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Carolina Panthers TopCat to Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

Former Carolina TopCat Eiesha is now a proud Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader.  She is continuing her dream after formerly dancing with the NFL Carolina Panthers in 2005, 2010, 2011, and 2012 (Captain).

Eiesha graduated with a BA in Psychology from Norfolk State University, obtained a Masters in Human Resource Management from DeVry Keller Graduate School, and is currently completing her PhD in Management from Walden University in just a few months (May 2016).

She married a Captain in the United States Army in May 2015 and moved to Columbus, Georgia. She was crowned only 1 month after marriage as Mrs. Georgia America 2014-2015, competing in the Mrs. America pageant August 2014. She is the Owner and director of MADE Today, Inc. in Charlotte, NC and travels as a motivational speaker to many youth groups, organizations, colleges and universities.







[Eiesha at AtlatnaFalcons.com]

Meet Sammy: Cheerleader of the Week

Hey there Colts Nation! I am Rookie Colts Cheerleader, Sammy!
From Colts.com

Hey there Colts Nation! I am Rookie Colts Cheerleader, Sammy! Wow is all I have to say. If I would have been told when I was younger that I would be an NFL Cheerleader, I never would have believed it. Now, with it being my very first season, I still can’t believe what an incredible opportunity and blessing this is. One of the very first things I had to do once making the team was get my passport to go to the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico to shoot the 2015-2016 Swimsuit Calendar. Let me first say that I’ve never been out of the country before, let alone to do a photoshoot on a beach in Cancun for a Swimsuit Calendar! It doesn’t stop there. I was then blessed with the crazy experience of going to Honduras over the 4th of July with a few of my teammates and met some wonderful troops who are stationed down there. But, one of my favorite experiences this far was spending my 21st birthday cheering on our Colts during the Patriots game on October 18th. Best. Birthday. Ever!


Words will never be able to express how grateful I am for this crazy life, but THANK YOU! Thank you Colts Nation for being the best fans in the NFL. Thank you Colts for allowing me to be a part of this incredible organization. Thank you to my teammates for being the most encouraging and inspirational women in my life. And thank you to my mommy, for being my biggest cheerleader!

At what age did you start participating in pageants and what inspired you to start doing them?

I’m kind of a newbie to this whole pageant thing! As a young girl I would watch the Miss America Pageant on television each year and aspired to be on that stage one day. Once I graduated high school, I decided to make that childhood dream a reality. Little did I know how much work actually goes into competing in a Miss America local pageant. There are 5 areas of competition which include on-stage question, lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit, evening wear, talent, and the infamous ten minute interview with the judges where they can ask you anything from “Who’s your greatest inspiration?” to “What actions should the United States be taking to end the savage threats ISIS holds over our country?” The hard work all pays off in the end when I walked away from Miss Indiana with 35 new girl friends, a whole new, absolutely wonderful support family, and scholarship money to help further my education. I look forward to making it back to Miss Indiana in 2016 in hopes of representing Indiana on the Miss America stage!

As a Colts Cheer rookie, what is something you’ve had to adapt to now being a professional NFL Cheerleader?

You know, growing up I was actually a ballet dancer. I went to my dance classes Mondays thru Thursdays from 4-9pm and Saturdays from 10-4pm. Ballet was my life. I was trained to be angelic and graceful. Now, I’m sure we all know that being an NFL Cheerleader is the total opposite! One of the biggest things I’ve had to adapt to is the style we portray in our dances as cheerleaders. I’ve had to really concentrate on how to be sharp and big versus the flowy movement I’ve been used to as a ballet dancer. It’s been a huge change, but it’s also been so much fun doing a style of dance I’ve never really done before!

You suffered from a broken back last year. How long did it take you to overcome this injury and start dancing again?

It’s so crazy to me that it’s been a year and a half since then! To those of you who don’t know the story, I was in a car wreck on the interstate with a semi, and let’s just say my little Honda didn’t stand a chance. I broke my back. After being in the hospital for a few days, on bedrest for two weeks, in a back-brace for six months, and not being able to dance or exercise for 9 months, I was anxious to get back in the studio to see what my body would be able to do. To no surprise, I couldn’t do much of anything without pain. This is when I learned “hope trumps discouragement.” I had hope that the struggle would get easier, and it did! Exactly one year after my accident, my name was called as an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader. Do I still struggle with back pain? Everyday. Does it still hurt to dance? Every time. Does it make me want to give up? Never. Because my love for dance and my love for this squad is so much greater than any pain I may encounter.

What is one thing you want to obtain from this football season?

I’m sure our players would say they want a Super Bowl win, but as a cheerleader, I want to obtain as many connections with as many people as possible. I want to make our incredible Colts fans feel loved and cherished. I want to make our Colts staff feel important and appreciated. And I want to make my fellow Colts Cheer sisters feel like the most amazing women on this planet! Being an NFL Cheerleader isn’t something that comes along every day, so I want to make the most of my time as one.

Your all-time favorite movie is…

There’s a 3-way tie between Cinderella, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid! I will never grow out of my Disney Princess phase…ever.

Happy Halloween, with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders and Julia’s line

Julia is in her 7th TTC season

Julia is in her 7th TTC season

Since Wednesday, we have counted down the days to Halloween with each of the lines of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders during their costumed second half last Sunday against the Falcons in Nissan Stadium (#BestHalloweenCostumesintheLeague). Today we feature Julia’s line, who had to withstand a bit of rain at the end of the game, but still looked perfect in their special attire. Let’s hope your Halloween is rain free today!

Redding,, California's Monica is in her second TTC season

Redding,, California’s Monica is in her second TTC season

In fact, the costumes were so realistic, if they remained still, naturalists could observe the natural behaviors of raccoon mascot T-Rac tugging on the tail of Monica’s super cool fox costume.

T-Rac being a rascal

T-Rac being a rascal

Whitney's dream job is a NASCAR driver

Whitney’s dream job is a NASCAR driver

Kiara is Miss Tennessee USA 2015

Kiara is Miss Tennessee USA 2015

Brooke is in her 3rd TTC season, and the Lebanon, Tennessee native is an Acute Care Occupational Therapist

Brooke is in her 3rd TTC season, and the Lebanon, Tennessee native is an Acute Care Occupational Therapist

In her second TTC season, Jennifer's hometown is Fairfield, Ohio

In her second TTC season, Jennifer’s hometown is Fairfield, Ohio

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Photo of the Day – October 30


2011 Pro Bowl Saintsation Deri’Andra

Titans Cheerleaders Halloween countdown continues with Heather’s line

In her 4th season, Heather is now a line captain

In her 4th season, Heather is now a line captain

Sure, the Village People can offer you a construction worker and cop, but many a “young man” preferred Heather’s line during the Tennessee Titans Halloween game last Sunday. Besides their own Officer Elizabeth and Kaitlin for construction, Heather’s line includes superheroes, movie stars, and royalty. Referee Heather upholds the ruling on the field that the #BestHalloweenCostumesintheLeague were right in Nashville.

Elizabeth is already a fan favorite, in TTC year 2

Elizabeth is already a fan favorite, in TTC year 2

Virginia's Kaitlin is constructing a strong TTC career

Virginia’s Kaitlin is constructing a strong TTC career

There is no denying that rookie Brandi rules over the sidelines

There is no denying that rookie Brandi rules over the sidelines

Evony controls our little part of the "web"

Evony controls our little part of the “web”

Kristen is a perfect Elsa, but luckily the turf is not "frozen" yet

Kristen is a perfect Elsa, but luckily the turf is not “frozen” yet

Haley is a rookie TTC, and community activist from Meridan, Mississippi

Haley is a rookie TTC, and community activist from Meridian, Mississippi

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Q&A with DBC Emily G.

Get to know a little more about DBC veteran, Emily G.

From DenverBroncos.com


This is your third season as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader, what keeps you coming back?

There are a few things that keep me coming back every season, firstly, my teammates. I get to share every home game with 25 of my best friends and there’s no better deal than that. I’ve lived in Denver my whole life and it’s truly an honor and a dream come true to be able to represent the Broncos on the field during game days.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I was tomboy so I really wanted to be in the military or to be a police officer. I wanted to do anything the boys could do and I wanted to do it better. During recess I always wanted to be the one who did the most pushups or the most sit-ups. I wanted to be anything that showed that I could do what the boys could do.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely watching cartoons. I love Saturday morning cartoons—that and a bowl of Cap’n Crunch is a good Saturday morning for me.

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

Music, a friend and unlimited breakfast burritos.

If you were a Broncos football player, what position would you play?

Running back. My favorite player is Terrell Davis and growing up I always wanted to be him. In fact I thought, until I was about 12 years old, that I would be a running back in the NFL when I got older.

What is your favorite holiday?


What is your favorite Disney character?


Tell me something you can’t live without?


What is your go-to music genre?


What is your favorite vacation spot?


What is your favorite dance style?


What actress would play you in your life story?

Me—I’m a great actress. If I have to pick a famous actress then I’d say Amy Schumer because she’s funny.

[Emily at DenverBroncos,com]

The Embraceable Ewes, L.A.’s First Pro Cheerleaders, Reunite

The 1978 Los Angeles Rams cheer squad didn’t just stand on the sidelines

By Joshua Neuman

At the Boathouse on the Bay restaurant in Long Beach, just three miles south of where the Los Angeles Rams once held practice, more than 50 of the team’s former cheerleaders gathered last Sunday to celebrate the 1978 squad—Los Angeles’ first professional cheerleaders. One of them, Janet Cournoyer, had lent her daughter Janelle Liebl, 25, her old outfit for the occasion. “She’s the exact age I was when I wore it, and it fits perfectly,” she beamed.


“Everything is coming full circle with all this talk about the Rams coming back,” said David Mirisch, the man behind the gathering and the establishment of the group of cheerleaders he named the Embraceable Ewes. “It was a good time for a reunion.”

The Ewes were the Laker Girls before there were Laker Girls, but the restaurant’s Sunday afternoon regulars went back and forth between NFL games being televised behind the bar—less interested in NFL past than present. They neither recognized the women hugging each other like long lost relatives nor the impact those women collectively had upon the city of Los Angeles, the sports world, and American popular culture.

“Some of us actually cheered for the Lakers,” said Kristi Wheeler, a member of the original ’78 squad. “The Lakers didn’t have cheerleaders yet, so some of us went over there and cheered in the gold and the blue. I think the Lakers wanted to test it out.” Jerry Buss green-lit the formation of the Laker Girls months later.


The rest of the article and more photos here.

Photo of the Day – October 29


A member of the NY Jets Flight Crew in the rain

Anne’s line gets into the spirit at the Titans Cheerleaders Halloween game

Titans Cheerleaders Line Captain Anne shows her support for the military

Titans Cheerleaders Line Captain Anne shows her support for the military

We continue to countdown to Halloween with a line a day from the spectacular Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. So we are down to two days to go; do you have your treats? Are the Jack-O-Lanterns carved? Have your costume for an elegant masked soiree? Well if you need costume ideas, check out line captain Anne’s group, from last Sunday when they took on the Falcons at Nissan Stadium.

Mariel is always a Halloween game fav in Nashville

Mariel is always a Halloween game fav in Nashville

SInger/songwriter Heidi is on her own "Star Trek," moving from 49ers Gold Rush to TTC to pursue her Nashville dream

Singer/songwriter Heidi is on her own “Star Trek,” moving from 49ers Gold Rush to TTC to pursue her Nashville dream

Veteran Kate  works in real estate

Veteran Kate works in real estate

Rookie Travona dons a bit of Poison Ivy

Rookie Travona dons a bit of Poison Ivy

Third year veteran Brittni is a Nashville native

Third year veteran Brittni is a Nashville native

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2015 NFL Regular Season Week 7 – The Raiders vs. The Chargers: Halloween Comes Early to San Diego

Halloween came early to San Diego.  Hordes of Raider fans with painted faces and wildly bizarre costumes, descended upon the friendly confines of Qualcomm Stadium.  Friendly in that the host Chargers displayed the kind of points scoring generosity to the Raiders as one would give handfuls of candy to costumed kids on Halloween.  To say that Raiders kicked the Charger’s ass was an understatement and somewhat of an unexpected surprise.  I guess all those years of finishing last in the AFC West is paying out handsomely in a bevy of young draft talent, namely quarterback Derek Carr and future all pro wide receiver Amari Cooper, who combined to scare the heck out of Charger defenders.  And if the final score seemed close, it was only because the Raiders defense decided to take it off in the fourth quarter, well after the outcome was decided.  After all, the Raiders scored all the points they needed in the first half.

Final Score: Scary Pirates – 37, Hapless Chargers – 29.

Well if the game play was a trick, the Charger Girls were a treat!










Its the end of October and its still hot out here in Southern California!  Hey, I like warm weather as much as anyone, but c’mon man.  85 degrees and humid?  Its autumn.  In a month and half it should be winter.  But I am not complaining (okay, I am) because good weather means, good shooting!  However, a cool and crisp fall Sunday would be a nice change of pace.

The Charger Girls changed things up a bit and mixed the order in which their lines showed up in my part of Qualcomm, so let’s begin this week’s coverage with the Line Captains as they appeared before my section: Kayla, Tina, Tawnie, and Katelyn.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is one of three former Arizona Pommies on the CGs…introducing first year Charger Girl Allie!








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Photo of the Day – October 28

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Jessica last Sunday

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Jessica last Sunday

Jessi’s line of the Titans Cheerleaders starts the countdown to Halloween

Line Captain Jessi is back for her sixth TTC season

Line Captain Jessi is back for her sixth season

Last Sunday was a favorite for a lot of Tennessee Titans fans, the Halloween game for the Titans Cheerleaders! So we will countdown to Halloween with an extra special ‘treat’; each of the four lines featured as we countdown to October 31st!

Today we will feature the TTC line that is captained by dance/entertainment legend Jessi!

Hannah takes over the role of Catwoman

Hannah takes over the role of Catwoman

Angelic Jocelyn

Angelic Jocelyn

Where's Kellee? To the right of Bri!

Where’s Kellee? To the right of Bri!

Continue reading Jessi’s line of the Titans Cheerleaders starts the countdown to Halloween

Former Chiefs Cheerleader Has a Spirited Team to Help Her Fight Breast Cancer

By Jeneé Osterheldt
Kansas City Star

It was halftime, and pink and white balloons floated above Arrowhead Stadium, filling the sky with hope.

Regardless of who we were rooting for at this Chiefs game a couple of Sundays ago, we were all clapping for the same cause: breast cancer survivors. The cheerleaders, in their special pink gear, did a routine honoring them. Brandy Reed knows every dip, pop and step of this October tradition. But this year, she did not perform.

The former Chiefs cheerleader was on the field as a survivor. It had only been a month since her last chemotherapy treatment.


“I cried,” she says later, sitting on the floor with her year-old son in their Northland home. “I know the moves. I’ve performed them in honor of my grandmother, my aunt, my mother. But this year it was an awakening to be on the other side.”

This time of year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we point to the statistics: More then 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But despite her family history, Brandy didn’t think she’d be here. Not at 31.

“My mom has been cancer-free for nine years,” Brandy says. “I was in college when she was diagnosed. I was nervous and scared and young. I was focused on her being healthy because my dad passed from lung cancer when I was 15. I didn’t want to lose another parent. I know it sounds naive, but I didn’t think about how it would affect my health. If anything, I thought maybe it’s a chance when I’m older. But not now, not as a healthy and vibrant new mom. I thought I was invincible.”

Through it all, not only have her husband, her mother and other relatives stood by her side, but her cheer sisters as well. They are pros at rooting for their team. And they defy every catty, dumb-girl image.

“I love what the girls stand for,” Brandy says. “Intelligence, hard work, balance, fitness, education. We are not a stereotype. We have careers off the field. And we have camaraderie. Those women molded me into the woman I am today.”

Brandy Reed, on her cheer sisters

Outside of my actual family, the girls were my rocks. They came to sit with me at chemo, they sent texts, they cried with with me.

Brandy joined the team in 2010 and cheered for three seasons.

“I cheered in high school. I danced in college. When I moved here after I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, I didn’t have any friends or family. I’m from St. Louis. But I loved dancing so I went out to join the Chiefs cheerleaders. I auditioned twice before I finally made it. On my third try, I made the team and lifelong friends.”

A couple of seasons ago, she took some time off the field to focus on her wedding. And when she was ready to go back in uniform, she found out she was pregnant. Her new strategy: After the birth of her baby boy she would gear up for a comeback.

Her goal to once again rock Arrowhead was halted in January.

When their son Jaxson was 4 months old, she returned to her job as a life scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency. While pumping milk in the lactation room of her Lenexa office, she noticed something. A lump.

She thought it was nothing — maybe something related to breast feeding. But she went to see her doctor anyway. Because of her family history, she was sent to a specialist. A biopsy found the cyst to be benign. But there was something on her right breast. An ultrasound confirmed she was stage zero DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). Abnormal cells in the lining of the milk duct. Non-invasive cancer.

“In that situation, it was the best possible news,” Brandy says. “I thought they were going to tell me I was dying.”

The answer, in her case: a bilateral mastectomy. She would have her breasts removed in March. Her cheer sisters wore pink on surgery day and posted pictures to support her.

“I wasn’t scared,” she says. “The hardest part was knowing I couldn’t lift my son for eight weeks. But we defined the problem, we found a solution and I was ready to get to the finish line if it meant helping increase the chances of seeing my son graduate from college one day.”

It wasn’t that simple. Post-surgery, results showed a small tumor just outside of her milk ducts. The cancer had metastasized. She was now stage one. The new move: chemotherapy.

“I was more scared of chemo than I was of the surgery,” she says. “But I made a promise to my husband. I told him I would never give up, and I needed to honor my husband. And I had a wonderful childhood and have an awesome relationship with my mother. I knew I needed to be here for my son.”

In April, she began weekly chemo treatments. To help protect her chances of future pregnancy, she was given medication that temporarily sent her into menopause. The process was grueling.

Her husband, Jarron Reed, says it was a lesson in faith and perseverance.

“She kept it strong and balanced, and it inspired me,” he says. “I know she is going to continue to fight, and God has everything under control. It wasn’t a challenge. It made me a better husband. I knew I was going to do whatever I could do to be there for my family.”

Her football family rallied behind her, too.

“Outside of my actual family, the girls were my rocks,” she says. “They came to sit with me at chemo, they sent texts, they cried with with me. Every week on treatment day I heard from them. And they made sure my birthday was special when I didn’t want to celebrate.”

But she reminded herself to enjoy every moment.

“I took so many pictures and went out and saw friends and spent time with my husband,” she says. “I wanted to make as many memories as possible and have pictures with Jaxson. No one is promised tomorrow. I don’t want to live with those regrets.”

And at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in September, days after her final chemo treatment and just as she was celebrating her son’s first birthday, the cheerleaders were there in full support. Brandy, her husband and their baby walked the 5K. Friends, family and cheerleaders roared with support as she crossed the finish line at Worlds of Fun. I handed her a rose.

But it’s not always pink balloons and smiling in the face of adversity. Yes, she’s cancer-free and thankful. But it’s been a hard year. She went through menopause. Even now, she has hot flashes. So much so that when she turns on the fan, her 1-year-old asks, “Hot?”

For the next 10 years, she will be on Tamoxifen to help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. Anxiety comes with every headache, pain and pinch. It’s impossible to watch TV without seeing a cancer treatment commercial. She sometimes wonders, “Is it back?”

But she doesn’t let it keep her down for long. A lesson she learned as a Chiefs cheerleader always helps her stand up again.

“We learned that there are two things you can do in life,” Brandy says. “You can turn negatives into a positive or you can go up in flames. My director used to ask us, ‘If there is a picture of a sunset and there is trash in the background, are you going to look at the beautiful sun or the trash? You look at the sun.’

“I’ve been on a mental battle. I fight it every day. It’s not easy to stay positive, to not think about the worst possible scenario. But it’s not about my plan. It’s God’s plan. And you work hard to stay positive. When you know better, you do better.”

Stephanie Judah, the Chiefs’ cheerleaders director, is the woman who taught Brandy that mantra she holds so dearly.

“Brandy has always been known for her vivacious personality and her giant smile,” Stephanie says. “Everything she did on her team, it was with her huge heart shining through, and her impact touched people everywhere she went. Watching her go through her battle, what had to be the hardest thing she ever went through, with grace and spirit and her huge smile — it’s amazing.

“Even though she’s told me she didn’t feel like herself, to us she never lost the spirit of who she is. And I think that is a big part of being a survivor, never giving up that battle with all of your heart and soul. She is a special one.”

Next spring Brandy will participate in Bra Couture KC (formerly known as Art Bra KC) as the Chiefs representative to raise breast cancer awareness.

“She was a great model on the field, and as an alum and survivor, she is still a great role model,” Stephanie says. “She has brought a whole new meaning to who we strive to be. It’s been an eye-opener for my current cheerleaders. Breast cancer hits at all ages, not just older people and not even just women.”

For Brandy, it’s about encouraging people to be vigilant about their health.

“I’m still the old Brandy. But I am forever changed. And it’s important to share my story. It’s important to raise awareness for people who are like me, who might think they are invincible. It’s important to teach young girls to do self-checks, to get follow-up exams when they think something is wrong. It’s therapeutic to talk about it. It allows me to face it.”

For inspiration, she looks to Robin Roberts, the “Good Morning America” co-anchor who beat breast cancer.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it,” Brandy says. “But Robin Roberts says that day will come. I look forward to it.”

Pom-poms in the air for Brandy.

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Alumni return to the field for NFL Homecoming festivities


Once a Titans Cheerleader, always a Titans Cheerleader. The value of this talented alumni group is in evidence before every home game, as the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Alumni greet fans as they enter Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. And during the Titans’ Homecoming game last weekend, some of the Cheerleader Alumni were honored on the field. NFL Homecoming celebrates the many ways in which football brings us home, including the return of NFL Legends to home stadiums across the country. So in addition to fans applauding legends like Eddie George’s returning to the field, the alumni of the legendary TCC were also honored. Stacie Kinder, Director of Cheerleading for the Titans, handed roses to alumni who spanned the entire history of the Titans Cheerleaders in Nashville. And the hugs exchanged among the current and alumni Cheerleaders demonstrated a sisterhood that lasts beyond their time on the field.

Congratulations to the honored TTC legends! More photos are available at this link.

Thanks to Stacie Kinder and the Titans organization for all of their wonderful assistance!







Photo of the Day – October 27

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders take the field last Sunday's home game

Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders take the field last Sunday