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P-R-O: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

Still wrapping up the P-R-O Convention. This time with the always enchanting Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders.

The Bucs Cheerleaders had been quite busy. A few of the ladies were just returning from a two-week tour of the Pacific and Asia and had flown twelve hours from Guam the previous day.

That smile could only belong to one person! Four-year Tiffany was one of the Cheerleaders on the Pacific tour. The day after the convention ended she was on a jet to England with another group of Bucs Cheerleaders. It was all to promote October 35th game in London when the Buccaneers host the New England Patriots.

Back for her 7th season is the Bucs 2008 Pro Bowl Cheerleader Jennifer. Jennifer is majoring in Sports Marketing.

Four-year veteran Tramane is a Physical Therapy Major at the University of South Florida.

Three-year veteran Erin is a graduate of the University of Florida and an IT recruiter.

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