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Additional Coverage Of The Dolphins 2015 Auditions

My co-conspirator David Tyau and I both traveled to Miami to cover the final day of the Dolphins grueling and dueling 2015 MDC audition selection process. Yes it takes two of us to cover that many beautiful and talented candidates in South Florida. Hopefully you saw David’s articulate write up and album on Friday, now it’s my turn to highlight these impressive young ladies as they join a very select sorority club.

The pyramid was extra tight this year as the squad is now 36 women compared to 44 in prior years. The ongoing stadium renovations probably stole some cheerleader field space.

Special kudos out to Jamie Quadrozzi, Ariana Aubert, and Ariann Denison for the fine work in organizing and presenting this great showcase. The choreography work by Brooke (Sorenson) Nix was excellent. Thanks to the MDC for the invitation to cover this very enjoyable peek into the inner workings of the annual showdown of candidates. Looking forward to opening night in August when the ladies lace up the boots. Fins Up.

Enjoy the photos in the attached album.

1 Alison


2 Jodi


3 raquel


4 Macy


5 Brooke


6 Jessica


7 Monica


8 Bobbie jean

Bobbie Jean–Rookie

9 Paige

Paige B.–Rookie

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