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Change Clothes: Interview with Laurel Cancilla, Owner of The Stretch and Sparkle Store

Meet the amazing woman behind all of the glitzy and glamorous uniforms for the Seattle Sea Gals and Seahawks Dancers, Laurel Cancilla! Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Laurel to learn about her long tenure designing and creating the most beautiful handmade uniforms and audition attire. The ladies also get her perspective on some of the newer fashion trends in pro cheerleading uniforms. Laurel shares a shocking Locker Talk story that the ladies would have never guessed in a million years!

During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss the announcement of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing in the Super Bowl halftime show in Miami and the Arizona Sidewinders earning Best Dance Team Award by the Indoor Football League. In not so good news, the ladies discuss the decision by the professional club basketball team in Germany, Alba Berlin, to eliminate their pro cheerleading team, the Alba Dancers, with the explanation that the all female squad “is no longer appropriate to our time.” Mhkeeba and Brittany share their thoughts on how the trends they have been seeing in the U.S. to eliminate all female pro cheerleading and dance teams is making its way across the globe.

To listen to this episode of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast, click here.

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