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Back for the First Time (Bonnie)


Hi Nets Fans! I can’t believe that a couple months ago I finished my first season with the Nets Dancers. This past year was filled with excitement, hard work, and many new experiences for me. Some of my favorites included performing in front of thousands of Nets fans, working with world renowned choreographers, the Nets Dancers photo shoot, and even being interviewed live on Fox 5 NY Morning Wake Up. Needless to say, I truly want to be a Nets Dancer again next season! But first, I need to make it through the audition process.


Last year was my first year auditioning for the team, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been chosen as one of the five rookie members. As a returning dancer, I think that I have a big name to live up to.

I remember when the veteran Nets Dancers walked into the final auditions last year. Not only did they exude beauty and confidence, but they also were friendly and welcoming to all the other dancers. When we learned the combination we’d be performing, the style and power of the Nets Dancers’ movements helped them to stand out from the crowd. I immediately respected and admired all of the girls who had been on the team.

I hope to leave the same impact on the new girls auditioning this year, and I know that the experiences I had this past year have helped me to prepare to do just that. My dancing has become stronger as a result of all our practices and performances, and I’m more poised and confident due to all the public appearances and media interaction I’ve done.

To top things off, this year’s final auditions are being held on June 22, my birthday! I can’t image a better way to celebrate than becoming a veteran Nets Dancer.

[Nets Dancers Auditions are June 20th]

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