NFL All-Star Cheerleaders in London

The ROAR of Jacksonville and the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders aren’t the only NFL Cheerleaders visiting the UK. A couple of weeks ago the NFL All-Star Cheerleaders took London by storm.

Sasha of course immediately recognized these ladies as former San Diego Charger Girls. So perhaps this is an e2k production.

Chargers Corral The Cowboys For The Win

It is always a big game when the Dallas Cowboys come to town.  Their fans travel well and Sunday was no exception as the stadium seemed to be evenly split between Cowboys and Charger fans.  In a surprisingly competitive game, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw for three touchdowns and over 400 yards, reminding fans of days gone by when Rivers was a top five NFL signal caller.  A fumble by receiver Terrance Williams on the Chargers’ goal line with 2:42 left in the game, sealed the fate for the Cowboys.

Final Score:  Chargers – 30, Cowpokes – 21

For me, it was a glorious day.  A day game, the first of the season, and I was able to photograph the glorious Charger Girls in the golden California sunshine.  Living is Southern California is truly a blessing.  The weather is always nice.   There’s always something interesting to shoot.  And the girls…well…you know.  Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

We begin this week’s coverage of the Hottest Dance Team in the NFL with the Captains: Ariel, Kara, Katelyn, and Natalie.

There were a number of girls worthy of this week’s Charger Girl of the Day award.  Perhaps it was the great weather.  Or perhaps it was the absence of that big movable stage that had plagued my section the previous two games.  I don’t know, but I got a few more memorable images from one girl in particular.   This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a seasoned world traveler and is a third year veteran, introducing Kylie.

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Bonus Charger Girls

I was out at the Texans opener in San Diego for week one of the NFL and stopped by the Power Party to meet up with some of the Charger Girls.

Anjelica shows off her calendar photo

[Chargers Girls Power Party Gallery]

Former Charger Girls Pass the Barre

Remember these two?

Earlier this year, former Charger Girls Lauren and Giselle teamed up (again) to open their own Barre 3 studio in San Diego. For the uninformed (which included myself until about fifteen minutes ago), Barre 3 is a new approach to fitness that is sort of a hybrid between pilates and the classical ballet exercises done at the barre in dance studios all across the country. (You remember. Plié…and up..down, up, down, up, and turn…) The point is it help you develop that long, lean look of a dancer. Without having to actually be good at dancing. I think it’s also a bit like yoga in that you have to hold some poses until your arms and legs are shaking, and you start wishing you’d parked closer to the entrance because you may have to crawl to your car when this is over. On the up side, this isn’t one of those things where you have to actually be able to dance. Klutzes can do this. Dudes can do this. Every single member of The Rhythmless Nation can do this.

Giselle and Lauren opened their studio (the first one in California!) back in April, and the reviews have been oustanding.

Lauren sent over a few photos from a recent shoot, and I must say, opening your own place like this is a pretty clever way to stay in shape when you no longer have long hours of rehearsal and brutally long game days to keep you in top condition. And then – BONUS! – you can model for your own ads. (I’m all about the savings!)

Not quite six months into it, and it looks like these two have a success on their hands. There’s nothing but good reviews on Yelp, and maybe some of you will add a few more. Townies, you should definitely check this out:

8895 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 101
San Diego, California

Now the ladies show us how its done:

Anyone else getting a little Ashley Judd vibe here? No? Just me.

I kinda feel like I’m better off not knowing what the straps are for…

Tee hee, I see Giselle’s tushie. (Yes, I’m twelve, ok?)

Sidebar: Aspiring Charger Girls, you need to get over there. I’m not saying you should pump these two for audition tips, but hey, they’re pretty much sitting ducks over there, and they’re way too nice to tell you to shove it. I mean, you have to take class. They’re trying to run a business, ok? Don’t be all tacky and charge in there with a bunch of questions, like you have no home training. And don’t expect some kind of Charger Girl seminar (although, Lauren and Giselle, you might consider that, since you have space to do it. I’m just saying). However, the occasional question or two won’t get you thrown out.

Second Half Collapse Dooms The Chargers

A blown officiating call and 24 unanswered points by the Texans cost the Chargers a win in week 1.  A misinterpretation of the hitting a defenseless player rule on a Texans field goal attempt led to a touchdown that was critical in keeping their comeback hopes alive and provided a palpable momentum change.  For most of the Charger fans in attendance, a loss was inconceivable with a 24 point lead in the third quarter and Philip Rivers performing like his old non-interception throwing self.  But as the second half evolved, the Texans surged back on the exceptional play by quarterback Matt Schaub and an interception returned for a touchdown by linebacker Brian Cushing.  It was a disappointing end to a promising start for the Chargers.

Final Score: Texans – 31  Chargers – 28.

Well at least the Charger Girls were entertaining.

Last game, I mentioned how difficult it was to get some good shots of the Charger Girls in first half of that game because of a stage that was placed in front of my section.  It was a challenge and that stage really did obscure our site lines to the field.  It was an absurdity, in my opinion, to do this to so many seated ticket holders for one song at half time.

So this week, what do I see when I get to my seats before game time?  An even larger stage.

That’s my seat on the left with the bottle of water and the Oggi’s pizza box.  Well at least the band, Lonestar, played two songs.  So my apologies to the first two lines of the Charger Girls…I couldn’t get many decent photos of them, as you can well understand.  I sure hope that this doesn’t become a regular occurrence because this really negatively impacts about 50 or so people in two sections who have their view of the game blocked for a half for essentially three minutes of entertainment.

Okay let’s get back to our regular programming and begin with our coverage with the Line Captains: Ariel, Kara, Katelyn and Natalie.

This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a former Anaheim Bolts Dance Team Member and a rookie Charger Girl…introducing Jessica.

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From The Vault – 2011-12 San Diego Charger Girls

(While I’m on vacation, I’ve posted some galleries that I never got around to posting)

[Charger Girl Gallery]

Photo of the Day – September 9

Charger Girl Angela

More from the Charger Girls calendar release party

Click here for more photos on!

Charger Girls unveil their 2013 calendar

Fox 5 has shots of the calendar and the party. Click here to go there now!

More Familiar Faces In New Places

(Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions)

Redskins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Cover Model Heather is a former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader

Colleen of the Gotham City Cheerleaders is a former member of the New York Jets Flight Crew


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Charger Girls Salute The Military with Special Themed Uniforms

This past Thursday, the Chargers organization celebrated their 25th annual Salute to the Military with special pregame and halftime ceremonies honoring local servicemen and servicewomen.  And this year, the Charger Girls wore special military themed uniforms to help celebrate the occasion, a first for the venerable cheerleading squad.  Now if only the Chargers could have put up a better effort against the visiting San Francisco 49ers, the event would have been complete.  But alas, it was not meant to be as the 49ers crushed the Chargers in convincing fashion, 41 – 6.  Not even a special halftime performance by rock band Madison Rising could help raise the spirits of disappointed Chargers fans.

But the Charger Girls could and they looked amazing in their special game day uniforms.

As is custom for these game day reports, let’s begin with the Line Captains in their military themed uniforms: Ariel (Army), Kara (Marine Corps), Katelyn (Navy), and Natalie (Air Force).

This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a rookie that caught my eye.  With a flirty personality and All-American good looks, this week’s Charger Girl of the Day is rookie Shelbi.

Shelbi was recently voted one of the 100 hottest NFL cheerleaders by the Bleacher Report.


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Jessie’s Mom Has Got it Going On…

So I was perusing the news the other day, and came across as story about a local dance studio in Northern California, whose students will we performing halftime at a local university. The studio is Dance Academy USA,which is under the artistic direction of one Jane Carter.

Jane Carter…Jane Carter…Jane Carter…I know I know something about Jane Carter. But what is it?

DUDE! That’s Jessie’s mom!

And then it all came back to me. All about Jessie’s mom, and everything Jessie told me a few months ago, and how this is THE GREATEST mother/daughter story to hit Ultimate Cheerleaders EVER. Y’all know how I am always on the hunt for twins/sisters/mother-daughter combos for our “relatives” page. My only excuse for forgetting about this is I am easily distracted and somebody must’ve waved a shiny object in front of my face.

First let’s start with Jessie. Such a sweet girl, that Jessie. Nice in a completely non-annoying way. She looks all intimidating in this photo. Soooo not her personality.

Jessie danced for the Los Angeles Clippers for two seasons (2008-2010).

I think she was all of 18 when she made the team.

Then she was with the Charger Grls for a season (2010-11).

After a season off to focus on school, Jessie got itch to get out there again. She had a little over a year before graduating from college, and decided she wanted to experience dance team at the college level. So she auditioned for, and was selected to the world famous Song Girls from the University of Southern California. That’s something new. A college dance team with an NFL/NBA alum in the ranks.

She was on that team last year (2012-13). There’s no telling where she’ll turn up next, but I am convinced she’s not finished dancing. It’s in her blood.

Which brings me to Jessie’s mom, Jane. As I mentioned above, Jane is the Artistic Director of Dance Academy USA. In addition to Jessie, Jane, and her husband Jim have two other daughters; Jamie and Jodie. Jane, Jim, Jessie, Jamie, and Jodie. I’ve seen pictures of the five of them together, and they look like the photo that comes with the frame.

Jim, I am informed, is the only one who can’t dance. Not even a little.

I’m keeping my eye out for Jamie and Jodie.

But back to Jane. This was Jane back in the day:

Like her daughter, Jane, also danced for both the NBA and the NFL. However, it was not for the Clippers and the Chargers. Jane was a Northern California girl, so her experience centered around that area. She started off with the San Jose State Spectrum Dance team in 1983-84. (To this day, Spectrum alumni are consistently selected for the NFL, NBA, and AFL.) A year later, she became a Golden State Warrior Girl.

(Top right, y'all)

She performed with that team for two years before spending a year with the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush.

After that, she retired from her career as a pro sports entertainer and opened Dance Academy USA. A couple years later, little Jessie was born, and the rest is history.

These days Dance Academy USA keeps Jane plenty busy. It’s one of the largest. most successful studios in the region. They have 40 instructors, and over 1600 students. They teach hundreds of classes each week. Successful? You better believe it.

But back in the day, it was glam all the way. I have so many questions for Jane about what it was like back then, but if I sit down to figure them all out, this post will go on the shelf yet again. So for now, let’s enjoy the pics. Many thanks to Jessie for all the photos of her mommy 🙂

Sidebar: if you know of any sisters, cousins, moms and daughters, to add to the list. Let me know at sasha (at)

NFL Cheerleader Preseason Photos – weeks 1 and 2

Here are a couple of galleries for you to peruse

Week 1: Bucs, Chargers, 49ers, Titans, and Falcons

Week 2: Eagles, Saints, Ravens, and Patriots – NFL Cheerleaders: Preseason Week 1

Click here to check out the first Sports Illustrated NFL Cheerleader gallery of the season, featuring cheerleaders from the Falcons, Panthers, Colts, Vikings, Chargers and Bucs.

NFL Preseason Week 1: Charger Girls Hot. Chargers Not.

The Rantings of an Obsessed NFL Fan

Another season of NFL football is here with the arrival of week one of the preseason.  This is usually where I rant about the absurdity of the NFL charging full price for some crappy football or I complain about being hassled by the security staff aggressively enforcing some new ridiculous NFL policy regarding what a fan can or can not bring in.  And if you have read my prior articles, preseason football has not been kind to me of late.  I guess the stadium management has to get into mid season form just like the players do and they must use preseason games to train their new minimum wage earning staff.  This year the NFL instituted a new clear plastic bag rule, which I was all set to complain about, but the Chargers sent us complimentary bags and they were okay for bringing in the usual stuff…you know all the miscellaneous photographic equipment that I need to get some great photos of the Charger Girls.

Well, so far so good with the new bag policy, but I am a little concerned about the NFL’s continued insistence on instituting meaningless policies designed to create a safer environment at a game.  If they were serious about improving public safety at these events, they would banish the sale of alcoholic beverages.  And anyone who’s been to a game can tell you that there is a greater chance of having your day ruined by a drunk fan than anything else.  That’s the real public safety issue, right there.

Oh well.  Let’s get on to the game coverage.

On Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks flew into town to play the San Diego Chargers.  This being the second week of training camp, you could expect that the football being played was both mediocre and meaningless, and it was.  The Chargers first string played the Seahawks first team even, but the boys in blue lost the game when Seattle’s second teamers thoroughly out classed the Bolts bench warmers.

Final Score: Seattle SeaChickens – 31  Energy-less Chargers – 10.

Oh well, all was not lost.  This is preseason for me too and I was trying out some new photographic equipment.  As you can imagine, a night game is quite a challenge to shoot, particularly from the seating area.  The lighting is terrible.  Just another reason why preseason is…sucky.

But there is some redeeming value to going to a preseason game in San Diego.  Namely, the Charger Girls who looked resplendent in their classic uniforms.

It’s a new season and this is our first chance to check out the 2013 Charger Girls.  So as is custom, let us begin with a look at the Captains: Ariel, Kara, Katelyn and Natalie.

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