Prayers and contributions aiding former Colts Cheerleader and Ice Angel Tessa’s recovery from stroke

Tessa cheering for the Colts in 2008; Now, we are cheering you on Tessa!

From the Allen Americans blog:

Natessa (Tessa) David is a former Ice Angel and Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Candidate. Tessa cheered the Americans on to their first CHL Championship in 2013. Before becoming an Ice Angel, Tessa cheered for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

On December 1st, Tessa suffered a moderate-to-severe stroke in her sleep. She has been in the ICU under the care of a phenomenal team of physicians and therapists. Though the odds were against her, in just a week, Tessa has improved tremendously. Yesterday was a great day for Tessa as she was moved out of ICU and into her own room where she can receive flowers and cards from everyone. Tessa has such a bright spirit and her smile is contagious. Although she still does not have movement of her right extremities, she is able to sit, stand and walk with assistance. Due to the type of stroke, Tessa was also left unable to speak. While surround by former Ice Angel, Brooklyn and current Angels Amy and Brieana plus a few other friends, Tuesday night Tessa blurted out her first few words. The team caring for Tessa have faith that she will continue to recover.

She is the epitome of the word strength and we all admire her courage. We have cried together many times through this period of darkness but we have already began to laugh again. We know that she will come through this stronger than ever! She is a true superstar! Her gofundme donations will help cover the long road of in-patient and out-patient therapy she will need.

Updates on Tessa’s condition are posted on this Facebook page. Tessa, we are collectively cheering you on as every day, in every way, things will get better and better!!

4 Replies to “Prayers and contributions aiding former Colts Cheerleader and Ice Angel Tessa’s recovery from stroke”

  1. Tessa…..I met you when my daughter Erin cheered with you at Indy. I will be praying for your recovery . All my love, Mama C

  2. Tessa is one of my favorite DCC training camp candidates. I wish she would have made the squad. Get well Tessa.

  3. keep up the great work tessa..
    You have to be the strongest person
    I know and so very honored to say
    You are my cousin.. Keep fighting
    With that beautiful smile you have
    And show others that you should
    Never give up

  4. Tessa you inspire me to be a better person . You are going to get through this and continue living your dreams ! God is taking care of you through all those physicians friends and family . I will pray for Tessa everyday.

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