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Charger Girls Photos from Week 1

The cosmic balance in the world was disrupted last Sunday when the Charger Girls debuted new alternate uniforms.  Now, I am a firm believer that the traditional Charger Girl uniform is a classic and you don’t mess with something that successful.  So I was a little confused and disappointed when I saw these new alternate uniforms.  To me, they seem more appropriate and similar to practice attire that I have seen on other NFL squads, but I suspect this is a just a part of a trend in the NFL.

These new alternate uniforms are lacking in the glamour department in my opinion, but then again, I am not a big fan of the color rush uniforms the players wear.  That’s just me.

I will let you judge for yourself.  Click here to view the Chargers gallery of images from last Sunday and I encourage you to post your thoughtful and reasoned comments below. 

2 comments to Charger Girls Photos from Week 1

  • keef666

    When i first saw this outfit, i also said oh my what have you done!, I don’t what it is at the moment about NFL cheerleader squads and the need to go the hip hop look, and of course down the road with adding blokes. I would like to hear the thoughts from some of the ladies who had uniform updates or blokes added to the squad, to know where we are headed in another couple of years?