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2013 Houston Dynamo Girls Unveil New Uniforms

The Dynamo introduced their new uniforms at The House of Blues a week ago last Tuesday with five of the Dynamo Girl veterans on hand. Then on Thursday the whole team was introduced at Dave and Busters. Ten of the twenty are 1st year members (in the white dresses, veterans in uniform).

[Houston Dynamo Girls]

[Dynamo Girls Gallery]

Photo of the Day – February 20

An FC Dallas Girl

Audition for the Houston Dynamo Girls!

Click above for details

Photo of the Year – December 30

Between Christmas and New Year’s we are showcasing the year’s favorite photos from our contributors.

When James came up with the idea of each of us selecting our “Photo of the Year,” it seemed like a daunting task. So many dance teams. So many wonderful and talented people and exciting events. I didn’t know how I would choose just one. But then events conspired to make the choice for me. A couple of weeks ago, I learned that the ChivaGirls, a group of truly awesome young ladies, had been axed. Chivas USA has undergone a change in management, resulting in big time restructuring. No part of the organization has been spared, from the front office, to the coaches, to the support staff, and sadly, the ChivaGirls, a team that has been particularly close to my heart. I have been with them through auditions, mini camp, rehearsals, performances, celebrations, and so many ups and downs. So there was no question that the ChivaGirls would be my photo of the year.

The photo above shows veteran ChivaGirl Whitney with a young fan. I chose this particular image because Whitney, who is also a alum of the Clippers Spirit, could be the poster child for pro sports dancers everywhere. Smart, fun, kind, warm, generous, approachable, strong, a badass dancer, an energetic performer, and a good friend, she epitomizes everything there is to like about all of the young women in this industry. So while this is a photo of Whitney in particular, but it also represents her teammates and so many of you out there who embody the same characteristics. Raise your glasses, ladies. It’s been a hell of year!

Final Dynamo Girl Photos For 2012

The Girls dressed up for a big Halloween performance.

[Dynamo Girl Gallery]

Dynamo Girls Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

At the Saturday night game against Montreal the Dynamo Girls donned the pink to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

[Dynamo Girls Gallery]

[Houston Dynamo Girls]

Photo of the Weekend – October 6 & 7

Rookie ChivaGirl Mekayla
May 19, 2012

I owe Mekayla a huuuuuge apology. A few months ago, I congratulated her teammates Andi and Melissa for being selected to the 2012-13 Laker Girls. But I didn’t mention Miss Mekayla, who also made Lakers. Bad Sasha! Bad! Honestly, I can’t remember if I didn’t know about Mekayla at the time, or if I just had a complete brain fart. In any case, I’m super proud of her, so I’m here to make amends.

Congratulations Mekayla!
Yo go girl!

P-R-O: Doctor, Doctor

Not one Doctor in the house at the P-R-O Convention, but two!

In May Washington Redskins Cheerleader (and long-time friend of the blog) Talmesha earned her Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from Johns Hopkins.

Lee Ann of the FC Dallas Girls earned her Ph.D in Immunotoxicology from Clemson.

Photo of the Weekend – August 11-12

March 2012 – Melissa, behind the scenes at the ChivaGirls photo shoot

Video: some gratuitous bragging on the ChivaGirls

Over the weekend, two rookie members of the ChivaGirls were chosen for the 2012-13 Laker Girls. It got me thinking how proud I am of this team, how talented all the girls are, and how great it is that they’ve allowed me to be part of their family. So I thought I’d share a couple of videos of the ChivaGirls in action.

The first routine was choreographed by Tim Stevenson. Not only did Tim choreograph it, but he did the music mix, and personalized it for the team. This routine was created for one specific halftime performance, but it was such a hit, the team has tailored it to their pre-game stage performances. The second routine is also a hip hop number, and believe me when I say this routine doesn’t suck either. (I don’t know who choreographed it, so that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about that.)

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Side note: Congratulations Melissa and Andi! Chivas USA’s loss is the Lakers’ gain.

An Atlanta Heatwave: The 2012 P-R-O Convention – Part Two

After a couple of days of rest due to a case of acute bronchitis…must have been from all that perfume in Atlanta…I am back with the second part of our convention coverage.

The P-R-O Convention is the premier professional cheerleading and dance convention in the nation. Held annually in Atlanta, Georgia, P-R-O features instructors from the NFL, NBA and MLS. Professional cheerleading squads and dance teams came from all over the country to attend the two day event.

The staff of All-Pro3 gave James and I complete access to the convention’s events.  In the second part of my article, we continue our coverage of P-R-O with a report on Sunday’s events.


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Houston Dynamo Girls Salute The Troops

Reader Scott was at the the Dynamo game on Tuesday. The Dynamo Girls saluted the troops and he took some photos of the girls in their camo uniforms.

[Scott’s Dynamo Girl Gallery]

[Houston Dynamo Girls]

Video: ChivaGirls Work It

My peeps the ChivaGirls absolutely killed it during this halftime performance. They were 21 strong, with all 19 members of the team, plus choreographer Tim Stevenson and Laura, their coach. (Laura “thought” she retired after last season, but has found herself stepping in as an alternate more games than not. Homegirl’s still got it.)
So proud of them. Check it out!

[Click here] for more photos from the game.

ChivaGirls Update

The dance team for MLS Chivas USA is in midseason form! Click here to check out photos from their home game on 4/21. For this game, they wore their brand new promo dresses, which are stinkin’ adorable and were a big hit with the fans.

Click here for more photos from the game!

Houston Dynamo Girls

The Houston Dynamo opened their new stadium and reader Scott was there and shares some of his photos of the 2012 Houston Dynamo Girls.

[Dynamo Girls Gallery]

[Houston Dynamo Girls]