St. Louis Ambush Brigade Audition Workshops Announced!

The Ambush Brigade Professional Dance Team

The Ambush Brigade perform innovative, high energy, choreographed dance routines to a wide variety of music during breaks in action at all St. Louis Ambush home games.  We also make promotional and community service appearances at local and regional events throughout the year.


(Workshops will be held at Steppin’ Up Dance Productions 1023 Cool Springs Industrial Dr.,  O’Fallon, Mo 63366)

Dance Technique Instruction with an Audition Style Combo

  • Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019 / Time: 11am-1pm
  • Cost: $20

Dance Technique instruction with an Audition Style Combo

  • Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 / Time 7-9pm
  • Cost: $20

Brigade Dance technique Instruction with Audition Routine

  • Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019 / Time: 11am-2pm
  • *First 4-8 counts of the audition routine will be taught
  • *Q&A session
  • *Participants will automatically be advanced through to the Semi-Finals
  • Cost: *$35


Flashback Friday – Ladies of Ontario Fury

A few days ago, I learned that the Ontario Fury has decided not to field a dance team this year. With the passage of the cheerleader minimum wage law in California, the economics of offering a dance team did not work for the Ontario Fury and I would imagine several other minor league sports are also feeling the pinch. I know that the San Diego Sockers came to the same conclusion last year and the Socker Girls were eliminated.

Fact of the matter is that although professional cheerleaders were egregiously underpaid over the years, dance teams are a significant expense for most franchises and in an era of increasing costs, they have become, in many cases, expendable. And that is truly unfortunate because I know first hand the value of the Ladies of Ontario Fury and the goodwill that they fostered for the organization with their public appearances, community outreach efforts and junior cheerleader programs.

For me, this loss is devastating because I have covered the Ladies of Ontario Fury and their predecessor organization, the Anaheim Bolts Dance Team, for several years. And the most impressive thing is that under the direction of Lynae de Leon, these two programs have been a hot bed of dance talent and a breeding ground for major league cheerleaders. Lynae’s girls have gone on to perform with the Laker Girls, Charger Girls, Clippers Spirit, Sacramento Kings, 49ers Gold Rush, Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.

In this Flashback Friday post, we recognize the Lynae’s efforts in developing dance talent to fulfill their potential and achieve higher level success. So here are a few of Lynae’s girls from the past few years that have made it to the next level. We present: McKenzie, Sativa-Skye, Kellie, Lizzie, Krista, Courtney, Diana, Alex, and Madison.










I hope the Ontario Fury finds the resources to bring back the Ladies of Ontario Fury because they are an asset that cannot be described by mere dollars alone.

Snapshots – The Ladies of Ontario Fury in the MASL Playoffs

It’s playoff time in the MASL and this past Tuesday, I attended the Ontario Fury game against the San Diego Sockers.   The visiting Sockers won the first game of the series, making this a must win game for the Fury if they wanted to keep their playoff hopes alive.  If the Fury wins, then the two teams would play a 15 minute abbreviated mini game for the rights to move on in the playoffs.  So there was a palpable sense of urgency for the home team…win and they would continue on, lose…well…see you next year.

The game started off fast for the Fury as they scored three first quarter goals before the Sockers responded with two goals in the second period.  As the game tightened up, the play turned physical with several hard tackles and some hard feelings that carried over into the locker area during half time.  In the second half, the Fury outscored the Sockers 5-2 to win the game and force the 15 minute mini-game.

Final Score: Ontario Fury – 8, San Diego Sockers – 4

After a brief 15 minute break, the two teams returned to the field to play the decisive mini game.  Nine seconds into the rubber game of the match, the Sockers scored the lone goal of the mini-game.  With more than 14 minutes left to play, the Fury were unable to score an equalizer and the Sockers went onto prevail and move on to the next round of the playoffs.  And with that, the Fury’s season was over.

As it turned out, this was also the last game of the season for the Ladies of Ontario Fury and perhaps the last time this group of young women will perform together.  It’s audition season and Lynae de Leon, the director of the Ladies of Ontario Fury, has a knack of developing dance talent that go onto major league dance teams.  Last year alone, four members of her 2016 squad made it to NBA and NFL dance teams.  And on Sunday, the first of several local NFL and NBA auditions begin and I know that several of her current squad will be trying out.

So let’s take a final look at the 2017 Ladies of Ontario Fury.













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Snapshots: Ladies of Ontario Fury – 02/04/17

Another week, another Ontario Fury game.  This past Saturday, I watched the Ontario Fury battle the Turlock Express in another exciting MASL soccer game…exciting if you are a fan of the hometown team because this one was a blow out.  The MASL doesn’t have a 10 run mercy rule like they have in Little League Baseball, but maybe they should.  The Ontario Fury thoroughly dominated the boys from Stanislaus County, taking a 7-2 lead into halftime and never looked back.  Five third quarter goals put the Ontario Fury up 12-2 before the Express started playing some soccer, scoring three fourth quarter goals to keep the final margin of victory at 10.

Final Score: Ontario Fury – 15, Turlock Express – 5

Twenty goals in 60 minutes of game play.  That’s a goal every three minutes  And with each Fury goal…you get some dancing!  So let’s take a look at this week’s snapshots of the Ladies of Ontario Fury, the hottest dance team in the MASL.











There are many more photos after the break.

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Snapshots: Ladies of Ontario Fury – 01/26/17

A little known secret in professional sports is the MASL, an indoor soccer league composed of 17 teams that play a brand of soccer that can only be described as up tempo, fast break soccer.  It’s fast paced, high scoring and very exciting to watch.  It’s physical too! I saw a player get checked into the dasher boards and he was horizontal as he crashed into the corner.  He had to take a minute or two to compose himself…I bet he thought MASL soccer was non-contact.  Not hardly.

Many of the MASL squads have dance teams.  Of course, being from Los Angeles, my team is the Ontario Fury and they have a very special dance team…the Ladies of Ontario Fury.  When January and February come around, I like to spend some quality time with the Ladies of Ontario Fury.  This past Friday, I attended the Ontario Fury game against the Dallas Sidekicks game.  And let me tell you, that game was an exciting, back and forth affair that only ended with an overtime goal by the home team.

Final Score: Ontario Fury – 11, Dallas Sidekicks – 10 OT

What I like about going to a Fury game is that you can get up close and personal to watch the game and get up close and personal with the Ladies of Ontario Fury.  Indoor soccer is an intimate game…wink! wink!

So let’s take a look at some snapshots that I took at the game.













There are many more photos after the break, including photos of their special country themed halftime performance.

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