she doesn’t go all the way back to her original length. It would be hard to go back to all that maintenance.

Open call candidates

Audition candids 1 | 2

Fitness shoot 1 | 2 | 3

Fitness candids

Finalist candidates 1 | 2

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