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We Catch Up With Some Of The Original Ram Cheerleaders

From CBS.com

The Rams are coming back to town. What better time to get re-acquainted with all things Rams — including the iconic cheerleaders?

Before there were Lakers Girls, there were Ram Cheerleaders.

CBS2’s Lisa Sigell recently sat down with some of the originals to look at the past and find out what they’re doing now.

And, of course, to also find out how they felt about the Rams coming back to Los Angeles.

They made headlines on and off the field.

The year was 1978. First, they were called the Sun Dancers. Then, the Embraceable Ewes.

Now, 38 years later, a mini-reunion for some of the girls.

A little older, a little wiser but they told Sigell, still pom-pom sisters.

She met up with Dee, Susan, Myra, Shawna and Melba.

David Mirisch, who created the group, showed Sigell the original applications.

The original squad also included Patty Kotero, aka Appollonia, Prince’s co-star in “Purple Rain.” Jenilee Harrison was another member. She went on to “Three’s Company.”

Mirish was a PR whiz who went straight to the Rams owner with the idea.

“I said, ‘Mr. Rosenbloom, we have the most beautiful women in the country. Why do we not a professional cheerleading team?’ His answerwas simple, he said, David go do it.”

The original call yieled 805 women who tried out. And like a proud papa, his camera captured every moment. Among the judging panel — Wilt Chamberlain and our own Jim Hills, CBS2 Sports anchor and former NFL player.

“That year, we were looking for the most beautiful women,” he said, “with the best personalities.”

From 805, he whittled the group down to 50 and then the final few.

The original costumes were a bit skimpy and many of the cheerleaders worried about wardrobe malfunctions.

Said Melba, “My dad is going to kill me with all these boobs out.”

The bottoms didn’t cover much more.

“I just remember wearing them and my little rear end cheeks hanging out,” said Shawna.

Still, the women loved the excitement and the glam that show business afforded them.

They appeared on “The Tonight Show,” opened for the Rolling Stones, the Super Bowl.

“Being a part of the Rams Cheerleaders,” said Susan James, “it opened a lot of doors for me, and I have friendships forever.”

They wouldn’t mind pulling out the pom-poms for another go-round.

In fact, Mirish loves the idea.

“If there was a senior Rams Cheerleaders squad, I think they could definitely do it,” he said.

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