The Rams are on the Move

Well, it’s official. The St. Louis Rams are moving to Los Angeles. As a resident of Los Angeles, I am stoked! Jazzed! Thrilled, even. After all, it’s about flippin’ time the NFL came back to LA. We’ve been waiting for soooo long. More jobs for SoCal dancers – woot! I love it!

However, as a contributor to this blog, I know this is bittersweet. Sweet for LA, but very bitter for St. Louis. My heart aches for the current squad of Rams Cheerleaders, for the people who run the Cheerleaders program, and for all the little girls in St. Louis who dreamed of growing up to become one. It is a huge loss for them.

How this will work out all remains to be seen. How will the Rams Cheerleader program change here in LA? Will there be a new director? A new look? A whole new direction? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. After all, auditions must go on!

Here they were, the last time we saw them. What will the 2016 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders photo look like?

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