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Titans Alumni Cheerleaders were also in the Halloween ‘spirit’


Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Alumni/Legends Lindsay and Kerry prior to last Sunday’s game at LP Field

Near the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders locker room last Sunday morning, a group of women in Halloween costumes were standing in the hallways. Certainly they looked like NFL Cheerleaders, but did not seem to be identifiable as the current roster. These still-ready-for-the-sidelines costumed ladies are Titans Cheerleader Alumni, and this season fill the role of Titans Cheerleader Alumni Ambassadors, greeting fans as they enter LP Field. And since it was the Halloween game, and they have not changed since their TTC days, they were back in costume last week.

One was Lindsay, a Titans Cheerleader for six seasons. For Halloween games, Lindsay was an FBI agent during some of her TTC seasons, and recreated her look last week. Lindsay’s devotion and dedication to fans shows, as she enjoys returning as one of the Alumni Ambassadors, saying, “Any time we can be here and support the fans, it’s always fun.” A Gallatin, Tennessee native, Lindsay also enjoys her day job, working in marketing in the wine and spirits industry.

In addition, Kerry cheered for the Titans for four years. “It’s exciting to be asked back,” Kerry says.” Kerry is still in cheer, working as Vice President of Sales for Varsity, a cheerleading/dance apparel company. In addition, Kerry and her husband own three MaggieMoos stores and four MaggieMoos trucks. “And we have two kids, and a partridge in a pear tree,” Kerry smiles. Current TTC Brittni told UltimateCheerleaders last year how she idolized Kerry on Halloween games as a young Titans fan.


Kristina, third from left, trying to be nerdy, but still cool

Kristina was a two-season Titans Cheerleader, and during her sidelines times, she was nurse and a pirate during her Halloween-themed games. Kristina does the bookkeeping for her husband’s business and is a mom to three-year old and twenty month old daughters. Likely to be dancers, since, as Kristina laughs, “As soon as the music comes on, and they start breaking it down. So that’s a good sign.”


Multi-faceted Ashley returns to the TTC Cheerleaders locker room, and will soon be featured here in UltimateCheerleaders

Alumnus Jennifer has continued to be an on-field assistant for the Titans Cheerleaders for years. An engineer for Nissan, Jennifer remains a fan favorite.


Jennifer, the skeleton, fourth from the left

And exciting news is that alumnus, two-year Titans Cheerleader, Molly is now the coach of the NHL Predators’ Ice Girls, a group of both dancers and figure skaters, and she just assumed that role a little over a month ago. The Ice Girls were once discontinued but have returned, to the joy of Preds fans.


Molly, on the far left, is the new coach of the Predators dance and ice teams (click to enlarge)

TTC Alumni Ambassadors (click to enlarge)

TTC Alumni Ambassadors (click to enlarge)

Love of Football Leads Prescott Native to Role as Vikings Cheerleader

The pipeline that starts in Prescott as a member of the school’s dance team and ends as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader has been well established.

By Jason Schulte
Pierce County Herald

vkingsErin Frey, Tristina Timm, Demi Augustine and Lily Blanchard have all taken that route.

Now that club has another member as Kaitlyn Rae (her last name has been withheld at the request of the Vikings) is in her second year as a cheerleader.

She spoke about her experiences and more as a cheerleader during the Kiwanis Club of Prescott Thursday, Oct. 23.

Kaitlyn is a junior at the University of St. Thomas, majoring in broadcast journalism. She started dancing when she was three and was hooked.

“I loved being on stage and in front of the judges,” she said. She spent her formative years at Helmer Dance Studio. In high school she was a member of the Prescott dance team where, in her four years of high school, she was part of five state championships. In addition, she also went to Stella Dance Studio where Timm was her coach and one of the people who convinced her to try out for the Vikings.

Kaitlyn said her love of football came from her father.

“I love the Vikings,” she said, laughing. “He brainwashed me.”

She also laughed when she told how she became a member of last year’s team. Training camp was three hours a day three days a week for three weeks. That was followed by a pageant in which contestants showed off their fitness, performed routines and were interviewed.

“The next day you either get a call or you don’t,” she said. When she did, she called her friends and family, including her father.

“I’m in a closet crying,” Kaitlyn said, laughing — which drew laughs from those in the audience as well.

She also shared more tidbits about being a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader.

Last year, her season ran from May through December. “We have appearances all throughout the year – hospitals, schools, the Mall of America – not just football games,” she added.

She was the youngest member of last year’s team. The age range is 18-34 with the average age being 25. A requirement is either holding a fulltime job or being in college. Members include a nurse, teacher and a lawyer.

“Everyone is so nice,” she said.

Cheerleaders don’t travel with the team, but they made the trip to London last year as it was technically a home game. “An awesome experience,” said Kaitlyn.

Cheerleaders must take a quiz to know the basic rules of football. Kaitlyn said some of her fellow cheerleaders came to her for advice.

If the Vikings play at 12 p.m. Sundays, her day starts between 5:30 and 6 a.m., thanks to practice, preparation and meeting the fans as they enter the stadium.

“It’s worth it,” she said.

Trying out for this year’s team was scarier than last year because she enjoyed it so much last year and wanted to be it on again.

“I’m so blessed to have a dream fulfilled and be part of an amazing team,” she concluded.

[Kaitlyn at Vikings.com]

Concrete Entrepreneur And Former NFL Cheerleader Says Standing Out Made Her Company A Leader In the Industry

Mamie Joeveer Contributor

In the first years of growing her company, Tracey Lackovich, President of Super-Krete International, Inc., a company that specializes in product solutions and support for concrete repair and restoration projects, spent her off-time as an NFL cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. It was a lifestyle quite opposite from her day job of transforming the home-based business she bought from her father in 1999, into a national and international mainstay in the concrete coating and construction industry. “I didn’t ever think I’d be in the concrete industry,” Lackovich says.

Lackovich still remembers the look on the faces of industry contacts she met in person when they realized she was the face behind Super-Krete. “I hated that many associated me as ‘the cheerleader’ but thrived off the look on their faces when I’d meet them in person and represented that in the topics of concrete and business, I knew my stuff,” says Lackovich.


Her knowledge in concrete evolved after spending many summers working with her father as a young girl. “My earliest job responsibility started when I was 15 years old,” Lackovich recalls. “I would hand-make paint color charts and I would label buckets and ship out product orders by driving them to the post office in my red Mustang convertible.”

Lackovich’s father John Holwitz, a general contractor who originally specialized in tennis court construction, launched the company in 1985. “I’m very blessed that my father is as knowledgeable and passionate about concrete as he is and that he developed something that there will forever be a need for,” she says. Super-Krete’s products include epoxy floor systems, cement overlays, paints, stains and sealants. The products are sold globally in more than 100 countries and supplied to more than 50 countries worldwide.

After Lackovich took over as CEO of the company, she eventually moved the business from her father’s garage to a 20,000 square foot facility in El Cajon, Calif. She opened a second location in Kyle, Texas in 2012.

Lackovich says throughout the years she has remained focused on her goal to build Super-Krete into a strong brand. One of the first things she did after buying the company was change the original business model, which sold products directly to local contractors, and licensed sub-manufacturing to different entities. “This model was great for collecting annual license fees, but I was not a fan of it because ultimately I didn’t have control over the quality of the product,” says Lackovich.

“In my first year I received a call regarding the quality of one of our products and this was unacceptable to me,” she says. Lackovich says that scenario pushed her hard to drop the old model of distribution. “I revoked all licenses and began full in-house manufacturing and we began to distribute only the finished products.” She picked up from there and began expanding through networks of reputable building materials suppliers. The company soon stocked the product in 250 stores throughout the U.S. in a rapid turnaround using pro-contractor and pool builder supply houses.

Lackovich also increased Super-Krete’s market presence by attending trade conventions such as the World of Concrete, and serving on several councils such as the International Concrete Repair Council. She also created a training program for thousands of companies and contractors that became a top revenue-generator.

Super-Krete’s brand made a name for itself and emerged as an industry staple with products used in many sectors from residential to commercial. Super-Krete’s popular Bond-Kote, a concrete resurfacer, branched out to become a top product used in Hollywood sets.

For contractors though, Super-Krete’s customer service remained at the forefront.

Stacy Perlinger, President and CEO of KoolCote, a concrete resurfacing company in Texas, has used Super-Krete products for the past three years. He says the customer service is a gift in the industry. “The sheer knowledge that Tracey and her staff bring to the table about decorative concrete products is something rarely seen in most supply companies,” says Perlinger.

Cesar Hernandez, founder of Cesar’s Exterior Designs, says he participated in one of Super-Krete’s training seminars. “I was actually working one-on-one with Tracey,” says Hernandez. “They do more than just put stuff on the shelf. You can call the representatives, speak to them and they are there for you immediately,” he says.

Online and digital customer support became a huge focus and led to an economic boost after the company’s revenues hit a low in 2009. Since then, the company ‘s growth has been greater than 10% in the years after the recession, according to Lackovich, and the international side has grown to represent a third of the overall business.

The use of social media to constantly interact with contractors and answer questions has also led to new product development, according to Lackovich. The feedback she received from customers helped drive the concept behind Concrete Boost, Super-Krete’s latest product, designed for use in smaller batches of concrete like counter tops.

Lackovich says she has always been very optimistic about the future of the business and the industry as a whole. “I’m looking at expanding our manufacturing facilities and opening additional distribution points,” she says.

While her position as president, and her reputation in the industry, are cemented on firm ground now, Lackovich says the road to get there wasn’t always easy. Lackovich recalls making the tough decision early on in the company to fire one of her top salespersons. “I had to let him go because he had zero respect for me and my position, and me as a woman,” Lackovich says. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made not to tolerate insubordination and disrespect for the sake of making money.” Lackovich didn’t let the situation deter her. Now, 15 years later, a wife and mother of four toddlers, including 1-year-old twins, Lackovich looks back at her earlier experiences in building the company as something that helped her grow stronger.

“I’ve always stayed true to who I am,” she says. “Being a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry has been a good thing because it makes you different.” Lackovich says not to be afraid of being different because it makes a person more memorable. “Just be sure to capitalize on that and stand out as a champion.”

Happy Halloween from the Titans Cheerleaders of Ashley P’s line

Ashley P is in her first season as captain

Ashley P is in her first season as captain

Happy Halloween! Today, we are pleased to feature the Titans Cheerleaders of captain Ashley P’s line. There was a throwback to the 60’s, Mario and Luigi, Poison Ivy, Ashley’s kitten, but the return of Whitney in her catwoman suit showed true dedication for her fans. The cat suit is not meant for Halloween games with a game time temperature of 80, but Whitney kept smiling and dancing. The weather was a bit of a “trick,” but Whitney’s dedication was a “treat” for the Titans fans. Here are more of the Titans Cheerleaders:

Whitney also graces the swimsuit calendar cover

Whitney graces the swimsuit calendar cover





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Photo of the Day – October 31

Titans Cheerleaders and some familiar faces among the Texans contingent

Titans Cheerleaders and some familiar faces among the Texans contingent

Pacemates Fourth Annual Costume Contest


The Indiana Pacers would like you to help select the 2014-2015 your favorite cause/costume in the 4th Annual Pacemates Costume Contest. A $1000 donation will be made to the winning Pacemate’s favorite charity. Vote at Pacemateshalloween.com.

Voting ends just before halftime of the Pacers versus Grizzlies game.


Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders

The Bucs had another home field “GroundhogDayMovie” performance last Sunday. One play into overtime and the Viking ship was sailing out into Tampa Bay Harbor with the Buc’s carcass aboard. We’re in for the long haul with this team so we’ll keep showing up waiting for this wayward Pirate ship to raise a victory flag at Ray Jay. Keep the faith!! Next home game is against the Falcons.

The TBBC (previously known as Swashbuclers) are still performing at the top of the NFL class. Here’s the photos as proof.

1-Chelsea and Micah

Chelsea and Micah (whose brother plays for Seahawks).



3-Jeannie and Tricia

Jeannie and Tricia


Crystale (trained four summers with Radio City Rockettes).




Cassie (second year line Captain).


Precision personified.


Cori in a new outfit at 1st Q dance (SI photo–Scott Iskowitz / Getty Images)

[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

TTC Halloween Countdown – Jessi and Anne’s line stays cool as the sidelines heat up

Fourth year Titans Cheerleader Anne is in her first season as  captain

Fourth year Titans Cheerleader Anne is in her first season as captain

Last Sunday, LP Field was 80 degrees and sunny, lovely, but a bit warm for Titans Cheerleaders who may have planned for more autumnal temperatures when planning their Halloween costumes. Of course captains Anne and Jessi’s line seemed just fine. For one thing, Jessi was devilishly at home in the heat, after all, she is a Florida native.

Jessi returns to the Titans sidelines after spending last year touring with Dance Y'all supporting Rascal Flatts

Jessi returns to the Titans sidelines after spending last year touring with Dance Y’all supporting Rascal Flatts

And Kate’s Hunger Games costume had a plan A (black tights for a cool day) and plan B (shorts if things were warmer), so Kate’s Katniss was right on target. Here are the talented Titans Cheerleaders captained by Anne and Jessi:


Sorry T-Rac, we all know....

Sorry T-Rac, we all know….

...that Lieutenant U-Heidi's communicator is unlisted in this galaxy

…that Lieutenant U-Heidi’s communicator is unlisted in this galaxy



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Photo of the Day – October 30

Retiring 2011 Captain Shannon

Shannon of the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

Bucs Cheerleaders Survive Howl-O-Scream

Andrew Norton
Buccaneers.com Contributor

bcusFor their seventh straight year, the Bucs cheerleaders faced their fears and braved a walk through Busch Gardens popular Halloween attractions.

It was a dark and stormy night … A cast of young women followed along a path of dim, flickering lights, a faint eerie melody drawing them beyond tall iron gates. They lock arms, pulses pounding, breathes held. Dark figures lurk behind them as ominous shadows grow just footsteps away. Six Buccaneers cheerleaders enter. But how many will last the night?

Well, actually, it was a pleasantly clear and mild Florida-October night. Also, fortunately, all six of our heroes survived, but not without a blood-curdling scream or two.

Last weekend, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders faced “the Curse” at Howl-O-Scream inside Busch Gardens in Tampa. The team braved their way through the park’s popular attraction, which this year features an all-new haunted house, roaming slash mobs and interactive experiences to test their skills when it comes to fighting through a mob of the undead. Not your usual Friday night.

For the seventh consecutive year, courageous members of the squad took on the terrifying experiences of Howl-O-Scream. They braved through Dead Fall, escaping the grasp of ghosts of long lost memories, longing to drag their unsuspecting guests into their world. The team also survived hordes of Slash Mobs roaming the sidewalks and slinking through Busch Gardens’ 300 acres of fright.

As always, after enduring plenty of hair-raising and lump-in-your-throat moments, the Cheerleaders were ready for more, anxious to find out what haunts and scares are in store for next year’s event.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders had a wonderful time at Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream,” said Tara Battiato, the Buccaneer’s cheerleading manager. “It is an annual event that the team looks forward to every season. The haunted houses and scare zones were better than ever! We look forward to continuing the relationship with Busch Gardens for many seasons to come.”

Watch a video of the Bucs Cheerleaders at Howl-O-Scream here.

TTC Halloween Countdown – Captain Tandra’s line lassos excellent costumes

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Captain Tandra was selected for the Pro Bowl last season last season

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Captain Tandra was selected for the Pro Bowl last season last season

Titans fans received an early Halloween “treat” last Sunday as the Titans Cheerleaders performed in costume during the second half. Earlier in the year, Titans fans were treated to the fact that Pro Bowl selection Tandra returned for another season on the TTC, and did not ride off into the sunset. But Sunday, Tandra looked ready to ride the range, adorned in chaps. Here are the members of Tandra’s line, including pre-game with some spook-tacular Titans fans:






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Photo of the Day – October 29


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Samantha from Sunday afternoon

Bay Area Audition Opportunity


The Vanity Dancers are an elite, all female performance group assembled by Patrisha Yabes and Shonna Chiles.The team was designed to train women who wish to have a pro-dance team experience in the areas of dance, promotional expectations, and community service. Our dancers embody style, class, beauty, and exceptional performance quality. That’s what Vanity is all about.

[Vanity Dance Company]

[On Instagram]

TTC Halloween countdown – Jena’s line jumps right off the screen

Tennessee Captain Jena sports her football costume last Sunday

Tennessee Captain Jena sports her football costume last Sunday

When I heard that sixth year Tennessee Titans Cheerleader and line captain Jena was going to be sporting a “football costume” last Sunday during the game against the Texans at LP Field, I visualized something a bit poofy. Maybe not Violet Beauregarde in Willie Wonka poofy, but something definitely inflatable. But instead, Jena’s and her mom’s creative creation featured a brown corset with white laces, and a “Laces Out” cap, referencing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

In fact there was a bit of a movie theme throughout Jena’s line. There was a bit of Top Gun,What’s Love Got to Do With It, Backdraft, Steamboat Willie‘s best girl, Captain America, and I Dream of Jeannie. Okay, there has not been a Jeannie feature movie yet, but it most certainly is inevitable.

Here are some of the Halloween finery of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders, as we go line by line this week, counting down to trick or treat day:







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Photo of the Day – October 28

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Briana last Sunday afternoon

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Briana last Sunday afternoon