6 Replies to “Petition to Bring the Charlotte KnightinGals Back”

  1. I believe in these young ladies and can’t imagine this team without their smiling faces greetings guest as they enter the park. I watched this team change lives. These ladies do so much for the community and have shown their support for local teams such as Stallions. We are asking that the decision be reconsidered and that you bring our KnighinGals back!!

  2. Bring back these talented young ladies as they are an invaluable asset to the venue of BB&T ballpark! I worked every home game an I can tell you the fans really respond to the KnightingGals and their dancing and orchestrating the fans. Their effervescent smiles and talent orchestrating the fans is an awe inspiring experience going to a Knights game. Bring them back!

  3. I am so moved and truly humbled by the support we’ve received. These ladies have given so much of themselves to this team and, most importantly, to this town. I don’t think any of us realized the impact our passion had on the people we met. Thank you, everyone, and please continue to share!

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