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Bittersweet: The Final Home Stand as the Honey Bees

by Erin Nicole

Take a good look around… A lot of sweet memories were made here… A lot of heart pounding practices took place just to make the team. This weekend marks the end of an era. The Honey Bees’ last home stand.

“I’ve been on this team six wonderful seasons with the Hornets, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, all the hard work all the tears, it’s been so much fun. I never really dreamed of being a professional dancer but now that I am and I’ve done it six years with my home team, it’s very special and a lot of people think it’s pretty cool” says team veteran Christina.

So go ahead, take it all in… every pom wave, hip shake and glorious hair flip…

Who else hits the court with such charisma the crowds rise even if the team is down? It’s what these ladies do best and they love what they do.

So here’s to you Honey Bees…. Thanks for the great flight!

And next year, with the new name, we’ll still love you.

“I know my personal favorite is the Fly Girls but there’s a lot of strange names, the “Pelican-cans”… I don’t know about that” says Christina.

But just the thought of no more honey bees carries a bittersweet sting.

“It’s kind of sad but I think it will be a good start to something new, the colors, the name change, I’m excited ” says first year Honey Bee Cassidy.

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