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NFL Regular Season Week 4 – The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Week 4 of the NFL regular season will be remembered for the number of close games decided by a touchdown or less…there were nine, if you are counting.  And three of those games went into overtime.  Our next game highlight is one of those overtime contests and it featured a unique symmetry. 

The Houston Texans visited the Indianapolis Colts, looking for their first win of the season and they got it in a unique way.  If you look at the box score, you will see that the first and second half scoring were mirror images of each other.  In the first half, the Texans scored 21 points versus 10 points for the Colts.  In the second half the Colts scored 21 points versus 10 points for the Texans and the game went into overtime where both teams traded field goals before the visitors scored one final field goal to win the game.  Final score: Texans – 37 (21+10+6), Colts – 34 (10+21+3).

Since this game was played in Indiana, the Colts Cheerleaders were there to cheer on the home team.  So here are some select photos from the Colts game day gallery and if you want to see them all, click here.


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