NFL Cheerleader Trading Cards


Topps trading card company has released their 2009 NFL trading cards. This year, they’ve decided to include special edition cheerleader cards in the set. Each card shows an action photo of a Chiefs, Dolphins, Jaguars, or Ravens cheerleader on the field. I have no idea what method was used to select the teams and cheerleaders for the cards.

There are 15 cheerleader cards total. Each pack of 50 football cards includes one cheerleader card. In other words, you’d have to buy a lot of cards to get the complete set of cheerleaders. However, several sellers on amazon and ebay are selling just the cheerleader cards on their own. If you’re looking to collect the full set of cheerleader cards, or if you were a cheerleader on one of those teams last year and want to buy your own card, make sure you check those two sites.

SI NFL Cheerleader Gallery #1

The Sports Illustrated NFL Cheerleader gallery is back for the 2009-10 season. The first gallery of the year includes Cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, and Indianapolis Colts. Click here to go there now.


Dolphins Unveil 2010 Calendar


Dolfans get quite the show
Madeleine Marr
Miami Herald
Click here for photo and video

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders unveiled their 2010 calendar in grand Miami Beach style Friday night at Casa Casuarina, the ornate former home of murdered designer Gianni Versace.

The emcee/DJ — T-Pain – arrived in a red hearse, complete with (yes) sliding coffin. Ocean Drive passersby craned their necks and snapped cellphone cameras. Infuriated cops yelled at members of the Florida rapper’s caravan — causing major traffic on the already congested avenue — to move on out. Classic.

To the dismay of some hard-core fans, T-Pain — a big Dolfan — has been enlisted to do a hip-hop version of the Fins’ fight song. Let’s hope he improves our luck. (Some original lyrics: “Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team. We take the ball from goal to goal like no one’s ever seen. We’re in the air, we’re on the ground, we’re always in control. And when you say Miami, you’re talking Super Bowl!”)

In the steamy courtyard, Fins execs announced that Land Shark Stadium will see some more changes: Pop artist Romero Britto — looking fit and slim — will put his colorful stamp on some areas. Also in the works: a private club with cabanas, fine dining, a separate entrance and other fancier-than-thou features.

Last but certainly not least, the squad hotties commenced a fashion show, each in a skimpy bikini with their month written across the chest. Then the calendar — shot in St. Martin — was unveiled.

Want to make your year? It’s available for $14.99 at

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On The Flipside – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions

The latest from Aubrey Aquino’s On The Flipside:

The 2009 NFL season is just around the corner, and while the guys are getting ready for pre-season and fighting to make the final roster, the ladies of the NFL have been hard at work all summer long! On The Flipside host Aubrey Aquino knows a little about that, but these days she’s retired her dancing shoes and helping choose which ladies will stand on the NFL sidelines this season. Watch this special Sideline Distraction edition of On The Flipside – making the cut to be a member of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. And helping out on the judges panel and on this special episode are WEDR/99 Jamz personality Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas and Dolphins Alum Shawn Wooden. Check out the highlights from Aventura Mall and see who makes the team!

[On The Flipside]

[Aubrey Aquino]

Friday Round Up

Former Eagles Cheerleader Maria (seen here with her friend Derek) has landed a job dancing for Celebrity Cruises. She starts next month. Her ship will be traveling the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.


The San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush have completely redesigned their website with tons of new photos and video. Check it out here.

Former Eagles Cheerleader Alaina (left, seen here with former Eagles Cheerleader Kristie) is due to give birth on September 2nd. Congrats, Alaina!

brittanypanthersMiami Dolphins Cheerleader and Florida Panthers Ice Dancer Brittany Freeman is Miss Miami Gardens and competes in the Miss Florida USA pageant this weekend.

New (at least to us) on Twitter:

Milwaukee Bucks Energee!

Atlanta Hawks A-Town Dancers

Phoenix Suns Dancers

Orlando Magic Dancers

Houston Rockets Power Dancers


Preview of the new AVP Dancers

FIU Cheerleaders are Back with a New Gig

Last month, as a part of budget cuts, Florida International University eliminate the school’s cheerleading team. The good news is the squad is coming back, but will have to rely on private donations for funding.

The Miami Herald reports that the squad is teaming up with Miami’s Professional Soccer team:

Miami FC is partnering with FIU’s recently defunded cheerleading team to help the nationally ranked group raise the money needed to keep the program alive.

The team will sell Blues tickets both on campus and in the community, and will keep a portion of the proceeds. In return, 15 members of the team will be Miami FC Cheerleaders for the rest of the season.

The FIU Cheerleaders are under the direction of Maria George.

mariageorgeMost currently, Maria was a Professional Cheerleader for the National Football League with the Miami Dolphins. A member of this elite cheerleading squad and organization (98-00), she was chosen as a member of the selective “show team” (travel squad) performing all over the world, in addition to, on the sidelines where she was a team co-captain.  She is now benefiting from her time with the Dolphins, as a member of the professional cheerleaders alumni. The PCA is a new organization consisting of alumni cheerleaders from the NFL and NBA, who raise money for women and children’s charities. Also an entrepreneur, she is a partner in a planning and public relations company.

A collegiate cheerleader with the impressive Division I University of Pittsburgh Panthers, she was active with the dance team, Pantherette program and an instructor & trainer with the Elite cheerleading organization. On the cheerleading circuit, she was also chosen Division I-A All America.

After receiving a B.A. in communications from Pitt, Maria started her own cheer/dance school in western Pennsylvania where her all-star competition squads were created. The Mon Valley All Stars and Steele City All Stars have captured numerous local, state, regional, and national titles under her direction.

[FIU Cheerleading]

Dolphins Cheerleaders Shoot Gameday Clips


By Ariana

* Photo Gallery and Video Highlights*

Last week, myself and some of the other cheerleaders were invited to take part in some promotional video clips.

On the first day, Jennifer, Pamela, Ashton and I took a variety of different clips where we danced, kicked, jumped and did lots of hair flips! The video camera was filming in slow motion so it was very interesting to see our every motion in detail. We also were able to do some solo video clips. For example, I was jumping on a mini trampoline while some of the other girls were dancing in the background. It came out fabulous!

On the second day of shooting, we had a group of 12 cheerleaders filming clips together. In groups, we danced and did some fun shots with Dolphins fans! Playing off our new stadium name, Land Shark Stadium, the Dolphins fans and the cheerleaders practiced our “FINS UP” that we’ll be performing at the games. When we had extra time, the film crew set up a special Plexiglas stage with lights underneath, strobe lights and fog machines. It was a very artistic and creative look that will really give our fans something new to see!

Overall we all had a great time filming both days and we can’t wait to see the final outcome!

– Ariana

Expedition Africa Interview: Mireya Mayor, Ph.D.

By Amy Steele
Herald de Paris

Hi Nets Fans!Dr. David Livingstone set out into the “Dark Continent” or central part of Africa in 1865 with a goal to locate the Nile River’s source. The celebrated explorer never returned. In 1871, as rumors of his demise or capture spread, The New York Herald sent reporter Henry Stanley to find Dr. Livingstone. Nine months later, Stanley found Dr. Livingstone in Ujiji, a small village on a lake in Tanzania, on November 10, 1871. [Dr. Livingstone, I presume?]

Expedition Africa, executive produced by Survivor’s Mark Burnett and Maria Baltazzi [“It’s like Survivor on the road,” said Mireya Mayor], brings together four explorers to follow Stanley’s route. They use only basic maps and simple compasses. The foursome face similar elements as Stanley and Livingstone did over a century ago, despite some modernization of Africa. The terrain in Tanzania includes swamps, barren deserts, and treacherous mountains. Along the route they will be in danger from dehydration, potential injuries, poisonous snakes, fierce animals, infections, and deadly diseases.

The explorers include: navigator Pasquale Scaturro, survivalist Benedict Allen, reporter Kevin Sites, and wildlife expert Mireya Mayor, PhD.

Mireya Mayor holds a PhD in anthropology from Stony Brook University. She is a Fulbright scholar, National Science Foundation Fellow and former NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. She reported on wildlife and habitat issues for the Ultimate Explorer series on National Geographic Television and has appeared on the Today show, MSNBC and CNN. Additionally she has been profiled in People, Elle, Marie Claire, Latina, and National Geographic Adventure. Currently, Mayor stays quite busy with her work as an anthropologist: she lectures at schools and universities; researches in the rain forests of Madagascar [she discovered a new species of mouse lemur—the smallest primate in the world– in Madagascar]; and travels the world as a wildlife correspondent.

I spoke by phone with the sweet and enthusiastic Dr. Mireya Mayor a few days ago.

Amy Steele:[AS] How did you get involved with Expedition Africa?

mireyamayorMireya Mayor: [MM] I’ve been leading scientific expeditions and doing my scientific research for more than 10 years when they were looking for people for this show. Mark Burnett and Maria Baltazzi were basically looking for people who were the real deal. They wanted people who had a significant amount of exploration under their belt and could handle these situations and fend for themselves because at no point at all were we to have any contact with the crew. They couldn’t talk to us. We couldn’t talk to them. So they needed to know that in life-threatening situations, we would know what to do.

They’d seen some of my work from previous documentaries that I’d done. I was the first female wildlife correspondent on National Geographic, on a show called Ultimate Explorer and I went through a pretty heavy interview process. I think they had the hardest time selecting the right female because I think it’s a tricky situation with these three extremely tough guys and after that they just said are you interested and I jumped at it.
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