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Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Charger Girls

Up next in our tour of NFL cheerleading squads is the Charger Girls, a squad near and dear to my heart.  As a former long time Chargers season ticket holder, I am quite fond of the squad and have many good memories driving down to San Diego to watch them perform.  So, let’s take a look at this year’s group of Charger Girls as they performed during their Week 2 preseason game against the visiting Seattle Seahawks.  Click here to view the Chargers gallery of images from the game.

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Houston Texans Cheerleaders

We continue our coverage of Week 2 of the NFL Preseason with some images of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders.  Click here to view a gallery of images from their game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Carolina TopCats

Our coverage of the NFL Preseason Week 2 continues with our first look at the Carolina TopCats.  Click here to view a gallery of images from the game.


Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Fourth Year Paige Is A Dolphins Line Captain This Season

A while back Paige gave up possible frostbite as a NHL Florida Panthers Ice Dancer to risk sunburn as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. A gain for the NFL and South Florida sports fanatics. Our chat with Paige:

UC: Paige, welcome to Ultimate Cheerleaders. Let’s begin by introducing yourself to our readers.

Hello! My name is Paige. I’m from Jupiter, FL. This is my fourth year as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and my first year as a Captain.

UC: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are well known for their charity and community initiatives. Do you have a favorite?

My favorite charity event that the Miami Dolphins participate in is the Dolphins Cancer Challenge. It’s a cause that I relate to on a personal level as my father is a colon and liver cancer survivor. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing our community come together to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

UC: Can you express the emotions experienced in performing as a Dolphins Cheerleader on such a large stage as Hard Rock Stadium?

Honestly, the game day “feels” cannot be put into words. It’s the most exhilarating feeling as we walk onto the field after hours, days, months of preparation for that exact moment. Hard Rock Stadium is our home and seeing all of our hard work pay off by the smiles on our fans faces as they enjoy the hometown experience is the fuel that keeps our energy so high.

UC: The Dolphins are well known for traveling internationally to visit USA troops, why is that so important?

Before I went on my first tour four years ago to Guantanamo Bay, I was told that tours would change my life. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but I couldn’t wait to experience and understand exactly what our alumni/staff meant by that statement. Meeting the men and women that sacrifice their lives for us every day was such a surreal moment. Seeing the other side of FaceTimes, being on the opposite side of phone calls, seeing the lives they live compared to the freedom we have at home is eye opening. We spend our time on base by not only bringing a piece of home to our troops with NFL Cheerleader performances but we connect on personal levels, creating friendships and lending an ear or shoulder when needed. After being deployed for months/years, our troops thank us for bringing the comfort of home to their bases. It’s a fulfilling feeling leaving a base knowing that you’ve left an imprint on someone’s life; even if it’s a picture taken or signed, a deep conversation or a smile/laugh shared, I am honored to be part of an organization that can give back to the men and women who give everything to ensure we can continue to live our lives freely.

UC: Dolphins cheerleaders are photographed thousands of times. In typical MDC style of going bigger and better the Swimsuit Calendar is now an Annual Book. Excited about your participation?

The Annual just blew me away last year. Especially because we shot all around the Florida Keys, really pinpointing all of the beautiful attractions the Keys have to offer. I was honored to be a part of the Annual last year and what made it so special was that all of the proceeds were donated to the relief fund for Hurricane Irma. I love the change of direction the team is taking annually. I do feel like it is very different from any other NFL organization and as we continue to grow every year, I cannot even imagine how original and eye catching the book will be this year. I am counting down the days until the official release date!

UC: One thing DolFans would be surprised to learn about is….?

One thing DolFans would be surprised to know is that besides cheering on game days and our involvement with our troops, we have three different committees that our squad is involved with. My favorite is the philanthropic committee. A group of us girls gather together and brainstorm ideas of how we can give back to the community. We reach out to charities and follow events that allow us to be involved and educate our squad as we rally up a crew to participate in as many charitable events as possible.

UC: Paige please pass our thanks along to your Manager Jamie Quadrozzi for allowing our Blog readers the opportunity to visit behind the “smiles” with such incredible Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Captains. Have a great season.




Paige (click to enlarge)


NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Our good friends at the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders let us know that they had posted a gallery of images from their first home game of the season.  You can see the gallery here.  And let’s take our first look at the 2018-2019 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

Dance pants?  Wha?

Hey now, Viktor the Viking…look out!

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders

This has been an eventful year in the NFL with respect to their cheerleaders and in a first, the Los Angeles Rams select two males for their cheerleading squad.  So let’s take a look at the new look Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.  Click here to see the Rams Cheerleaders huge game day gallery.

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

Etta, Line Captain For The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

UC: Etta, welcome to Ultimate Cheerleaders. Tell our readers about yourself, especially what a Florida dancer you are!

Hola! Etta here! I’m originally from Winter Park Florida, but I moved to West Palm Beach for college in 2007 and have been in South Florida ever since! I got my bachelors degree in dance performance from Palm Beach Atlantic University and have been a full-time dance teacher at Mizfit, Inc for the last seven years. Other than dancing, I’m most passionate about my family and my faith. I’m also a crazy cat lady and rescued a kitten about two years ago. I named him Finn, after the only undefeated team in the NFL of course. FINS UP!

UC: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are well known for their charity and community initiatives, do you have a favorite involvement?

Candidly, I can’t say that one charity event or community initiative is my favorite. Each time I’ve been involved in an appearance of this nature, I’m swept away by the gratitude of the recipients and how much my time with them humbles me. Last September, we volunteered at a Red Cross shelter for an Irma relief project in Miami and I was completely blown away at how positive and gracious the occupants were. As we handed out supplies and meals to them, their hope brought me so much joy and faith in humanity. It’s moments like this that remind me that our community and loving one another are truly one of the most important aspects of being a cheerleader. During a more recent appearance at Park Summit Veterans Club, I was privileged to hear the stories of former United States military men talk about their experiences. I was in tears learning about their fearless commitment to defend our country, even as they nearly starved to death as prisoners of war. Not only does my job make me proud to work for the Dolphins, but has made me even prouder to be an American.

UC: Can you express the emotions experienced in performing as a Dolphins Cheerleader at Hard Rock Stadium?

Over the last four years as a Dolphins cheerleader, the emotions I experience when I perform in the stadium have grown exponentially. I’ve had butterflies in my stomach before every game and loved every minute of cheering on the field. However, as a rookie I felt more of a personal sense of accomplishment. As a 4th year veteran and captain on the squad, my emotions are much deeper. I have a greater sense of pride for my team and feel honored to cheer in each game. As soon as I’m on that field, I feel like I’m truly at home and there is nowhere else I’d rather be dancing.

UC: The Dolphins are well known for traveling internationally to visit USA troops, what did you learn on your multiple trips.

I’ve learned that what makes our country so great is not our accomplishments, but how we rise up from tragedies. Being able to personally say thank you to the men and women who are the very heart of us rising up is the very least we can do. To be able to bring a small piece of home to the service men and women who bear the sacrifices day after day is truly an honor.

UC: Can you reveal any secrets about this year’s Annual?

I’m SO excited about my team’s participation in the Annual! Even though I haven’t seen any behind the scenes results yet, the direction we are going had such a positive and aspirational vibe. I can’t wait to show all of you what we’ve been working on. This year, we are really showcasing the unique personalities of the individual cheerleaders and it’s not just about getting one perfect bikini shot. While we are passionate about fitness and living healthy lifestyles, there are a lot more attributes that make us who we are. I think you’ll get to see that a lot more in this year’s Annual.

UC: One thing DolFans would be surprised to learn about is….?

I think Dolfans would be surprised to learn about how diverse and talented all my teammates truly are! Aside from representing so many different counties, the girls on my squad are so talented. I keep learning new things about them that inspire and motivate me every day. It’s really a privilege to dance beside them every night and every game.

UC: Thank you Etta, looking forward to covering you in September.




Etta(click to enlarge)

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

In Week 2 of the NFL Preseason, the Tennessee Titans played the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers in another “practice” game.  The Bucs stormed out to a 20 – 7 half time, largely due to two Jameis Winston touchdown passes.  And then the scrubs came into finish the game…that’s the nature of preseason.  Final score, Bucs -30, Titans – 14.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of this game, it was our first opportunity to see the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders in action!  Click here to view the Titans’ game day gallery.

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

Our Week 2 coverage of the NFL Preseason continues with the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.  They have a brand new stadium and a good team, so this year’s prospects for the Atlanta Falcons are good.  Click here to view a gallery of images from their Week 2 game against the Chiefs.

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

NFL Preseason Week 2 – The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

I play fantasy football (two time defending champions…yeah, baby!) and I like to watch a lot of preseason football to try to glean a bit of intel regarding the upcoming season…for example, how will new QB Alex Smith fit in D.C. or what are the prospects of rookie RB Derrius Guice.   Well the jury is still out on Smith, but I think I have all I need to know about Guice…more specifically, Guice’s knee…sorry Redskins fans.

Well there wasn’t a lot to learn in Week 2…there never is, except for S.E.I.’s, but one thing I learned is that the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders are in mid-season form.  And if you don’t believe me, click here to see for yourself.