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Alumni Cheerleader is WWE’s newest Diva

Remember Leah Vandale from the Laker Girls and the Patriots Cheerleaders? Well, she’s got a new gig. She reported to the WWE Performance Center on Tuesday to start training for her new job as a WWE NXT Diva.

I will be honest, I don’t know much about the WWE. But from what I understand, the Divas are the female talent in the league, but not all of them wrestle. WWE NXT seems to be the farm league for the regular WWE. So Leah, congrats on the new job!

Leah, who uses the stage name Van Damme, has wrestling roots. Her Dad, Paul Van Dale, is/was a big name in the industry.

Leah is the third NBA dancer (that I know of) to venture into the world of professional wrestling. She is preceded by Clippers Spirit alum Eve Marie Torres, and former Miami Heat Dancer Layla El (who some of you may recall from that season of Project Runway when they had the WWE challenge, and the designer who put Layla an orange one piece got auf’d for basically making a bathing suit).

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