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Check Out the Latest Episode of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast – Work: Being a Pro Cheerleader in the Workplace

Work: Being a Pro Cheerleader in the Workplace

Escape the mid-week slump and tune in to Mhkeeba and Brittany, two former Seattle Sea Gals, as they discuss how they balanced their lives as pro cheerleaders with their careers – from the white lies they told to escape work to participate in promo appearances to not being taken seriously in their 9 to 5 roles. Whether balancing a few part-time jobs or tackling the corporate world, all pro cheerleaders and dancers need to have solid income to support their dreams of dancing. This episode explores how pro cheerleaders tackle difficult workplace issues such as sexual harassment and issues with difficult managers.

Cheer Chat is a very unfortunate announcement of yet another team removing their female dance team to be replaced with a coed hip hop crew – the Orlando Magic. The day before this episode launched the Philadelphia Sixers also announced the elimination of the all female Sixers Dancers to be replaced by a coed hip hop team, which brings the grand total to six NBA teams including the San Antonio Spurs! During Locker Talk the ladies reminisce on some of the craziest things they have had to do at work in order to arrive at dance practice, a game or an appearance all glammed up!

Click here to listen to the latest episode of the Pro Cheerleader Podcast.  Please support their efforts by listening to their podcast and be sure to check out their prior episodes for a unique take on professional cheerleading.

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