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Houston Dynamo Girls on Heritage Day



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Photo of the Day – August 10


An FC Dallas Girl

Houston Dynamo Girls

It was Texan night as the Dynamo took on their cross-state rival FC Dallas, and the Dynamo Girls got into the spirit by donning cowboy hats and boots.





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2015 Houston Dynamo Girl Auditions

Tryouts for the 2015 Houston Dynamo Girls took place yesterday at University of Houston-Downtown. The Dynamo Girls have a new director this season. Raquel Garcia spent 11 years in charge of the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers.






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Houston Dynamo Girls Go Pink

Not to be outdone by the NFL Cheerleaders, The Dynamo Girls brought out the pink uniforms and poms on Sunday

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Photo of the Day – June 12

An FC Dallas Girl

Houston Dynamo Girls Unveil 2014 Calendar

Photo credit: Bryan Anderson (Beauty In Art Photography)

The Houston Dynamo Girls unveiled their 2014 Swimsuit Calendar before Friday’s game against Sporting KC.

Calendar proceeds go to Dynamo Charities.

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Houston Dynamo Girls

The Portland Timber and The Houston Dynamo played to a tie on Sunday. But it’s always a win when the MLS’s only Dance Team, the Dynamo Girls perform.

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Houston Dynamo Girls

The MLS Season has started and the Houston Dynamo Girls are back for another season of entertaining the fans at BBVA Compass Stadium

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Houston Dynamo Girls Hold Tryouts for 2014 Season

Houston Dynamo Girls New Look

The Dynamo Girls have introduced shorts to their latest uniform look.

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Revved up: A game with Walpole resident, Revolution cheerleader Christina Attaway

By Brittney McNamara
The Walpole Times
Sept 30, 2013


Just before halftime, Christina Attaway, a soft-spoken 23 year old, tightened the carbon dioxide tank on the t-shirt gun she held at her side under glaring stadium lights, ready to launch navy blue shirts into the screaming crowd of about 13,000 seated just above her perch in the south tunnel of Gillette Stadium.

Walpole native Attaway won a spot on the Rev Girls team – the brand ambassadors and sometimes-cheerleaders for New England Revolution soccer – from a pool of 20 women for one of 10 open spots, using what she called her outgoing personality and people skills to nab the job. Working the crowd both before and during the game, Attaway’s energy reverberated through the stadium, adding to the atmosphere that she said she’s grown to love.

Though Attaway spends her days working for a Newbury Street graphic design firm, she translates her years of cheer experience into a professional gimmick at night. After cheering with Pop Warner teams in Walpole, Attaway moved on to competitive cheerleading. Though the Rev Girls don’t dance or flip, Attaway uses her well-trained smile and people skills in her new position.

“I like to talk to people, I like socializing,” she said. “I love being able to share my knowledge, getting the word out there.”

The self described people-person got the job after auditioning in Providence for the part, becoming interested in the position through one of her friends who cheerleads for the New England Patriots. Though she said the Rev Girls are similar to other professional cheerleading teams, Attaway said the difference lies in the fan interaction.

As a Rev Girl, Attaway said her job is to educate people about the team, attract new fans, and connect with existing ones.

“I love the fans. They’re so different from other sports teams,” she said, adding that kids made up a large part of the fan base.

During halftime, Attaway purposely shot a t-shirt to two kids in the front row of a middle section, saying they were too cute to resist. Many of the voices screaming for her attention were small, those of children. Most of the rest came from Attaway’s other favorite fan base, the die-hards in what is called The Fort.

The Fort is a section at the north end of the stadium filled with face-painted, flag-bearing, horn-blowing men and women who show up at every game. These fans help make up the atmosphere that Attaway said she has grown to love.

“They’re awesome,” Attaway said about the Fort fans. “They’re so crazy-passionate about the Revs. It’s just the atmosphere in general, you kind of fall into loving them. It’s so much fun.”

Before the game, Attaway stood in the plaza outside the stadium entrance, greeting fans and taking pictures. She adjusted her light brown hair, smiled and posed for picture after picture with fans of all ages. Despite the hoards of fans vying for her attention, Attaway came up with different comments and conversations for each one.

“It’s unbelievable,” she said of the number of people who want to talk to her. “I definitely like to stop and give everyone attention.”

Chosen as one of eight new Rev Girls, the team supervisor Danielle Rines said she picked Attaway because of her enthusiasm and overall joie de vivre.

“I wanted girls who are positive, genuine, outgoing,” Rines said. “She encompasses all of it.”

Attaway proved Rines right when she stopped on her way into the stadium to talk to a little girl.

“I remember you,” she said to the girl. ” I remember your pretty dress.”

The girl grinned and blushed, her eyes lighting up.

This is the essence of Attaway’s job with the Rev Girls. She takes her excitement for the team, and sends it rippling through the crowd through one-on-one interactions, and through the t-shirt gun.

“I really like it here,” Attaway said, adding she plans to stick around with the team for the foreseeable future. “I’m very happy being a Rev Girl.”

Houston Dynamo Girls Calendar Release

The Houston Dynamo Girls released their scorching hot new swimsuit calendar at last Saturday’s game against the New England Revolution.

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Pro cheer siren’s call to be a Spurs Silver Dancer draws Anncell to a whole new world in San Antonio

Spurs Silver Dancer Anncell is in her rookie season in San Antonio

There is the short version of Spurs Silver Dancer Anncell’s move from Los Angeles to San Antonio. Last year in LA, Anncell decided at the beginning of the week to try out in San Antonio for the Silver Dancers, and by Friday, Anncell was jetting to San Antonio, and by Tuesday she was a Silver Dancer. But the reality of Anncell’s back story is that this weeklong whirlwind only happened because of Anncell’s lifelong commitment, drive, and devotion to pro cheer, with hard work and determination to always improve every aspect of her skills. Her positive spirit opens up horizons that most others would not glimpse, much less pursue. Anncell shared with UltimateCheerleaders her path from aspiring pro dancer to ChivaGirl to Laker Girl to Silver Dancer, with a path that included auditions that ranged from disappointing to those with exhilarating conclusions. But like her NBA moves, no matter what, Anncell is in perpetual motion, and with an ever-present smile. And we just love love love any pro dancer who lists UltimateCheerleaders as their favorite website on their bio. You will see why everyone who encounters Anncell soon adds her to their own personal list of “Favorites.”

Anncell was born and raised in Los Angeles, and lived there until she moved to San Antonio last year. When asked if from birth, she was ‘born to perform,’ Anncell laughs, “I’m not sure if I was ‘born to perform,’ but if you ask my family or friends I’m sure they would beg to differ. Let’s just say I’m very energetic.”

And from day one, Anncell’s relationship to her parents has been truly special. “I cannot even begin to say how truly AMAZING my parents are,” Anncell explains. “They have been so supportive in each and every area of my life and are my biggest cheerleaders. Although I thought they were too strict when I was younger, I now appreciate them and all the opportunities they’ve afforded me. I’m so thankful for their unconditional love, guidance, and support.”

After a season with the Laker Girls, Anncell now dances for the Spurs

“My favorite feature about my mom is her wisdom,” Anncell continues. “No matter what’s going on in my life, I know I can count on her to give me sound advice. My dad is very corny and goofy but that’s definitely what I love most about him.” So what traits from her amazing parents does the amazing Anncell attribute to them? “As far as my personality is concerned, I’m a mix of my mom’s sass and wisdom and my dad’s generosity and sense of humor,” Anncell answers.

Dancing was not always ‘love at first tap’ for Anncell. “My love for dance did not start in the typical way,” Anncell explains. “When my mom was growing up, she really wanted to be a dancer but her family couldn’t afford it. When she was a senior in high school, she finally was able to be a cheerleader, and went on to cheer in college and even joined a dance company. Because of her love for dance, she put me in dance classes at a very early age. To be completely honest I HATED it. I would cry on the way to Saturday morning dance classes because all I wanted to do was stay at home and watch cartoons, or go to the mall with my friends. I even went to a performing arts high school, so I had to dance at school, too. I really didn’t apply myself and didn’t realize at the time how much I loved dance because I was too focused on the fact that I didn’t want to do it.”

But once she could choose not to dance, Anncell made a surprising choice. “When I turned eighteen and started college, I had my way,” Anncell remembers. “I no longer had to dance. By the end of my first semester I felt like something was missing in my life, so I signed up for tap class as an elective. Taking the tap class is when it hit me. I knew what was missing. I missed the feeling of performing and expressing myself through movement! I missed it so much I ended up joining the cheerleading squad.”

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Behind the Scenes: Dynamo Girls Photo Shoot