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Boston Cannons Dance Team Auditions Announced!

The Boston Cannons Dancers are a professional dance team that performs at all Boston Cannons Home Games throughout the regular season. The squad was founded in 2002, one year after the Boston Cannon’s inaugural season, making them the longest standing Major League Lacrosse dance team in history. 

Under the leadership of Director/Coach Ines Costa, the Dancers practice once a week on Monday nights for 3 hours. In addition to home games and practices, the Boston Cannons Dancers frequently appear in the community at various promotional opportunities and charity events.

Audition to become a dancer for Major League Lacrosse’s Boston Cannons!


  • high school graduate or GED
  • at least 18 years old at the time of audition
  • possess dance/cheer experience
  • be able to attend practice once a week from April-Aug 2020
  • be able to attend home games from June-Aug 2020 in Quincy, MA
  • if selected for the team, dancers must be able to attend a mandatory orientation that will take place at the Boston Cannons Main Office in Quincy on Wednesday April 15, 2020 from 6-8pm.


Check in from 12:30-1pm. The official audition process will begin promptly at 1pm and end no later than 5:30pm. Candidates will be judged on their technique, showmanship, enthusiasm, personality, personal appearance and fitness. The audition process will consist of four rounds; a short personal interview, an across-the-floor combination, a stylized jazz/pom/hip hop dance routine and an improvised solo. All music will be provided. Cuts will not be made the day of auditions. Current Dancers are expected to re-audition on a yearly basis. All dancers auditioning will be emailed regardless if they are selected for the team or not. Dancers are welcome to ask for feedback after the final team has been announced.


  • neat workout attire in the form of shorts and a sports bra
  • flesh-colored nylons or tights
  • sneakers or jazz shoes
  • makeup ‘game-day ready’ (think glam)
  • hair down and ‘game-day ready’ (no pony tails or buns).


  • current 5×7 headshot (will not be returned)
  • professional resume
  • dance resume
  • pen & planner
  • warm up suit
  • plenty to drink
  • snacks and/or a lunch
  • $30 registration fee ($25 for reauditioning dancers)


For questions regarding the audition process, please contact Ines Costa, Boston Cannons Dancers Director & Coach, at danceteam@bostoncannons.com.

Photo of the Day – August 20


A trio of Boston Cannons Dancers

Photo of the Day – March 18

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Photo of the Day – September 22

A Boston Cannons Dancer

The 2014 Boston Cannons Dance Team Auditions are coming!

Ashley Pavone, the Director/Choreographer of the excellent Boston Cannons Dance Team of Major League Lacrosse, lets us know that auditions are just a few weeks off!

And you may have noticed, Ashley has a new last name since last season! Ashley was married on October 19th; wonderful news!

Click here for pdf:

BCDT Auditions Flyer

Photo of the Day – January 16

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Photo of the Day – November 21

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Photo of the Day – October 1

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Photo of the Day – July 17

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Photo of the Day – May 1

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Congratulations, Boston Cannons Dance Team!

First Row L-R: Heather, Nicole, Laura, Lele
Second Row L-R: Kelsey, Cara, Laura, Taylor, Kelsey
Third Row L-R: Kelly, Leana, Karrisa, Brittany, Tiffany, Ines, Danielle
*Not Pictured: Moriah, Tamara, Lauren, Ashley

[Cannons Dance Team on Facebook]

With 2013 try-outs Sunday, Cara, Deanna, Lauren, and Charlene described their 2012 Boston Cannons Dance Team

Cara (right)

This upcoming Sunday, March 3rd, the Boston Cannons Dance Team will hold their auditions in Cambridge for the 2013 upcoming Major League Lacrosse season, which stretches from May through August. Ashley Wagner is Dance Team Coach/Choreographer of the Cannons Dance Team, and always assembles a squad that loves performing on the field and has interesting lives off the field filled with diverse interests and careers. If you want a glimpse of what it is like to be on the Boston Cannons sidelines at Harvard Stadium, last season, four of the members filled in UltimateCheerleaders about their feelings about being on the squad.

Last summer, I met third-year member Cara, second-year members Lauren and Deanna, and rookie Charlene. Cara explained that when she first tried out, “I was just about to graduate college, my friend asked me if I wanted to audition, so it was kind of spur of the moment, and I made it! I have been dancing for twenty years, and I want to keep active. It’s awesome to dance in front of a great big crowd.”

And personal connections are a big part of the Cannons Dance Team. Rookie Charlene said, “I actually danced with Cara in college at Salem State and she told me how fun it was, so I wanted to try out for the team.” Charlene also enjoyed performing on the big stage of Harvard Stadium. “I love performing in front of a big crowd; I love being the center of attention,” laughed Charlene. “My first game here was kind of weird because it was such a Coliseum, and I am so used to dancing on this little square stage. So it was a little weird dancing here at first because you kind of get lost on the field. ‘Oh my gosh! Where am I?!’”


Lauren learned about the BCDT similarly to Cara, and said, “Actually, my friend from college was on the team before I was, and we were on dance team in college together, and then she told me about it.” Lauren continued, “This is awesome especially because I just graduated from school, and it is something you can keep doing for dance. Because after school, you can teach but there is really no performance opportunities, and this is performance.”

Deanna was prompted to initially try-out due to an important unique connection between her college dance team and her pro dance team. “I go to Bentley University Business School, and I am on the dance team there,” Deanna explained, “and Ashley, who is the coach of this team, is the coach of Bentley University’s team. So she mentioned it to us that we might be interested in trying out.”

Was there an advantage for try-outs and the team because Ashley used the same choreography that Deanna learned at Bentley? “Not really,” Deanna replied. “She tries to not use the same choreography, because once you know a dance to a song, you are kind of stuck to that song.”


Asked what she liked about being part of the Cannons Dance Team, Deanna replied, “Definitely the performing. There are not a lot of opportunities as a dancer that you can perform for 13,000 people, eight times a summer. Definitely that thrill is why I came back.”

Part of that thrill is the atmosphere itself of dancing at Harvard Stadium. “Dancing in it is amazing,” Deanna said. “When you get out on the field before the music starts, and you just look up, and it is all these people screaming, and I am in the middle of the field.” Though this can generate some initial nerves, Deanna continued, “But it’s the adrenaline, it’s thrilling. You come back for it.”

Plus, Deanna loved the friendships among the team, and said, “We get along really well. The whole team is really good friends.”

Many of the members of the BCDT I spoke with have been dancing since they were little dancing kids. And those first performances are still vividly memorable, despite the passage of time. Deanna remembered, “I was five, and were called Country Cuties. We had red and white little cowgirl outfits, cowboy boots, and sequins everywhere. I remember the song; I can still sing it to this day. I think I was most nervous for my mom to leave backstage. I said, ‘When are you are you going to leave?! When are you are you going to leave?! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!’”

Lauren added, “I remember the make-up. You were allowed to wear make-up, which is what made it cool for me.”

Charlene’s mom owns a dance studio, so Charlene dance started at three and includes competing all over the US, and now teaches dance. But Charlene still envies the junior dancers from their Cannons Dance Camp that get to dance with the BCDT. “They get to be on the field with us,” Charlene said. “I think that is so cool. Someone that’s five or six dancing on a HUGE field with the pro dance team!”


Continue reading With 2013 try-outs Sunday, Cara, Deanna, Lauren, and Charlene described their 2012 Boston Cannons Dance Team

Photo of the Day – February 19

A Boston Cannons Dancer

The auditions are coming, the auditions are coming! Time for the Boston Cannons Dance Team to re-load!

Ashley Wagner, the Director/Choreographer of the Boston Cannons Dance Team lets us know that it is the time of year for the Major League Lacrosse team to hold their auditions! Info is below, including links to the necessary forms:

2013 Boston Cannons Dance Team Waiver Form

2013 Boston Cannons Dance Team Application

Photo of the Day – November 12

A Boston Cannons Dancer