2017-2018 LadyCATS Dance Team Auditions


Sunday, August 6,2017
Registration: 1:30 p.m., Auditions :2:00 p.m.
Location: 1249 Metropolitan Parkway Ga.30310

Early Registration
$30 Registration Fee


Must be at least 18 years of age by November 1,2017
Must have a part-time, or full-time job or be a college or professional student.
Must be able to attend rehearsals at least 2 days a week.

What to wear to Open Call:

Hair and make-up should be done.
A two-piece outfit (crop top/sports bra, shorts/briefs) with flesh-colored tights/nylons. Please no lingerie.
Any shoe you are comfortable dancing in (no bare feet).

Must have the following on day of Auditions :

– Photo
–  $40 Registration Fee (cash only) at the door
– Application & Waiver – Download & Print
– Copy of Driver’s License
– Resume
– Makeup/hair products for touch-up

 What We Are Looking For:
• Showmanship, energy and personality
• Professionalism and maturity
• Dance technique and style
• Commitment to the job
• Physical fitness and personal appearance
• Positive attitude and teamwork skills

Jacksonville Axe Maidens Selected for New Teams

Our good friend Darlene, who directs the Jacksonville Axe Maidens, wrote to us with some great news about Alumni and Veteran Axe Maidens being selected for new teams.


Veterans Carolyn, Natalie, Courtney and Sara-Marie were selected to the Jacksonville Jewels (ABA Jacksonville Giants)





Veteran Ashley P. was recently selected to the Shark Attack Dance Team (AFL Jacksonville Sharks)

2008 Alumni Micah was selected to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

2010 Alumni Hilary is a rookie on the ROAR of the Jaguars joining 2010 Alumni Marisa who is in her 3rd season on the ROAR.

[Jacksonville Axe Maidens]

San Diego Surfettes Announce Auditions; Former NBA & AFL Dancer Rachel Vicknair to Direct

Rachel Vicknair is the new San Diego Surfettes Director and Choreographer and comes to the Surf with over 5 years of professional sports entertainment experience as a former dancer in the NBA and AFL. She has over 28 total years of dance experience and has danced professionally in commercials, TV, film, variety shows, and promotional tours. She has done feature work in numerous TV projects and feature films and was a cast member of the Style Network show, “The Amandas” in 2012. She also holds the title of 2011 Ms. New Orleans and 2011 Ms. Louisiana State.

Rachel is originally from New Orleans, LA and possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance and Health Promotion with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. She is currently the International Sales Executive for a beauty and skincare company based in Southern California.

[Surfette Audition Registration]

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Former Miami Heat Dance Team Captain Joins the ABA South Florida Gold Professional Basketball Team as Vice President of Dance Team Operations

South Florida Gold Basketball, the newest American Basketball Professional Team to come to South Florida, Announced the hire of former Miami Heat Dance Team Captain Shawn Sherlock. As the new VP of Dance Team Operations, Shawn will direct and choreograph dance team routines and promotions for the squad. The announcement was made this week by Michale Watson, CEO and Owner, of South Florida Gold.

“I am so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful group of individuals within this newly formed organization. I can’t wait til opening night when the new Dance Team hits the floor for the first time”, says Shawn.

Shawn was born in Clearwater, Fla., but spent most of her youth in Atlanta, Georgia. After attending the infamous Northside School of the Arts, she started out her career as a dancer joining the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team. After two seasons with Hawks, she set her sights on South Florida and took on the role of Dance Team Captain with the Miami Heat. That’s when she was asked to dance alongside pop-icon Prince. Shawn stepped off the court for a few years to pursue her lifelong dream as a reporter and earned her B.A. degree at Florida State University. Over the next 8 years, she worked on air in three major markets, including ABC, CBS and CNN’s affiliate Bay News 9. The last several years, she’s been part of a major Fortune 500 organization in sales. A recent chance call led her to accepting the new role with the South Florida Gold as VP of Dance Team Operations.

“There is so much potential here in this area for a families and sports fans to go see true professional sports up close. It’s a perfect fit for a fan to come watch something special. It’s a great chance our dancers to perform live and enjoy a true team experience from the ground up”, says Shawn.

Arriving from different directions, valuable Jewels Allie and Deonna adorn the Jacksonville Giants’ sidelines

Only a few months in Jacksonville, and already rookie Deonna is a sidelines star

One Jewel is from just south of town and has been dancing for the squad’s coach for as long as she can remember. Another Jewel has lived in cities farther to the north, and has only started dance training in the last few years. However, Allie and Deonna share an unbridled enthusiasm for both dance and their Jacksonville Jewels Dance Team. Allie and Deonna shared with UltimateCheerleaders their routes to Jacksonville, and what draws them be part of the Jacksonville Giants ABA team, an organization known for their ABA championship and consistent winning ways since they were formed.

Second-year veteran Allie is a lifelong Floridian, with a long history with Pam Masters, Coach of the Jacksonville Jewels Dance Team. “I have actually been dancing with Miss Pam since I was five,” Allie, a Saint Augustine native, recalled. “I danced for an ABA team that was here about four years ago, the Jacksonville Jam, and then when I heard about the Giants’ first season, I was really excited and thought I would try out again. And then when I found out Miss Pam as the coach, it was just a perfect match.”

Pam, known as Miss Pam to her students, IS dance in Saint Augustine, and the northern coast of Florida in general. Pam is Owner/Director of Showtime USA, and as Allie explained prior to a Giants home game, “Actually Showtime is the halftime act tonight, and I danced with Showtime my whole life.” Regarding Miss Pam’s and Showtime’s importance in local dance, Allie stated, “It’s kind of the place to be. Miss Pam is the one, definitely.”

Second year vet Allie has been dancing for Miss Pam Masters since before Pam was born

Allie explained the reason for Pam’s success as, “She knows what she wants, and she is really good at pushing us to get there. She is awesome. She is actually, to me, my second mom. I’ve grown up with her.”

Allie moved to Jacksonville from Saint Augustine to attend the University of North Florida. After receiving her degree in Public Relations, Allie has had a wide range of experience in PR, including working for the Giants last season as Public and Community Relations Coordinator. Allie has also worked in marketing for the Wounded Warrior Project, in addition to marketing, advertising, brand development, special event planning, and fund raising for varied groups.

On the other hand, Jewel Deonna is not only new to Florida; she is pretty new to studying dance too! Originally from Atlanta, Deonna just moved to Jacksonville in June. Deonna attended Savannah State University in Georgia as an undergraduate, receiving a degree in Computer Information Systems. Then, Deonna went to graduate school at North Carolina A&T State University, studying Industrial Technology. Deonna was working in Charlotte before her recent move to Jacksonville.

Deonna explained, “I work for Wells Fargo, I’m an Information Security Analyst.” Hmm, interesting Deonna. If someone, say myself, was trying to refinance a home mortgage, couldn’t you just go into the system and knock a couple percentages off my current rate? Please! “I don’t work on the mortgage side,” Deonna patiently detailed. “I just make sure that all your ATMs and everything stay up so you can get your money.” And that is wonderful Deonna, but refinancing is like a never ending scavenger hunt. Can’t you just log in, and, voila, presto chango? I beg of you! “I don’t want to lose my job,” laughed Deonna. Good answer Deonna; I guess. Sigh.

With her analytical side all developed, Deonna decided to add dance to her life’s program relatively recently. “I have been dancing for almost two years, so I am a late bloomer,” Deonna shared. “I just started really simply, taking classes, when I was in Charlotte. One day, I said, ‘You know what? I am just going to get up and I am going to go for it, that is something that I have wanted to do for a while,’ and I just got up and did it.”

And her interest in all aspects of the pro dance experience is what drew Deonna to the Giants and Jewels. “Even before I even moved here, I was looking at dance teams that I wanted to try out for,” Deonna said, “and what drew me to the Jewels is the fact that I see the Jewels, and the Giants organization as a whole, as very family friendly. They do a lot of work in the community and I really, really love that, because dancing is really wonderful, but I like things on the humanitarian level. So that is one of the things that drew me to the team.”

Certainly the players for the Giants have big league dreams, and so must the Jewels, one might assume. Nope, both Allie and Deonna like it just fine being part of the Jewels, and are not looking to move on.

That is another common trait Allie and Deonna share, even though Jewel Allie is a Floridian who has been polishing her dance skills with Miss Pam since she was young, whereas Jewel Deonna is from out of state and, until a couple of years ago, was a ‘diamond in the rough’ in her dance skills. Now, both are part of treasure trove of sparkling Jewels on the sidelines. And if the past is any indication, with the Giants on-court future as secure as the systems Deonna serves as an analyst, Allie may have to plan for the special event when the Giants bring home another ABA championship. No matter what, the Jewels certainly must be contenders for ABA’s most elite dance team.

And now, if only my mortgage miraculously refinanced itself, we’d all be winners….

Many many many thanks to Pam Masters and the Jewels for all their assistance, and especially to Allie and Deonna for taking some of their valuable time to share their thoughts with UltimateCheerleaders! Deonna had just been at the site right before I had spoken to her, and I thank her for her support and feedback!

More photos of Allie and Deonna are at this link

The priceless Jewels provide winning entertainment for the ABA’s defending champs Jacksonville Giants


I am not sure what their formula is, but whatever the ABA’s Jacksonville Giants are doing, they have found a powerful potion that Ponce De Leon would travel miles to pursue. In less than three years as an organization, not only are they defending ABA champs, the Giants remain undefeated this season. You see, they only average a meer 139 points per game, while holding their opponents scoring on average to 103. The Giants are not only undefeated this season and defending champs, Jax has not lost a regular season game in their history. Besides their winning success on the court, the Giants are doing it major-league style, playing in Jacksonville’s premier indoor arena and also with local TV and radio game coverage.

So it is consistent that Pam Master’s entertainment squads also are truly major league in their performance, including the the Jewels dance team. The priceless Jewels not only dance on the sidelines, they have a dunking squad that is miraculous, and even have their own calendar. And, maybe it is just me, but the Jewels look like they were cast from Hollywood Studios down the road. I see 70’s era look-a-likes for icons Marcia Brady and Pam Grier, a Carrie Underwood stand-in, plus others. If they ever need to cast another Charlie’s Angels movie, I think the Jewels would be a good place to start.

Bonnie Jean
Getting ready to do some dunking!

Much more information about the Jewels is at this link. Click on “Continue” below for more squad photos, and there are more within the gallery at this link.

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The perfect gift for Jacksonville’s Giant sports fans? Jewels, of course!

The Jacksonville Giants are not only the defending ABA champions, their Jewels dance team also is championship caliber. Under the guidance of Pam Masters, Coach of the Jacksonville Jewels Dance Team, in addition to being Owner/Director of Showtime USA, the Jewels are a big part of game night for the Giants. Last Friday night during the Giants home game, Pam’s various dance teams entertained from start to finish. In upcoming features, we will learn more about the Jewels with photos and interviews, but for now, how about a little Christmas card full of Jewels!

More photos are at the “continue link” below and an extensive list of photos are here at this link

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Auditions Announced for the Portsmouth Cavaliers ABA Semi-Pro Dance Team

Laura Eilers, former Chiefs and Rams Cheerleader, in addition to being the reigning Ms. United States (!), lets us know that auditions are coming up for the Portsmouth Cavaliers Dance Team.

The American Basketball Association features local men’s basketball talent and focuses on community and team spirit! The ladies selected to represent the Portsmouth Cavaliers will cheer on the sidelines, dance at halftime, greet fans, and perform in the community.

Online applications should be submitted by noon on September 22, 2011. If you do not apply online, you may download the application and bring it to the audition.

Candidates must be 17 years of age or older on or before November 5, 2011. There is no maximum age to audition.

Rehearsals are Thursday nights beginning in October and for one-hour just prior to games. There will be occasional additional rehearsals. The dance team performs at 12 home games on Saturdays and occasional Sundays. Please see the game schedule on the application site.

Visit the official application site for additional FAQs, including audition material and attire, at http://www.cavsauditions.eventbrite.com/.

Audition Alert! (Northern California)

Audition for the Richmond Rockets Dance Team!

Here is your opportunity to dance and cheer in the realm of professional sports in the American Basketball Association with the Richmond Rockets Dance Team. [Richmond Rockets]

The Richmond Rockets Dance Team will be comprised of beautiful, competent and sophisticated women who will represent the the team as well as the City of Richmond. We are looking for highly talented women over the age of 18 years from around the Bay Area to become the inaugural members of the Richmond Rockets Dance Team.

The dance team will entertain Rockets fans at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center during the 2011-2012 ABA season. In addition to game day performances, the dance team will be part of many personal appearances and promotions throughout the course of the year.

Saturday, September 10 Preliminary dance audition
Sunday, September 11, Interviews and finals dance audition


UFC Gym, 1975 Diamond Blvd, Concord, CA 94520

$30.00 per person, advance registration encouraged
$35.00 per person, on-site registration

Click here for additional details.

Cheering on the Jacksonville Giants

The St. Augustine Record
January 30, 2011

The new ABA basketball team, The Jacksonville Giants, has held auditions for their official dance team.

Many St. Augustine residents are members of this new team called The Jacksonville Jewels. Ages average between 18 and 24. They also have a junior dance, Jacksonville Gems, that includes dancers from 7th through 12th grade.

These new teams are coached by Pamela Masters and practice weekly for their weekend games. They perform new halftime routines at each game, dance to sideliners during the entire game, and perform center court between media timeouts and quarters.

The Jacksonville Jewels have the following girls on the team:

Hannah Perry, a member of Showtime USA and former cheerleader at Crescent City High School.

Summer Worthington, a former member of the Ja’Quettes dance team at SAHS and currently attending St. Johns River State College.

Katie Morris, technique teacher at Showtime USA, she danced for the semi-pro Orlando Predators AFL dance team along with for her college UCF Knight Moves dance team where she was a captain for two years — Katie also graduated from UCF with a degree in finance.

Ali Oliver, former St. Joe cheerleader and MHS Magic dancer.

Allie Schmidt, a former MHS Magic dancer, SAHS Ja’Quette, and a current Showtime alumni who recently graduated from UNF with a degree in communications.

Rhiannon Kirkland, former Sunbeams dancer for the Jacksonville Suns and Middleburg cheerleader.

Rachael Slayman, a member of Showtime USA and former MHS Magic dancer.

Michelle Woods, a member of Showtime USA and former MHS Magic dancer.

Taylor Brown, a member of Showtime USA, former member of MHS Magic, currently a track and field athlete, and gymnastics athlete.

Saniece Anderson, a former student from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

Shelby Mayo, a member of Showtime USA, former SAHS cheerleader, and former MHS Magic dancer, she is currently a track and field athlete and teaches at Island Gymnastics.

Every home game is televised on CW 17.

The Jacksonville Giants are undefeated.

Call 794-2284 for team information or go to www.jacksonvillegiants.com.

Audition for the Chicago Steam Dance Team!

The Chicago Steam is a franchise of the American Basketball Association and is based in the Chicago Southland. The team played its first season in 2008, and this year they’re adding a dance team to their organization. Get ready, because auditions are THIS WEEKEND.


Calling all Dancers, Cheerleaders, & Models!
We are holding auditions (part 2) for the Chicago Steam Dance Team

  • Perform for Chicago Steam Basketball team(s) home games!
  • Make personal appearances throughout the community!
  • Receive dance training!
  • Bring smiles to fans of all ages!
  • Make new and lifelong friends!

Auditions will take place on Sunday January 31st 2010 @ 2:30pm
Registration begins at 2:15
Location: South Suburban College (Physical Fitness Center)
15800 State Street, South Holland, IL

What to Bring

  • Photo ID and a copy for our records.
  • Two photos of yourself: a head-shot/photo (4×6 or larger), and a full length body photo. (Photos will not be returned)
  • Completed application form. Applications can be obtained by emailing Candace Marquez (Dance Director/Coach) and Brittany Beach (Co-Dance Director/Coach) at chicagosteamdancers@gmail.com
  • Participants may register at the door for a registration fee of $10 (cash only).
  • Professional and/or dance resumes will be accepted along with a completed audition application, but ARE NOT required.

General Information & Requirements:

  • Candidates must be at least (21) years of age and must be a high school graduate or have a GED by the audition date in order to participate. No exceptions will be made.
  • There is no maximum age limit and we do not have a weight or height requirement. But must be height/weight proportionate/attractive!
  • Auditions will NOT be open for public viewing. Only participants and authorized personnel will be permitted into the audition facility. FAMILY & FRIENDS CANNOT ATTEND AUDITIONS!
  • Candidates must live in (or relocate to) the Chicagoland area and have reliable transportation.
  • Candidates must be available for all rehearsals, Chicago Steam promotional appearances, and home games.

Attire & Appearance

  • Wear ALL BLACK workout attire (yoga pants, tanks and/or sports bras, clothing should be form fitting)
  • Wear non-marking dance/tennis shoes (any color)
  • Your outfit should compliment your figure (should not include rhinestones/glitter, etc).
  • Your hair MUST be styled and make-up should be done in a “glamourous” fashion.
  • A neat and polished appearance is best…. BE “performance” ready!!!

What to Expect
Be prepared to perform your own dance routine (45 seconds to a 1 minute maximum), music will be provided. The dance segment is to showcase your personal style or special talents. Also, a Q&A segment will take place with a small panel of judges. Tabulations will be made throughout the day and possibly two rounds of eliminations will take place. All dancers must be teachable, prompt, responsible, energetic and dedicated. You will be judged by your poise, confidence, dance ability, showmanship, appearance, application and level of physical fitness. By the end of the day, the Final Chicago Steam Dancers will be selected (unless announced otherwise).