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Charger Girls Photos from Week 9

The unexpected happened last Sunday as the Los Angeles Chargers thoroughly dominated the visiting Green Bay Packers for a 26 – 11 victory.  It wasn’t that the Chargers won the game that was so unexpected.  No, it was they way in which the Chargers won that was so surprising.  A dominating defense held the vaunted Packers offense to a season worst performance largely by limiting Aaron Rodgers and holding them to a meager 45 yards rushing.  Additionally, the Chargers offense was able to move the ball effectively against the Packers all day long, scoring two touchdowns and four field goals.

This was also the Chargers’ Salute to Service celebration and the Charger Girls wore their traditional military themed uniforms, the absolute best in the NFL, to honor the occasion.  Click here to view the Chargers gallery of images from last Sunday.

2 comments to Charger Girls Photos from Week 9

  • Edward Lozano

    As amazing as these photos are, Mr.Tyau; I miss seeing the photos that YOU took, especially on special game days like the Salute to Service game and the Christmas game (I always seem to believe that the Charger Girl blue outfit for the Christmas game is THE best in the NFL.

  • Thanks for the kind comments. I really miss going to Charger games and being able to photograph the lovely Charger Girls from my seats. That is no longer possible since the move to Los Angeles due to the seating configuration and the more restrictive camera policy. I can honestly say that the move to Los Angeles for the Chargers has been mostly negative, especially the effect on the fan base. A shame, really.

    If you want to check out more of my old cheerleader photography, you can see more at my personal website: https://thehottestdanceteam.wordpress.com/.