Listen to the Latest Pro Cheerleading Podcast – Mean Gurl: How To Deal With Mean Girls On The Squad

Mean Gurl: How To Deal With Mean Girls On The Squad

Brittany and Mhkeeba take on the difficult, but very real, topic of mean girls on pro cheerleading teams. The ladies know all too well that it’s not always peaches and cream in terms of squad dynamics. They explore what defines mean girl behavior and how it shows up in the pro cheerleading world based on their own experiences and those of their listeners who wrote in questions and topics for the episode. The ladies discuss why mean girls even exist in the first place and conclude with some sound advice for dancers, squad leaders and even directors on how to deal with mean girls on the squad. This week’s Cheer Chat includes the latest update on NBA auditions and discuss a cool appearance by the Jacksonville Jaguars Roar cheerleaders performing with Sonny Kiss, a pro wrestler from All Elite Wrestling. Survey results have been steadily pouring in so Mhkeeba and Brittany share some of the highlights from the feedback from their listeners. During Locker Talk, the ladies bravely share their own mean girl confessions and give advice on how everyone can strive to do better to eliminate mean girl behavior in their lives.

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