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Check Out the Latest Episode of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast – Bounce Back: Interview with Derric Whitfield

In this week’s episode, Brittany and Mhkeeba interview the infamous Derric Whitfield, Sr. Director of Dance Teams for the Washington Wizards!  Both ladies learned and performed his killer routines that he taught at the two biggest dance conventions in pro cheerleading and have been huge fans ever since.  Listen in to hear all about his background as a college and pro dancer, pro cheerleading industry choreographer, and highly respected leader of all of the entertainment teams for the Washington Wizards.  Derric ends the interview with Drop It Like It’s Hot so everyone can get the chance to get to know him better! 

During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss an article from The Dallas Morning News by Sharon Grigsby attacking the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as outdated and overly sexualized along with the ultimate clap back article from Paige Skinner in the Dallas Observer pointing out its absurdity.

Click here to listen to this episode of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast.

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