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Cheerleader Profile: Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Brittany

Meet Brittany, third year member of the Ladies of Ontario Fury.


Why did you become a professional cheerleader?

I’ve cheered and danced all my life so once it was time to make the transition from an adolescent all-star team, to the professional world, I was very excited and honored to be a part of such a great team in a very elite field!  Being a professional dancer is one of my greatest accomplishments and deepest passions!

What was your favorite experience as a professional cheerleader?

There’s no other adrenaline rush that can beat running onto the field with all of the fans cheering for you as you line up for the music to start, I love that of course!  But, I really enjoy our post game autograph sessions where I get to meet with our fans and connect on a personal level!

What is your favorite dance style?

I am the most trained and technically best at ballet, but I enjoy hip hop the most and it’s the most common in my industry!

What are the three words that describe you?

Passionate- I am consumed in doing the things I love with the utmost passion.
Dedicated- I am 100% committed and involved in everything I do to the end.
Playful- I am a girly girl and a tom boy all wrapped into one. I’m goofy and love adventure!

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I was painfully shy growing up and I was bullied.  Only because of pageants was I able to overcome these obstacles, helping me develop into an outgoing, brave woman today who is proud to be your Miss California United States 2015-2016!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I LOVE frozen yogurt, you can call me a yogurt snob! 😉  I know the best spots and I have a rewards card at all of them.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t live without WAZE!  With my very hectic lifestyle in LA, I rely on Waze to help me navigate my life on a timely schedule.

What is your motto to live by?

“She is clothed with dignity and strength, and laughs without fear of the future.”  Proverbs 31:25  I am a strong woman with integrity and have faith in God to take care of my life.

What advice would you tell someone who aspires to become a professional cheerleader?

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  It may not happen your first try, but a passionate person never gives up for what they truly want.  Stay in dance class and become knowledgeable in the industry.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years I see myself living in Malibu, married with 2-3 children.  I hope to have starred in a few major motion picture films and owning my own pageant system!


You can see Brittany and the rest of the Ladies of Ontario Fury at their next home game on February 13th at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.  For more information about the Ontario Fury, please visit their website here.

[Ladies of Ontario Fury]
[Ladies of Ontario Fury Facebook Page]

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