Congratulations 2009-10 Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dancers!

On Tuesday night, 28 young women threw their hearts into it as they auditioned for the 2009-10 Clippers Spirit. They did a jazz routine choreographed by Cheryl, Asst. Director/choroegrapher. Director C. They did an insanely fast hip-hop routine. They did solos. Then they did them all over again. They gave it all they had. DeAndre Jordan seemed to have a tough time with it. (Luckily his new pal Blake Griffin, this year’s #1 NBA draft pick, who just joined the Clippers, was on hand to offer an opinion or two.) Here are the judges. Gee, I wonder which two are DeAndre and Blake?


The judges took their time considering the candidates, while the dancers sweated it out. This morning, Clippers Spirit Director Audrea Harris announced the 16 ladies who would join the team this year. All ten veterans who auditioned, made it back on the team this year. They are joined by six rookies who will hit the court at Staples Center for the first time this fall.

Congratulations Ladies!

The returning veterans:
Teresa, Lauren, Recee, Shannon, Nicole, Jessie, Brittany, Nikki, Melissa, and Jacqueline

And now for the newbies:
(You may recognize her from the Chivas USA ChivaGirls)

(You may recognize her from the San Diego Charger Girls)

(You may recognize her from the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush)

(I recognize her from somewhere, but I can’t think where…)

(You may recognize her from the San Diego Charger Girls)

(You may recognize her from the Anaheim Arsenal A-List Girls)

4 Replies to “Congratulations 2009-10 Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dancers!”

  1. Hey Amanda, good catch on Breann. She was a blonde last year and definitely one of my favorite Charger Girls along with her cohort in crime, Kylette. Breann has that special quality that makes her stand out; I’ll miss her on the sidelines this year.

    Also, rookie Jacquelyn was a USC Song Girl a few years ago. I think she tried out for the Laker Girls last year. And returning veteran Nicole was a Boston Celtic Dancer during their inaugural season and is the coach of the UCLA Dance Team.

  2. Good to see the former Charger Girls are still dancing!
    Congrats to everyone else too!

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