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Halloween Cheerleader Photos from Around the Internet

It’s a wonderful time of the year with the rare confluence of professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey.  One thing all these sports have in common is…cheerleaders.  And Halloween brings out the best in terms of fun and creativity.  So let’s take a look at what our beloved cheerleaders and dancers are doing to celebrate this venerable and festive holiday.

Isn’t social media wonderful?

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Congratulations 2015 Allen Americans Ice Angels!

AAIA 2015

Click here to check out photos from this year’s auditions on the AAIA Facebook page.
Top row (L-R): Brooklyn*, Jamie, Haley, Director Stephanie DiBiase-Wheat, alumnus Sasha Sessums, Jessica, Cassie, Kayla
Middle row: Kelli, Amy A., Vivian*, Elise, Stashia
Bottom row: Britnai, Amy K.*, Laura, Somer, Kelsey*


Allen Americans Ice Angels Rookie Hopefuls


[Ice Angels on Twitter]

Former Colts Cheerleader and Ice Angel Tessa continuing progress from stroke

Seven months ago, former Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader and Allen American Ice Angel Tessa experienced a debilitating stroke in her sleep. At age 28, Tessa could not speak and her right side was completely paralyzed.

We cheer on Tessa’s great progress so far, and will continue to cheer on Tessa as long as she needs it! Here is an update from a “GoFundMe” set up to help Tessa.

First and foremost, Tessa wants to thank everyone for all the support you have shown these past few months. Whether it has been financial or in spirit, she has been beyond blessed to have received them all.

Tessa, as we have been blessed enough to witness, has made unbelievable progress. She finished her in-patient therapy in Bloomington IN, began treatment with world renowned Anat Baniel in California, and is continuing the neuromovement therapy back in Dallas.

With all these blessings being counted, it is with a humble and grateful heart that we are asking for your help. With this type of treatment we know comes great financial stress. This is a stress we can carry FOR Tessa. This is how we can all be Tessa Strong too.

Tessa is fighting (and kicking butt) at a battle that would break even the strongest of us. I ask we continue to rally together for this beautiful soul by giving $1, $5, $10, $20. You can make a difference & continue to follow her journey! THANK YOU!

Photo of the Day – June 15


Former Tampa Bay Lightning Girl and Allen Americans Ice Angel Brooklyn’s teams are having great seasons. Their “Cups runneth over”! The Americans won their third straight ECHL Kelly Cup and the Lightning will try to extend the Stanley Cup tonight

Photo of the Day – May 14

The Allen Americans of the ECHL host game 1 of the  Western Conference Finals this weekend.  Here is Ice Angels captain Yijiao during  game last season

The Allen Americans of the ECHL host game 1 of the Western Conference Finals this weekend. Here is Ice Angels captain Yijiao during a game last season

Allen Americans Ice Angels 2014 Christmas Performance

The Ice Angels are choreographed by Stephanie DiBiase-Wheat.

[Ice Angels on Facebook]

Prayers and contributions aiding former Colts Cheerleader and Ice Angel Tessa’s recovery from stroke

Tessa cheering for the Colts in 2008; Now, we are cheering you on Tessa!

From the Allen Americans blog:

Natessa (Tessa) David is a former Ice Angel and Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Candidate. Tessa cheered the Americans on to their first CHL Championship in 2013. Before becoming an Ice Angel, Tessa cheered for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

On December 1st, Tessa suffered a moderate-to-severe stroke in her sleep. She has been in the ICU under the care of a phenomenal team of physicians and therapists. Though the odds were against her, in just a week, Tessa has improved tremendously. Yesterday was a great day for Tessa as she was moved out of ICU and into her own room where she can receive flowers and cards from everyone. Tessa has such a bright spirit and her smile is contagious. Although she still does not have movement of her right extremities, she is able to sit, stand and walk with assistance. Due to the type of stroke, Tessa was also left unable to speak. While surround by former Ice Angel, Brooklyn and current Angels Amy and Brieana plus a few other friends, Tuesday night Tessa blurted out her first few words. The team caring for Tessa have faith that she will continue to recover.

She is the epitome of the word strength and we all admire her courage. We have cried together many times through this period of darkness but we have already began to laugh again. We know that she will come through this stronger than ever! She is a true superstar! Her gofundme donations will help cover the long road of in-patient and out-patient therapy she will need. http://www.gofundme.com/i7azc0

Updates on Tessa’s condition are posted on this Facebook page. Tessa, we are collectively cheering you on as every day, in every way, things will get better and better!!

The Allen Americans Ice Angels Cancun calendar shoot goes top shelf


Stocking stuffer alert! The Allen Americans Ice Angels raised the bar with their 2015 Calendar release on November 22nd. This year, their photo shoot took place in the Playa del Carmen area, south of Cancun. It was a fun filled three-day stay that brought the ECHL dance team even closer together. Known for their beauty, fitness, and over the top dance talent, Ice Angels Director Stephanie Di-Biase Wheat again put together a phenomenal team for this season. Photographer James Higgins and crew handled the photography and a video was done by DJP productions.


DFW.com 2014 Hot Issue

By Jay Betsill
Special to DFW.com
September 4, 2014

It took a while. At the tail end of a cooler-than-usual summer, August made up for lost time: The sweltering heat and humidity that we have all come to expect finally arrived and put some sizzle in our summer. Since DFW has a well-deserved reputation for being so hot, this is when we celebrate all things that go along with summertime here, including some of the hottest people in the area at some of the coolest locations the Metroplex has to offer.

This year’s bevy of “it” women and men is a nod to the sports-obsessed nature of North Texas: You’ll meet a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, an NBA dancer, an Ice Angel, a former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader and a former Dallas Stars Ice Girl. We even have a beautiful woman who once played football herself and now owns her own business that specializes in helping DFW residents join “Team Sexy.”

[Click here to read the article in its entirety]

Vivian Ralena
Born: Riverside, Calif.
Current city: Denton
Day job: Dance instructor, second-year veteran of the Allen Americans Ice Angels and full-time student at UNT
Dream job: An inspirational speaker for adolescent teenagers who are going through hard times and need guidance
People may recognize you from: I actually get recognized a lot in public from the CMT show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, which I have been on the past two years.
Interesting fact about you: I love to write, especially poetry.

[Click here for the rest of Vivian’s profile and more photos]

Tessa David
Born: Bloomington, Ind.
Current city: Dallas
Day job: Executive administrative assistant for Blume Architecture and BSN Sports
Dream job: Own my own wellness center. I’ve always wanted to start my own dance studio that is geared more towards workout-type dance for the moms while their children take dance classes. Now I would like it to be even more than that and I want it to have a cryotherapy machine, nutritionist and many other things that would help a person develop a very balanced, healthy life.
People may recognize you from: I had the privilege of being an NFL cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts for five years, which provided so many memorable and amazing opportunities, including getting to perform at Super Bowl 44! After moving to the Dallas area, I spent one season with the Allen Americans Ice Angels.

[Click here for the rest of Tessa’s profile and more photos]

Sequel Molina
Born: Fort Worth
Current city: Dallas
Day job: Administrative assistant at HEB Dental Excellence
Dream job: Working with orphaned chimpanzees. I recently saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel and I think they are the cutest things ever.
People may recognize you from: I am heading into my fifth season as an NBA dancer (for the Dallas Mavericks Dancers). My family had season tickets to the NBA when I was growing up and after being a cheerleader in high school, I knew this was my next step. The coolest aspect of being an NBA dancer is being on the court in front of a sold-out arena. It is definitely a major adrenaline rush.
Interesting fact about you: Sequel really is my name, not a nickname … I promise! (Editor’s note: Her parents named her Sequel because she was their second child.)

[Click here for the rest of Sequel’s profile and more photos]

Chelsea Chaney
Born: Merkel
Current city: Dallas
Day job: Bridal stylist
Dream job: Host my own national TV talk show about the lifestyle world similar to my blog, ChelseaChaney.com. My first guests on the show would be Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift and Chris Pratt.
People may recognize you from: The 2012-13 NFL season, when I was a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
How would you describe your season as one of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? I had a fantastic time on the squad, made a lot of great friends. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and for me it was an opportunity to live out my dream of a small-town girl in the big city.
Interesting fact about you: I am borderline diabetic so I can’t eat sugar. Growing up, there was never any candy or Coke in the house.

[Click here for the rest of Chelsea’s profile and more photos]

Mercedes Owens
Born: Tulsa, Okla.
Current city: Dallas
Day job: Sports reporter for D210TV on Time Warner Cable Sports Channel. I cover the Dallas Cowboys, SMU football and SMU basketball.
Do you have any special experiences from your time as a sports reporter that stand out? As an SMU alum, having the chance to work in the same environment as a legend like head basketball coach Larry Brown last season is something I will never forget. I also did some fan-reaction interviews during the Mavs playoffs against the Spurs, and I filled in for the D210 entertainment reporter last summer, and I interviewed Marlon Wayans for A Haunted House 2. This summer I began covering the Cowboys on draft night and have continued through camp and will do the home games this season at AT&T Stadium.
Dream job: I want to host a national sports show and be the “Chelsea Handler of sports.”
Who would your first guests be on your show? I’d have a panel of four with LeBron James, Doc Rivers, Dez Bryant and Kevin Hart.
People may recognize you from: I was a Dallas Stars Ice Girl for the past two seasons.
Best feature: My sense of humor. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am definitely a jokester.

[Click here for the rest of Mercedes’s profile and more photos]